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The Woodsman’s Cottage


Finding the right home for you and your family is not a task to be done in a hurry. Searching for that right spot, where you feel cozy and which feels familiar can take some time, but once you’ll find it everything will feel right. This stunning house is a perfect example for a family home as it has everything you can wish for. But what it’s truly remarkable of this house is the fact that it is an eco-friendly construction, in complete harmony with nature.  The house is called The Woodland House and was built in 2001 and appeared on-screen in Channel 4s Grand Designs. The house came to life (more…)

10 DIY Things To Do With A Cardboard Box


A child’s favorite activity is playing and no parent can deny this. Toys these days are more sophisticated than it used to be, as children are developing at a faster pace so toy designers need to keep them constantly interested. But have you ever tried making a toy for your child at home? If you have large pieces of cardboard at home you can create spectacular and fun toys for your child in the blink of an eye. We made (more…)

DIY Cell Phone Case Out Of A Balloon


Nowadays pretty much everyone owns a smartphone. But having such a phone can be really frustrating sometimes. Just think about the times you accidentally dropped the phone and thought, “this is it, my phone is ruined” as the display can crack and then you would have to replace the phone. To avoid these situations, we found an easy tutorial that will teach you how to make a cellphone case out of a balloon. (more…)

DIY Project: Goat Pallet Barn


Do you keep animals in your backyard and you need a simple, but resistant shelter for them? Here’s a very easy to make idea that will guide you step by step in the making of a goat (or any other animal) barn. You will be using pallets, which are some of the most accessible materials, stakes, lag bolts, tin roofing and concrete blocks. This pallet barn will costs you less, than a ready-made one and it will resist well in any (more…)

Hammock with Mosquito Netting


Do you like to go backpacking, but mosquitoes tend to suck out the fun of this experience? If you want to spend some quit time in the woods, without being disturbed, you should invest in a mosquito thwarting hammock. This is a truly lightweight hammock, that can be easily transported in your backpack. The hammock comes with a mesh canopy, that keeps you covered and protected from bugs, but also lets you breed freely. (more…)

Montana Log Homes


Montana Log Homes designs log houses for any budget, so they are also open to custom orders. The MLH 006 is a medium sized, welcoming home, ideal for a small family or as a vacation home. The main level has 600 square feet and the loft level is 92 square feet large. MLH 006 is comprised of a downstairs living room with a dining area and an in-built kitchen, two upstairs bedrooms and a bathroom. Designed in a familiar and rustic way, (more…)

Stunningly Beautiful Hobbit-Style Fireplaces


If you are a big fan of Tolkien’s works and dream about living in a cute hobbit house one day, these amazing Hobbit fireplaces can take you one step closer to your dream. The Hobbit-inspired fireplaces are a true work of art and pieces which make Tolkien’s vision and the Shire come alive in a stunning way. With such a fireplace and a cozy chair, evenings at home can become more relaxing and unforgettable. All fireplaces have a common element, the massive stone used for building them, but their shapes and decorations differ. You can find a Hobbit-inspired fireplace for any home, from large to (more…)

10 Hacks That Are Life Changing


It’s a common mistake to think your life could be better only if you have more money. Sure some extra cash will solve issues like a new bed that doesn’t squeak or a trip to the mountain, but a few life hacks could do magic for your livelihood. Don’t take our word? Just look at these 10 amazing tricks you can apply today and feel a definite change. For instance, switching the phone to airplane mode will not only make your battery last longer but you also can now play without those ads constantly popping-up. Those greasy potato chips make a surprisingly flammable tinder (more…)

Gorgeous Cabin Fully Furnished


Even if you like them or not, the reality of the rising popularity of log cabins is all around. Companies specialized in log buildings are selling cabin kits on a global scale nowadays, and even shopping sites like eBay are seeing their fair share of log cabin trade! The Wilderness Log Cabin you see in the pictures is something everyone would like. Nearly 400 square feet, with 2 bedrooms, including full size kitchen and bath with shower or tub, (more…)

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