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DIY Concrete Cobblestone Path


Making your yard look great doesn’t entail you wasting a load of money on decorations. Improving the design can be very easy if you think creatively. Let’s say you have a path from the front gate to the back of your yard, where you might have a working stone grill. You have two options on how to decorate this path; you can either put down slabs of natural stones, which will cost (more…)

DIY Backyard Chicken Coop


If you’re determined on having a successful career as a farmer, you should keep your expenses at a low. And DIY solutions are a best way to do exactly that. We suggest you build your own DIY Backyard Chicken Coop. Before starting, decide on what features the coop should have. For instance, the project for a 12 by 6 foot structure shown here has (more…)

A Happy Sunflower White Bread Recipe


With a bit of baking skills you can create almost any desert you like. For instance this next recipe is a star shaped bread, for which you will be using the basic bread recipe and after that create a star shaped masterpiece. It’s a festive recipe, because of the bread’s unique shape, so it will be perfect for this Easter. You can add any flavor you want in the end. You won’t actually learn (more…)

Outdoor Hot Tub Ideas: Dutchtub


Innovation is all around us, even in a department where we commonly think all has been thought of already, like the bathe and lounging domain. Maybe a premiere revelation to some viewers, the Dutch Hot Tub has surprised an entire world with its design and awesome features. The utility of having an energy independent hot tub will marvel most of you. (more…)

Cozy CatBurger


Everyone knows cats are formidable companions and lovers of fluffy objects. There isn’t a picture involving a cat, on the internet that hasn’t raised an exclamation of cuteness from the viewer. If you are among those persons, you will want to give your lovely pet a cute and clever nest. The hamburger-shaped nest is 48 by 40 by 16 cm and can be positioned (more…)

New Ways to Remove Hard Water Stains


When you think of water, you don’t tend to remember it as a nasty problem in the kitchen. On the contrary, we are all tempted to see it as an ally in our `battles` with staining problems. The truth is that hard water does represent a real issue for the appliances in your kitchen. It can leave ugly and deep stains especially on your sink. There are a lot of (more…)

DIY Easter Basket out of Yarn String


If you’re not sure about how to improve the interior design of your home for a festive occasion, you ought to start with some smaller pieces of decorations. Just try to fashion this adorable DIY Easter Basket out of Yarn String. It will look perfect on a counter, filled with sweets or eggs. In order to complete this project, make sure you (more…)

DIY Pom-Pom Bunnies


This year, try to involve kids into decorating the home in a proper Easter way. The theme of spring and bunny rabbits will light up every child’s face. Toys will achieve that in a fast way too! So why not combine decorating with toys and make a DIY Pom-Pom Easter bunny. Here is what you’ll need: (more…)

How To Make A Stone Birdhouse


A garden looks so much better if gleaming with wildlife. You can invest much work, time and money into improving the design of your yard, but with no small animals or birds to sing every morning, it seems kind of boring. So, if you want to have the ambiance of fairytales in your garden, make this creative stone birdhouse. In the link below you have all details… (more…)

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