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Canine Camper Dog House


Dog houses usually have the same box-like design, one that can’t be very appealing to you or your dog. If you are looking for a creative dog house and one that can complete the look of your home, here’s a cute idea: a retro camper doghouse. This is a tiny handmade home for your doggy, that looks just like a camper and even has an installed WiFi security camera. The roof lighting and the stainless steel food and water bowls are a cool addition to this amazing dog home. (more…)

How To Make A Letter Planter


Searching for a simple yet creative idea with which to improve the look of your front door area? With the next DIY project, upgrading the aesthetics of your home’s outdoor couldn’t be easier. Building a large letter planter will in the end attract attention and positive feedback from neighbors and passers-by. Read the tutorial made by Ellery Designs to find out more about making a 4 by 4.5 feet K letter. The planter is 5 inches deep and can hold many flowers and plants, making (more…)

Wonderful Butterfly Bench


WOW! This beautiful butterfly bench will add a functional, elegant, focal point in your home or garden. This is truly a spectacular piece. It is a functional piece of art made to stand the test of time. How does it look ? Check out the link below.. for more details… (more…)

10 DIY Fence Decoration Ideas


Now that summer is here, you are going to spend a lot of time outside, in your garden. So if you want to make your outdoor space more special and pleasant, you need to find some cute DIY projects. You can start by decorating your fence, as it’s a part of the home that is usually ignored. So if you have some free time and of course patience, you try one of the 10 projects. For instance, you can paint a beautiful and inspirational quote on your fence or install some (more…)

Eco Sustainable Home That Running On Renewable Energy From The Sun


Ever imagined 2016 as the year in which a home can totally run on renewable energy? Harnessing the power of the sun is what makes the following home functional. In the HALO project, the solar panels aren’t just attached but they make up the roof! Made with the name and the shape of the round shining circle phenomenon which takes place around the Sun, the people behind HALO wanted to make a statement. The designers emphasized the social character of the home, making it a meeting place. Sourced from Gothenburg, Sweden the team of architects built 30 prefabricated modules and shipped them in China where HALO (more…)

DIY Car Hammock for a Dog


If you like to take your dog with you every time you go on a car ride, then we have a cool project for you. It is a dog hammock that can be placed on the backseat of your car and it will keep the seat clean and your doggy happy. You won’t have to spend a lot of money on materials, as you can make the hammock out of an old bed sheet or any other large piece of fabric that you already have at home. You can even add some stuffing, so the hammock will be extra comfortable for (more…)

Cute No-Sew Fleece Octopus Tutorial


Want to make a cute doll for your cute but don’t know how to sew? Well, the next DIY project doesn’t need you to! Turning one piece of fleece into a cute doll doesn’t involve much. All you need are these next few additional items: ribbons, googly eyes, a Styrofoam ball, glue and a bandana. The steps required to fashion a doll like the one you see on this webpage are easy! Just wrap the fleece around the foam then tie the ribbons as shown. (more…)

Keep Your Chickens Happy With This Chicken Swing!


The Chicken Swing Reduce coop boredom and provide an activity for all breeds and ages of chickens with The Chicken Swing, which is fun–and fun to watch! The engineered and patented design allows the chickens to keep the swing in motion themselves while sitting or standing on a ribbed corn-like textured perch. (more…)

Classic VW Campervan


Traveling with style doesn’t require fancy or luxurious vehicles. Sometimes, a classic Volkswagen caravan is all you need to have a wonderful time going on adventures. You can make so many road trips and save money on hotels… Here’s one example of a customized Classic VW caravan. (more…)

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