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Night & Day Furniture Murphy Cabinet Bed

Here’s a great cabinet that folds out to a queen size bed and is perfect for tiny living space. T.V. can be placed on top and stays in place when bed is folded out. Includes a gel-infused memory foam mattress. Less-expensive then wall beds and no installation to the wall required. Can fit under a window and be moved around the room. What do you think? Find this Night & Day Furniture (more…)

A lovely display to celebrate children’s birthdays

A lovely display to celebrate children’s birthdays. The parents and kids love the new display for the classroom. The kids LOVE seeing their picture on the wall! What do you think?


How to Build Your Own Wood-Fired Hot Tub

How would you like to have your own hot tub without spending a fortune? If you are trying to have a sustainable lifestyle and live off-the-grid, then this make your own hot tub project will be right up your alley. Build your own wood fired hot tub and spend some relaxing moments without having to go to a spa.  (more…)

Fire Breathing Dragon Log Wood Burner

This is my newest design wood burner. This burner/statue is my best to date, i have spent over 40 hours of my time working on this burner. When being used as a burner the fire comes out of the dragons mouth so actually looks like a fire breathing dragon. He is made from solid steel and will last a lifetime.


Stump Pumpkins…Cute and easy to make!

Just paint some stumps!  You could use spray paint for the base color, and then put a simple face or go all out with some tole paint.  Vinyl would also work for a simple pumpkin face if you know someone who cuts vinyl.  Rafia makes great vine on top, especially if you can find green!! (more…)

Learn how to build a fun and magical indoor playhouse for your kids!

Kids play pretend they are adults is just the most adorable thing you get to see. The next DIY project will show you how to make an indoor playhouse which will help your kids have the most fun! As you can notice, 2by4s are required for this neat homemade project. There are actually building plans provided, so you can easily go through all of the steps necessary (more…)

There’s an Inn Where It’s Christmas Year-Round and It’s Magical

Loving Christmas that much you would celebrate it all-year round? Now you can do that in New Hampshire! The Christmas Farm Inn & Spa will offer you not only a charming bed and breakfast, but also a festive ambiance, regardless of the season you are visiting. Located in the White Mountains in Jackson, the 15-acre resort boasts an interesting history. Possibly being built in 1778, (more…)

How To Build an Outdoor Cabana Lounge

Spending time outdoors during the summer is a normal and quite expected thing to do. There are plenty you can do to enjoy this time. So why not try this awesome lounge you could do it yourself? The project is not that intricate to complete, but with the help of a friend you can have a similar result in a couple of days. The palapa structure features cool lights so when the Sun sets, you can spend extra quality time outdoors. (more…)

10 Low-Budget Makeovers You Could Do With Spray Paint

Changing the look of your home every season can be expensive and it’s not worth the investment. But of course, there are some budget-friendly option which are worth a try and will make your home look brand new and fresh. One of such ideas is using spray paint to change the look of furniture and decoration pieces. The use of spray paint has become a base supply (more…)

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