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The Toulouse Pavilion: An Amazing Garden Building


If you’re looking to add an extension to your house, then the Toulouse pavilion might be exactly what you’re searching for. The pavilion is a fabulous garden building, made out of high quality materials and a great addition to any backyard or garden. The two-floored pavilion can be used as a guesthouse, office or entertainment area, as it has two spacious and fully equipped floors. (more…)

They Did Everything Possible To Save The Tree At Their Home


Sometimes nature can come in the way of building your dream home, especially when there is a tree or a group of trees in the middle of your land. But have thought about saving that tree and incorporating it into the design? Seems like this is becoming a real trend now, but it also represents an ecological type of design and the results are stunning. Below you will find a selection of 25 images (more…)

With These Glass Tiles Your Roof Can Generate Electricity


SolTech Energy, a Swedish company selling solutions for solar power, has developed a unique glass tile solar energy solution that is available as an electricity system. SolTech has solar energy solutions that are suitable for all types of property. Farmers, hotels, multi-occupancy dwellings, schools, hospitals, house and summer home owners are investing in solutions that are tailored for their particular properties. With this glass tile your roof can generate electricity. The roof tiles we lay are made from glass instead of concrete or brick. These tiles are designed to work (more…)

DIY Pallets Playhouse


Here’s a great DIY project. To build it, you can use recycled materials, such as old pieces of wood and pallets. Your investment won’t be that much, but you still need to buy screws, paint, plexiglass and the roofing so you can expect to spend around $170. You will also need to prepare your toolbox and in case you don’t have one just borrow some tools from friends, instead of buying a whole set. (more…)

How To Make A Lovely DIY Macrame Hammock


Do you want to improve the decor of your porch? Now you can without much money. The DIY project for a crocheted hammock will allow you to relax comfortably and securely outside. And it can be easily made in your home. If you know how to knot cords together, then the macrame technique won’t be difficult for you to handle. (more…)

Fontana Log Home: The Perfect Little Cottage For That Secluded Spot In The Woods Or On The Lake


The Fontana Log Home is perfect for a small family or a young couple who wants to settle down and is looking for the perfect cottage. This log home was made for those who like nature and wish to be closer to it, because its porch and deck are the ideal place for relaxing. The log home has two bedrooms and a very large and airy open space, suitable for get-togethers and family time. There is also a beautiful (more…)

Man Turns 1977 Dodge Camper into an Off Grid Straw Bale Home


Cud Eastbound’s ’77 Dodge Camper is the perfect example of how someone can turn his van into an amazing home. His vintage van is called “Night Danger” and he decided to park it for the cold season and avoid the slippery roads of the Yukon winter. But the makeover he decided to give his van for a season is simply amazing. The most important task this vintage van has to fulfill is to keep its owner and his dog warm for the entire winter, so Cud decided to install a wood stove and cover the van with straw. With the help of his friends and a generous donation of (more…)

How To Easily Remove Set In Oil Stains or Grease Stains


Oil stains are a constant issue when you like to eat or enjoy tweaking stuff around the house. A first side-effect of having such a lifestyle is the constant need to remove set in oil stains. Usually, people only wash and dry the items that are stained. And this process isn’t enough most of the times – it largely depends on the type of oil and material stained. That’s why blue dawn (more…)

How To Make A Bookshelf Chair


This awesome chair is a true masterpiece. It is a bookshelf chair, that can be built at home with a bit of skills and patience. Such a great chair can be very expensive in a furniture store, but making it yourself will save you a lot of money and will feel great after completing the project. This chair is perfect for those who like to read and want a comfortable sitting place that allows them to surround themselves with books. Just imagine how great it would be to sit in this chair, relax and read a book on a rainy day. And what’s even better is that the stylish look of the chair makes it a true statement piece so once (more…)

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