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How to Clean Baking Pans in 5 Minutes




Preparing delicious and good looking dishes may come at a price. The baking sheets you use in all of your culinary adventures take a hard hit when baking something quite tasteful. The cleaning process may take a while, but it is necessary. Sometimes we need a way to make things easier. We suggest you try the following methods to clean baking sheets. Choosing this version of cleaning your cooking (more…)

Wine Barrel Dog Bed


Wine barrels have so many hidden features as they can be a great supply for your next DIY project. When you think about a wine barrel you surely associate it with liquor, but if you look beyond that and transform them you will find a new use for these barrels. For instance, take a look at these images of reshaped wine barrels that now serve as pet beds. Such a cool idea and an easy one to put into practice too. (more…)

Traditional Canadian Full Scribe Log Home


The need to relax has finally caught up with your stressful office job? Does your perfect vacation include a traditional log cabin? Because if you answer positive on both previous questions, the following Canadian full scribe log home is your dream become true. Located in British Columbia, the impressive and imposing log home has the most beautiful lake front. Surrounded by Mother Nature, (more…)

3,800 Sq.ft Oscoda Log Home by RippleCraft


This illustrated floor plan represent an amazing 3,800 Sq.ft log cabin designed and build by RippleCraft. It’s your chance to discover what can make RippleCraft. They are a premier producer of high quality log homes and log home components such as our bleedless Half-Log Siding, log profiles, log home trim, rustic pine floor and roof decking, and both plain and pre-finished tongue and groove paneling. (more…)

Reclaimed Wood Cabins


If you’re considering to live in tiny home, either for good or for a vacation, then the following collection of cabins will definitely help you. Jalopy Cabins are recommended because of their lower utility costs, for example they’re easier to cool and heat. Also, you spend a lot less time cleaning and maintaining the inside and outside. Besides the benefits listed previously, you have the most awesome of features to put the final cabins on the trailer and have them delivered right to your location. (more…)

Artificial Wind Tree Uses Micro Turbine Leaves To Generate Electricity


Great designs can be recognized at a first glance and this next one is pure genius. We are talking about this amazing wind turbine which looks just like a tree, integrating perfectly into the surroundings. The wind turbine generates energy in an eco-friendly way, using a natural resource and has a pleasant aspect in contrast with other classical turbines. The technology was developed by the French company, (more…)

100+ Delicious Milkshake Recipes


Milkshakes are great, right? If you’re a big fan of this drink and would like to try out as many variations of a milkshake as possible, this next article will be one of your favorites. Here you will find a selection of 100 great milkshake recipes that you can prepare at home with the help of a blender. After reading the article you can even open your own milkshake bar, as you are going to become an (more…)

DIY Braided Rug Tutorial: Recycling Old Towels


As you already know from all the projects we’ve been showing you on this website, any material can be recycled. Whether you want to transform an old object and give it a new look or you want to create something entirely new, recycling is a great way to play around with different materials and to train your creativity. So today, we will be showing you how to make a rug from recycled towels. (more…)

DIY Adirondack Chair in 8 Easy Steps


Adirondack chairs are perfect for outdoor, as they have a simple wooden design that blends in almost anywhere. If you want to make your own Adirondack chair, here’s a helpful tutorial that will teach you how to do it. The final product will be a cozy chair for outdoor chilling and you can build several pieces and create a lounge area in your backyard. To build the chair, you will need the following supplies: (more…)

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