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The Courtyard House


The creative minds from NOA Architecture, came up with this really cool idea of a passive house, which they named “The Courtyard House”. The essence of the residence is to let inside as much light and air as possible, and thus create a green home that lives in harmony with the environment. The house is located in Aurora, OR and was placed on a hill. The view is stunning, as you can see the Pudding River, reflecting in the large floor-to-ceiling windows. The residence is divided (more…)

50+ Awesome Home Storage Solutions And Ideas


An organized home has lots of advantages. First of all, you always know where to search for the things you need, without having to waste precious minutes while looking in each drawer. Second of all, an organized and tidy home has a relaxing effect on you and it is much more comfortable to live in order, than in chaos. In order to achieve this, some of you may think that lots of space is required and you will need to throw some of your old things out to make space for the new ones. (more…)

7 DIY Air Freshener Ideas


Have you ever thought about making your own air freshener? Yes, this is quite an unusual task, but once you see how easy and practical it is, you want to do it as soon as possible. Buying air fresheners at a store can be risky, as you don’t know what sorts of chemicals you’ll bring in your home. Making your own air freshener means you control the ingredients and can make the product as natural as possible. You will need a jar or a larger bowl, depending on the type of the freshener (more…)

Pallet Wall Projects


When it comes to redesigning your home, repainting the walls is an important step. You can choose to be bold and use strong colors or a patterned wallpaper, but there is something even better than these two ideas. You can create a unique wall out of pieces of wood or old pallets. The great part is, that this way you won’t even need to invest into other expensive decoration items, as the wall itself will give the room a whole new look. You can leave the pallets the way they are and (more…)

Chicken Coop Projects


If you have a little free spot in your backyard, a chicken coop would be an option to fill that space. Raising chickens can be quite ingenious, as you will always have fresh and healthy eggs at home and you will also be having pets around the house. After you cleaned the spot, you can build your very own chicken coop, that will protect these small animals from the bad weather. (more…)

DIY Creative Drawers Storage System


If you’re looking for ways to extend the storage options in your home, the best way to make this is by looking at materials you already have at home. You may say, there are no such things there that can help you, but sometimes objects you use daily can turn into cool storage units. For example, to create new drawers, you will need to make a wooden structure and convert daily items into drawers. You can use boxes, suitcases and even empty gallons of milk. (more…)

Garage Turned Into A Cozy Apartment


The main attribute of a garage is the large space that you have available for storing, either your car or other things. But when you take a closer look, with a bit of adjustments a garage can turn into a cute little apartment. Transforming your garage into an apartment will be a hard task, but with help from a professional team, this project can be completed by everyone. To give you an idea about your future garage-apartment and a bit of inspiration, take a closer look at the images below. The redesign was made by the architects from Fabre de Marien, a French team based in Bordeaux. (more…)

DIY Cool Pallet Wood Chair


Don’t you just love pallets and every project that involves them? The great thing about pallets is that they are so easy to handle and when they come into creative hands something stunning can happen. If you follow this site and other DIY pages, you probably already have some pallet furniture in your home or backyard. But we bet, that you don’t have a pallet chair, that you can install on your porch or in your garden and have a nice and comfy afternoon. (more…)

DIY Plastic Spoon Lamp


Lamps that have an unusual design can really spice up things in your home. There are lots of catalogs with different kinds of lamps, so you could browse the internet for weeks in search of a unique lamp. However the downside can be that custom made laps are usually very expensive and not everyone can afford having such a piece of jewelry in their home. But don’t be sad, as you can find lots of great tutorials about how to make your home, beautiful lamp. (more…)

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