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12 Amazing Craft Room Organization Ideas


You don’t need an entire room to store your craft supplies. But still, the loads of materials you kept or were left with after you finished your DIY projects need a place of their own. And keeping them in one place will only make them harder to find the next time you want to show your handmade skills. Just use the collection of ideas provided here to get inspiration for organizing your room in the way you like. A kitchen island that doubles greatly as a crafts table could be useful, but you actually (more…)

How to Cut Watermelon Sticks – Perfect For Little Hands


Do you have problems making kids eat their required amount of fruits and vegetables per day? Eaten as a healthy dessert by many, the watermelon is kind of messy when consumed. You either stain your t-shirt or are left with your hands drizzling in sticky watermelon nectar. With kids both cases are applicable! So that’s why you need a method in which you can serve a (more…)

How To Make A Bubble Quilt


If your handmade projects are not bringing you the fluffiness in your life, consider the next cute DIY idea. From as little as pieces of scrap fabric and some Poly-Fill (or any other fluffy filling), you could easily make a large and comfortable quilt rug, blanket or (why not?) bed for your toddler. The colorful design suggested on this webpage will make any kid smile and want to spend time on it, while your need for fluffiness can be fully satisfied. The bubble pattern of the quilt will encourage anyone, especially (more…)

A Wonderful Haven In The Treetops


Travelling around the countryside requires a downgrade from your normal urban lifestyle. Or does it? If you’re not willing to give up the comfort of your normal daily life, even for a weekend, you don’t have to. A luxury mobile suite gives you the opportunity to keep a high standard of living while still being free to travel around the country. (more…)

Delicious Rigatoni Pasta Pie


Bored of the same old pasta meal? You’ve tried every sort of lasagna, linguine pesto, or noodle soup recipe out there and a plate of pasta has become synonymous for a dull dish? Here is one way you could turn things on the fun and interesting side. And actually, turn the pasta on an interesting new side, the vertical! In the following tutorial you will learn how you too could cook a new version of the Rigatoni. (more…)

21 Must-Read Cleaning Tips and Tricks


A clean home shouldn’t be a massive effort. Especially during summer, when the high temperature will make any work around the home seem like a true ordeal. That’s why we thought a neat collection of tips and tricks will help you clean your house and still have enough energy to perform other activities for the day. Try some of the ideas we suggest and watch as the work volume is reduced significantly. Like cleaning the burners of the stove: instead of scrubbing them, pour a quarter of a cup of (more…)

Homemade Chocolate Lasagna


Oh man! Chocolate could easily be the weakest point of humans, maybe weaker than Achilles tendon. All kidding aside, a chocolate dessert is a sure way to get into people’s hearts and stomachs. And if someone tells you this isn’t a real meal, just whip out a chocolate lasagna surprise recipe. That will surely impress them! And that’s before they even taste the final product. For this delicious piece of dessert you won’t need a whole (more…)

Buffalo Chicken Crescent Ring Recipe


You come home from work a bit tired and don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing a meal? But at the same time, you want to make a dish or a dessert that is both nutritious and tastes good, and also is not bought or frozen at the supermarket for the last month. Today could be your lucky day, because through this website, you can learn how to make delicious homemade buffalo chicken crescent ring right at home. And it will only take half an hour from start to finish. (more…)

DIY Old Dresser Into a Cool TV Stand


If you have an old dresser you don’t want to throw away, here’s a creative method to repurpose it useful. Turning a dresser into a TV console with less than $30 is something this DIY project promises to deliver. Not to mention that a solution like this will have a positive impact on the interior design of your home and helping you organize your space better. The steps to (more…)

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