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The BEST Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party Ideas


Warm weather is coming so you need to consider fun and exciting ideas for spending time outdoors, especially if you have kids! Play-pretend is an easy and very imagination-encouraging activity. The next idea is so simple and has so great results every time, you won’t want to do anything else. Making Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costumes has never been so easy. Just take roasting pans and ribbons, give the pans a spray-paint, tie up the different colored ribbons to the children and done! (more…)

Trampoline Tent


Trampolines are so much fun and kids definitely love them! If you want to provide them with even more fun, why not opt for the trampoline tent? It has a weight of 7,2 pounds and can easily be set up in the safety of your backyard. The tent is fitted with a zippered privacy entrance, has 3 screened windows with adjustable covers and has weather-resistant walls which protect the play area. It only fits with Propel and Kinetic 15-foot trampoline with 6 enclosure poles, but the assembly drops-over and ties securely (more…)

How To Make A PVC Pipe Sand And Water Table


A play table is often a simple and quite useful solution for giving your kids some fun time. The next DIY project is not intricate and children will love it! The PVC pipe sand and water table doesn’t need that much and the assembly itself might prove a fun activity for adults as well. For the project to go smoothly, make sure you have these items: 3/4 inch PVC pipes, PVC pipe cutters, PVC glue, 10 T joints, 4 caps, 2 cross joints, 4 elbow joints with three pipe openings, 8 elbow joints, four 10 foot PVC pipes, some spray paint, (more…)

Paw Print Flower Art


Looking for a fun and creative way to make art at home? Are you a dog lover and want to involve your little friend in all activities? The paw print flower art may be the answer to both of the previous questions. The technique is simple: you use paint and your dog’s paws in order to create lovely flower petals on a canvas. They don’t even look like dog prints but real flowers petals instead. If you want a change, you could make all different colored flowers (more…)

How To Make Bread In A Can


It might sound weird at first, but bread in a can may not be that peculiar after all. We’re not talking about buying it from the supermarket, stored in a can for months, no way! The stuff we’re suggesting is making your own bread in a can! Forget about bread makers or other devices, this simple technique will yield a decent result. All you’ll need is a tin can and the recipe for your most delicious bread. Besides being tasty as any other bread you can make in some (more…)

How To Turn An Old TV Into a Dog Bed


Do you won an old TV set and don’t use it anymore for ages? Well, now you have a creative and cute way to repurpose it. Turning an old TV set into a fancy dog bed will definitely add to the aesthetics of your home. Not to mention that your furry friend will love it! After removing the TV lamp and other mechanisms, the main things to be careful at is the new paint job and giving much needed comfort for the dog inside the new-acquired space. Check out the detailed instructions on (more…)

Awesome Miniature Stone Houses


Building a house is not an easy task. Those who have gone through it know this very well and all the “torments” they went through to finally enjoy the desired peace and comfort. This being said, today you are going to learn something that is a bit easier, namely how to build a miniature house for your garden. You can make miniature houses out of river stones and this raw material is becoming increasingly popular for all sorts of DIY projects. (more…)

The BEST Camping Ideas, Gear, Tips & Tricks


These tips and tricks will guarantee you’ll be a totally happy camper this summer. (more…)

Summer is Coming. Keep Those Ticks Away!


Ticks are very dangerous for both animals and humans. They carry pathogens that can cause various human diseases, such as Lyme disease, or other potentially deadly ones. Unfortunately, things are getting worse every year, thus it is important for you to know how to protect yourself, especially since summer is coming, and you will probably start hiking and enjoying time outside. If you want to learn more about homemade solutions, here are some tips. (more…)

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