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40 DIY Fire Pit Ideas


Even though fire pits don’t have to be intricate structures (and they actually aren’t), the level of design people resort to when it comes to DIY fire pits is spectacular. From simple round or square shaped pits to multi-level stone designs, the collection we offer you for guidance will prove useful when you’re in lack of fresh and unique ideas. Don’t confine your imagination to the range mentioned above. The fire pit can even come in the shape of a small flower pot, like you can see from the photo. Metal is also used, (more…)

12 Creative DIY Halloween Ideas


Making Halloween fun involves ruling out all unnecessary efforts. These might include working out a funny yet scary way to decorate your home. Spending hours on the internet looking for a simple and awesome DIY project for the Halloween can stop; you’ve found the perfect collection to use for inspiration. They are also awesome in the sense that you can make a few of them and not get tired or stressed that this year’s festivities aren’t fun enough. Start your project spree with the ghoulish glaring eyes and work your way to the Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Fog (more…)

15 Hidden Room Ideas For Your Home


You might consider your home your very own fortress of intimacy. Though there are transparent spaces, like the lobby, the entrance hallways, or living, the private areas, like the bathroom or the bedroom make it into the fortress of solitude that you want. But do they really? What about the extra-private places, that special location in your home where secrets are best kept and uninvited guests are not welcomed? The room where you go to write your autobiography or where you keep your finest collection of drinks. Here are some (more…)

20 Gorgeous Luxury Bathroom Designs


If you’re thinking about luxury style and bathroom design you will definitely want to check out these dozen examples of magnificent architecture. The sought result is a combination of gorgeous marble and lavish bath tubs. The luxurious chandeliers and antique wooden cabinets complement what is already a superb interior. Your choice for improving the design of your bathroom and transforming this room into a place of luxury is made much easier with the 20 examples featured on this website. Some small pieces of decorations, (more…)

Learn How to Install Knee-Wall Storage


Some dressers might not fit the room or you just don’t like how their bulkiness intrudes with pathways you have set throughout the years. There is a simple solution you can resort to, if the structure of the walls allows you (so make sure you check this first before going into any further specifics). The space-saving dresser might take up to 8 hours to install, depending on the size. But don’t be scared, the DIY project isn’t so hard you wouldn’t implement it. It’s not easy either! Let’s say it is not for the beginner DIY enthusiast. So, after you’ve consulted with a (more…)

12 Uses for Epsom Salt In The Home And Garden


Keeping a home garden healthy and productive is not an easy task. But it’s rewarding and one can make the whole job easier with just a few tricks. One such shortcut is so simple you’d wish you knew it for ages. The many uses of Epsom salt in your home are not limited by the kitchen area. Besides medical purposes (for example in relieving pain from bug bites and sunburns) or cleaning ones (this type of salt has proven an effective helper in scrubbing dirt), Epsom salt is perfect for growing vegetable plants, like tomatoes or pepper. (more…)

DIY Vegetable Bin Cupboard


Storing vegetables in a pretty and efficient fashion couldn’t be easier than this DIY project makes it. If you are enthusiastic with everything you do, like gardening or DIY work, you will always need some extra storage around you. So why not make one thing that will help you answer this need and make the space look nice in the same time: vegetable bin cupboards. Minimal costs are involved in making one of these pieces of outdoor furniture and the process is quite easy too (more…)

Princess Canopy Beds


Every little girl dreams about being a princess and living in a castle. While making this dream come true may seem hard and unrealistic it’s not entirely impossible. With a beautiful canopy bed your little girl may take a step closer towards her dream and feel like a princess every day. Canopy beds are great if you there is enough space in your child’s room as the structure of the bed can take (more…)

Huettenpalast: Cool Camping Hotel in Berlin


This bohemian and eclectic hotel based in Berlin, Germany it’s called Hotel Huettenpalast and is simply amazing. Just take one look at the interior and you will fall in love with this space. The magic of the hotel lies in a successful combination of great interior design and affordable prices. If you are looking for a unique experience, just choose to sleep in one of the hotels indoor caravans. But if you prefer a more traditional accommodation, feel free to book one of the rooms that have an equally impressing design as the caravans. (more…)

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