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DIY Olaf Sock Snowman


Frozen is one of the most popular Disney creations ever, as everyone from children to adults loves the movie and its soundtrack. Olaf, the snowman is simply adorable and stores are full with Olaf toys. If you want to surprise your children with a cute handmade gift, you can make them an Olaf puppet yourself, out of socks. To make the little snowman, you will need: 1 sock, 1 and a half cups of rice, withe pom-poms, orange felt, googly eyes, thread, hot glue and free Olaf pintables or textile marker.
Bellow you have all instructions provided by Heidi. Your children are going to love their new puppet and it will quickly become one of their favorite toys…


Unique Cabin Constructed Out Of Vertical Cottonwood Timbers


This beautiful and intimate cabin can be found in Colorado, surrounded by mountains and near a stunning waterfall. It is a small piece of Heaven on Earth and the perfect destination for a romantic weekend. The cabin is part of a category of luxurious holiday destinations, as the price/night suggests too, but the package includes an all-inclusive deal for 2 persons. The structure was made out of cottonwood timber and the interior features 2 bedrooms which were decorated in a sophisticated and antique style. (more…)

Repurposed Pallets: DIY Pallet Fence


You already know that we simply love pallets and think they are a great DIY project supply. If you haven’t tried to make anything yet out of pallets, maybe this next idea will inspire you. Old pallets are great to be used in order to build a fence around your home and you can give them a vintage air too. This idea is also an eco-friendly one because you will be recycling an old and used material, creating a beautiful and simple fence in the process. To make the fence you will need: wood pallets, old pickets, a drill and a hammer. The old pickets can come (more…)

How To Build A 14×14 Solar Cabin For Under $2000


Off-the-grid living is gaining more and more adepts, who find sometimes easy but other times creative ways of living a sustainable life and producing the energy they need for they home on their own. One of the most wide-known ways you can do this is by installing solar panels that can provide enough energy for an entire household. If you would also like to try and adopt this lifestyle, the change should be made gradually so you can adapt much easier. That is why, building a small cabin, run by solar panels would be a great first step.
The cabin featured here has 14×14 and has a living space of 400 square feet (full loft). The power system was solved by installing solar panels and using wind power and the heating system runs on wood. This cabin is great as it can be used both in the winter and summer, as cold weather doesn’t represent a threat. If we made you curious, read more below about the off-the-grid cabin and build one of your own. (more…)

20 Disney-Inspired Pumpkins for Halloween


This next post is both for children and adults, as it features cute Disney themed decorations for Halloween found on Diply. On All Hallows’ Eve, the general tendency is to decorate the house in a spooky way, but no one said that there isn’t any room for cute decorations too. When talking about cuteness, what other option is there, than Disney themed decorations? So this year, when your children will tell you that they want pumpkins decorated with Disney characters, you will know how to make their wishes come true. (more…)

+15 Space Saving Furniture Ideas


Space saving furniture is a great invention, as more and more people live in small apartments, where lack of space is a pressing issue. Of course, everyone would like a nicely furnished apartment with all the comfort, but sometimes lack of space pushes us to buy less furniture and limit ourselves to only some basic items. But what if there was a solution to have separate pieces of furniture that can also be merged into a single piece, allowing you to save a lot of space and transform you home each day? (more…)

How To Easily Clean (Almost) Anything And Everything


Sometimes our stuff tend to get so dirty that it seems there is no possible way of cleaning them and the only solution is throwing them out in the garbage. When having a stain that gives you some headaches and you feel like you tried almost everything, don’t give up on them, as there might be other options too. Luckily things are not that bad, and there are lots of home-made products that can help you clean almost anything. One of the hardest things to remove from clothing is acrylic paint, but this too can be miraculously removed using rubbing alcohol. (more…)

eFab Tiny House


Would you like a tiny house that can be assembled by you in your very own backyard? The small structure, developed by eFab local is exactly like that and comes in separate pieces that need to be put together. It has an arch-like shape so once you assemble it you can use the small house weather it’s sunny or rainy outside, as the structure is really secure. The pine structure successfully passed the rain and cold weather test and the metal roof will make you feel safe inside. The two windows on the side guarantee a nice lighting inside and there is also a sliding door at the back of the tiny house. The interior is nicely finished, but it the owner will have the liberty to furnish it the way he or she wants. The house doesn’t stand on wheels, but on 2 sleepers and can be moved easily from one place to the other. The total size of the tiny house is 130 square feet. We kindly recommend it to anyone who would like to have a small home, ideal for vacation and relaxation or for an office.. (more…)

How to Build A Western Saloon Kid’s Fort


Your kids are in constant need of new and exciting toys that can keep them occupied and entertained. If you wish to surprise them with something really cool and out of the box idea, you should definitely build them their very own fort. This way, your kid’s will have their very own place, where they can have lots of fun and feel like they belong to a fairytale. The fort from the pictures was created out of recycled pine and cedar wood. By using recycled materials, you can reduce the costs of the fort. Make sure to build it large enough (more…)

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