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How to Make a Watermelon Pizza


Are a lot of different variations of a pizza and every one of us has their own idea of the perfect pizza. But we can all agree that it would be awesome if there was a healthy version of pizza out there. The great news is that there is one, but it’s made out of fruits so it’s practically a pizza fruit salad. You will need a watermelon, slices of kiwi, (more…)

DIY Denim Rag Quilt


Don’t you just love to recycle old pairs of jeans? The great thing about denim is that it is a very resistant material and it doesn’t get damaged easily with time. So an old pair of jeans can always be a great supply for a DIY project. If you have more than just one pair of jeans, then you can make this great rug, using the patchwork technique. In case you do not own that many old pairs of jeans, just go to a yard sale and purchase some. Don’t worry if the jeans are not the same color, the more colorful the rug will be the better. (more…)

DIY Cute Holiday Hats For Kids


Here’s a fun idea for your kids upcoming birthday party: funny plastic hats. Kids like to dress up and pretend to be characters from their favorite cartoons or TV shows, so if you are preparing a party for your kids, make sure to include costumes too. Hats are an essential part of these costumes and there a very simple way to make them. Simply use plastic plates to create all sorts of funny and cute hats for your children, To make the hats you will need only a pair of scissors and you imagination. (more…)

S’mores Coffee Cup Cupcakes


Here’s a simple dessert idea for the days when you don’t have a lot of time to cook or are not in the mood, but still want something sweet. It is also a great snack to bring to work for lunch and enjoy it with a nice cup of coffee. This dessert is a mixture between S’mores and cupcakes and let’s be honest, you can’t go wrong with this. You will need a box of S’mores cupcake mix, crackers, chocolate fondant, oil, 2 eggs and water. Just follow the instructions on the cake mix and add the crackers. (more…)

Circuit Board Coffee Table


Technology is something that moves and excites you? You’ve been piling up those PC components over the years? Luckily for you, we can show you this impressive DIY coffee table project. Using black walnut and computer boards, the designer behind this modern and tech look managed to come up with a functional coffee table while keeping the environment a bit healthier (recycling or as shown in this case repurposing PC components is always a better option than (more…)

DIY Chocolate Covered Strawberry Tower


If you are looking for a special dessert for a night with your friends, then this next recipe is just what you need. You’re organizing a small get together, but you want to offer something healthy to your friends, not the usual chips with dipping sauces? The good news is that since it is summer, you will find a lot of fresh fruits in the market and with a bit of imagination (more…)

27 Creative And Inexpensive Ways To Keep Kids Busy This Summer

summer-fun-for-kids Every parent knows that summer is one of the hardest seasons because during a couple of months your kids are home and out of day-to-day activities. It’s this time of the year you realize that school is actually keeping them busy for most part of the day and you lack the ideas for fun things to do with them. That’s why we thought you could need a help! Find the best set of activities for your kids to do during this summer. (more…)

Homemade Bacon Pineapple Mozzarella “Doughnut” Recipe


Bacon is delicious but can also be quite unhealthy as it has a lot of grease. But combining this ingredient with a healthy one, such as pineapples can reduce the guilt we feel when consuming bacon. Pineapples are very healthy, as they are filled with vitamins and minerals and they also strengthen you immune system. Besides this the strange mix of these two ingredients has a brilliant outcome. So what you need for this recipe is bacon, mozzarella stick, (more…)

Repurpose Doors In The Garden


Being stuck in the thought that doors work only in the house will stop you from making beautiful pieces of garden design. As this impressive collection of repurposed house materials show you, they can make up for nice pergolas, decorative frames or custom garden gates. Find the design that best suits your taste. (more…)

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