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These Lobster Shaped Flip Flop Sandals Are Truly A Work of Art

It is flip-flop season, and everybody is searching for the perfect pair. If you didn’t manage to find the right ones yet, maybe this next pair of flobsters will inspire you. Yes, you read that correctly, they are called flobsters as these are a pair of flip-flops in the shape of a lobster. Pretty amazing, right? And funny at the same time. The product was released by TOTENJS and it will take your outfit to the next level, leaving all the fashionistas envious. Continue reading “These Lobster Shaped Flip Flop Sandals Are Truly A Work of Art” »

20 Vegetables You Can Re-Grow From Scraps

Food waste is still such a big issue around the world, and it can be easily solved if people would pay a bit more attention to what and how they consume. Of course, the easiest way to contribute to the reduction of food waste is to recycle food at home and regrow some from scraps.
Vegetables are a great trial for this project, as there are several ones that you can regrow in your garden or even balcony if you keep some scraps in your fridge. Continue reading “20 Vegetables You Can Re-Grow From Scraps” »

Buff Baby Speed Bag

This baby car seat looks so much fun! It is not necessarily reachable by your child, but it seems so much to have a boxing bag hanging as a car seat attachment.
Babies are curious by nature, and all cribs have small hanging elements above them so your children can focus their attention on something while chilling. So why not hang a tiny boxing bag on the baby car seat attachment, and who knows? Continue reading “Buff Baby Speed Bag” »

Painted Mason Jars

This is a set of three wide mouth quart-sized jars that I chalk-paint and then free-hand paint the fun farm animals with acrylic paint.
They would be great as utensil holders or a centerpiece for your table with flowers!
The could also use at gatherings to hold spoons, forks, and knives! Continue reading “Painted Mason Jars” »

Cabela’s Sells A ‘Tent Mansion’ That’s Bigger Than Most Apartments

A tent larger than a house? Sound insane, right? Well, the Cabela’s new Ultimate Alaknak tent is a huge tent that can be large enough for your family and friends to sleep in.
Besides this, it has plenty of space for furniture, camping supplies, and other accessories.
This large canvas house is highly resistant, and you can use it even for longer getaways. As it is a Continue reading “Cabela’s Sells A ‘Tent Mansion’ That’s Bigger Than Most Apartments” »

Coffee Drinking Linked to Lower Mortality Risk, New Study Finds

Coffee drinkers, great news coming your way: a new study shows that drinking coffee is directly linked to lower mortality rates. Of course, the study refers to moderate drinking, as everything done in moderation is good and excesses are the issue. It seems that even adding a small amount of sugar is permitted and should not pose serious health threats. Continue reading “Coffee Drinking Linked to Lower Mortality Risk, New Study Finds” »

Fairy Cat Dragon Pattern

This pattern comes with instructions to make your very own mischievous Fairy Cat Dragon!! Everything you see in the photos is included in the pattern. All instructions are carefully depicted with words and photos! This pattern features clear step by step instruction with a lot of row-by-row photos. Continue reading “Fairy Cat Dragon Pattern” »

Felted Shoes Horse Slippers

Slippers are beautifully crafted, with great personality and character. Super warm and comfy, and unique. Exceeded our expectations.
Felted shoes specially for you! Absolutely ECO, natural, hand felted slippers from wool. Continue reading “Felted Shoes Horse Slippers” »

The Ultimate She Shed

A she-shed can be the coziest place to spend some quality time with your dear friends or only by yourself. But what if you have kids and would like to take them with you as well? In this case, this next one is the perfect she-shed as it also has a kids play area, and you can relax while your children play in the covered area.

The place is half shed, and half playhouse and the playhouse has a covered and screened area, so you can watch your kids while playing and keep an eye on them to be safe. Continue reading “The Ultimate She Shed” »

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