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DIY Small Stylish Shed


Often, ordinary garden tools and common materials are not kept in a resistant or highly durable structure. The outdoor cabinets or tables are seen as cost-appropriate enclosures for something as trivial and used to dirt and dirty activities. In these cases, the utility function is handled, but what about attractiveness? You would want all of your outdoor design to look good. So we found a great solution for storing garden tools and materials: a Small DIY Stylish Shed. The project is not for beginners because it requires (more…)

Decoration Ideas With A Lint Roller


Look at how to make some cute decorations with a scotch-brite lint roller. When going to a birthday party, it’s always much nicer to wrap the gift yourself. Of course, you can find all sorts of wrapping paper in shops with different patterns, but if you are looking to be original, you can decorate the wrapping paper yourself. It’s much easier, than you think and your gift will have a more personal touch this way. You will use a sticky lint roll and some and some small shapes, such as the little trees from the pictures. Just attach the shapes to the roll, (more…)

Abandoned Stable Becomes An Off-Grid Home


Would you like to live in a stable? Perhaps the question has put a smile on your face but when you’ll see how great a transformed stable looks, you will want more details. Luckily, we can give them to you. Located in Spain, in the province of Cáceres, the lovely mansion was transformed into this gem of design by ÁBATON Architects. The effort to make the stable a habitable space was consistent, as the electricity and water supplies to the house were handled with recycling systems. (more…)

DIY – Crochet Baby Converse


Every kid knows that Converse spells cool on your feet! But with trends and technology reaching children at an increasingly younger age, it’s better to have solutions at hand instead of making your kid suffer from social exclusion when the next best thing is in everyone’s pockets, hands or feet in this case, except his own. We present you in the link below the Crochet Baby Converse tutorial. Making a pair of this pure (more…)

8 DIY Root Cellar Ideas for Natural Storage of Fruits and Vegetables


If cooking is something you hold dear, but your home doesn’t have a cellar, there’s only one thing you can and must do: build a DIY root cellar. Now, obviously the most important part would be the costs of such a structure. Luckily, we have a collection of 10 ideas you can use in order to make your own awesome root cellar with as little costs as possible. One solution from (more…)

How to Make a Penny Can Stove

How-to-Make a-Penny-Can-Stove

We’ll show you now a step-by-step video tutorial of how to make a penny can stove. It’s very inexpensive and very efficient, perfect for camping, hiking and survival. Going on trips into the wild seems like a lot of logistical stress. You have to pack a lot of things in order to get the most basic of things. What if we tell you that starting a fire, catching a fish and cooking could be all taken care for with something as simple as a soda can? Quite hard to believe, we know, but a few everyday soda cans could be the right material for making a DIY stove, a DIY fishing device and even (more…)

DIY Tomato Cage Ghost


Halloween is not your favorite time to shine in terms of decorating the home? You don’t fear this festive occasion because of all the horror movies and costumes running down the street, but because you will need to find some interesting pieces to dress your house with. Good news: we can show you how you could manufacture your own piece of scary decoration with just 3 items from your own home and garden. The most interesting part is you will be making a DIY spooky ghost similar to the one you see in the photo with the (more…)

Make It Your Way Cookie Cups


If you are in search of an easy and tasty desert, that will be ready in no more than 10 minutes, these cookie cups are the best choice. They are great for a small gathering with your friends or as a treat after lunch, as you can easily pack and take them with you to the office. To make the cookie cups you will need: one pack of refrigerated chocolate chip cookie bar dough from Nestle and ingredients for the filling. Start by preheating the oven and prepare muffin cups by greasing them. Fill the cups with dough, by pushing together (more…)

DIY Tinker Bell Pixie Dust Pumpkin Carving


This next Halloween idea is so beautiful and your kids will simply love it. You can make a large pumpkin that has the shape of Tinker Bell carved in it and it will surely remind everyone of childhood and pleasant times. You can make your porch look as if it were a part of a fairytale, by creating the shape of Tinker Bell on a pumpkin and placing a candle inside. (more…)

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