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Camping Bunk Bed Cots


Enjoy your day without losing sleep to an uncomfortable cot or air mattress. The patented disc allows for easy, tool free set up. The modular disc system conveniently fits together, disassembles, and stores in a compact carrying bag. The steel rail system was designed for stability, which adjust for uneven ground. This one of a kind bunk does not have a mid-bar, which allows for a restful nights sleep. This allows for a natural, contour sleep system, similar to a bed. (more…)

Look Inside Your Walls


Smartphones are becoming more and more performant, as they can control almost any device in our home and appliance. This next smartphone has a sensor that helps you take things to the next level. This sensor lets you peer through walls and helps you find pipes, wiring and even pests. It is called WalabotDIY and you can download the app from Google Play Store, as it was created for Android. There is even a video that shows you how this clever invention works. Walabot is a 3D imaging sensor that lets you uncover things hidden in the world around you. (more…)

Leanach Cottage Culloden Moor – Culloden Battlefield


This impressive house was built in 1730, but beautifully and completely restored in 1960. It is called the Leanach Farmhouse and it is located in Scotland. What’s so remarkable about it? Besides the stone walls and cute little windows, the original roof is the one that stands out. Presently, the little cottage’s roof has the distinctive colors of heather, even though the original one may have been thatched with straw.  (more…)

New Twist on an Old Dresser {with decorative aluminum sheet}


Projects that teach you how to recondition an old piece of furniture are always fun! So gather your tools and patience because you will learn how to give an old dresser a very chic look using sheet metal. Now, you’ll just need to find an old dresser in your home or search for one at a vintage or second hand furniture store. Then look for the most beautiful decorative aluminum sheet you can find and start working. The step by step tutorial from the link below will prove to be really helpful, so (more…)

Off-the-Grid Strawbale Cabin


This home designed by David Arkin and Anni Tilt from Arkin Tilt Architects is sustainable and helps the owners follow an off-the-grid lifestyle. This is a vacation house and is located in the forests of Nevada and it would be perfect for a young couple. The is a main living space downstairs and an upper level with extra space and a bath. There is also additional space for guests or children. All the materials used in the construction of this cozy cabin are high quality and (more…)

Crockpot Baked Apples: The Ultimate Tasty Dessert


Butter, is the essential ingredient for some of the best pastries out there. Whenever you feel like eating a tasty and quick dessert, here’s the best recipe: a warm apple dessert with butter. It will taste like an apple pie but it won’t take that long to make. The ingredients you are going to need are: half a cup of Quaker Old Fashioned Oats, cinnamon, brown sugar, allspice, unsalted butter, apples and water. For the instructions and the exact (more…)

A Refrigerator that Runs Without Electricity


Go Energyless’ first product is a natural low cost cooler producing a sustainable evaporative process that can save food for over 13 days. Leaving your food on the counter for a few days won’t do you any good. We are used to placing our food in the fridge in order to preserve it, but as crazy as it sounds, there is a way of keeping your food without a fridge for more than 13 days. This next product is a cheap and natural cooler that will help you save your food without using a fridge. This is a really cool idea for those who want to go off the grid and it was developed by a Moroccan company called Go Energyless. (more…)

Awesome Christmas Food & Craft Ideas


It’s never too soon to start preparing for Christmas. No one say you need to cook all the food and decorate your house in September-October, but you should keep an open eye for cool ideas. The link below has an entire list of Christmas food and craft ideas, so you should bookmark it for later or check it out right now. Some of the treats and DIY crafts are very easy to make, so you can ask your children for help and they will surely love to contribute. (more…)

The Owl Tree Cabin


If you are tired of the noisy of big cities and are looking to relax in a more cozy and hidden place, you should check out this isolated hideaway called Owl Tree Cabin. It is located near Mendocino, CA and has a size of 225 square feet like most of the tiny cabins out there. But the cool thing about this cabin is that although it’s tiny, it looks quite spacious due to its design. Located in the heart of California’s redwood forests, it’s a perfect place for relaxation and forgetting the rush of the city. (more…)

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