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How to Make Your Own BBQ Using a 55-gallon Honey Barrel


Every time you see those barbeque barrels, you are just filled with envy? No need to that anymore. Because we have the ultimate solution for your outdoor cooking habits: how to build your own BBQ Barrel. Actually, this particular project is something for the environment as well. By following the instructions below, you not only get a dream barbeque grill, but also reuse a barrel that would have only polluted the natural environment if thrown away in the dump. Make sure you have these materials on hand, in order to finish the project: (more…)

DIY Bleach Spray Shirt In Just 10 Minutes!


When it comes to clothes there are a wide variety of options to choose from as cities are stacked with clothes stores. But this also means that the probability of meeting someone on the street with the same shirt/dress/pants as yours, is very high. If you want to be unique and stand out of the crowd, you should try and make your own clothes or at least some of them. You can start with a very cool bleach spray shirt like the one from this next tutorial. You will need: (more…)

Log Home Design Plan and Kits


Surely you have spent a lovely weekend in a wooden cabin sometime in your life. The uniqueness and closeness to nature has appealed to you greatly so you wish to move into such a structure. Well, each log home is beautiful and different in its own way, so the more you look at plans and ideas, the more confused you will get. It’s very hard to decide which plan you like the most, when you have a lot of options, (more…)

DIY Compost Bin From Hardware Cloth


Making your own compost at home is a very easy task; you just need to know a few useful tips and tricks. This really cool waste/compost bin was created by Tom Powers and is both an art piece as well as a useful garden accessory. The compost bin can be found at Powers’s oceanside home and was built out of hardware cloth. The supply he used is such an accessible material, as it is cheap and can be bought at any larger (more…)

How to Create A Nautical Landscape Theme With A Canoe Pond


Have you wished for a while now to have a water feature in your yard but couldn’t quite afford the fountain you’ve been dreaming of? The traditional pond isn’t the realistic option you planned? The Canoe Pond can be the answer to the desire for water in your yard! With a simple DIY project, you can improve the look of your garden in ways you haven’t previously imagined. Without digging up your land, the suggested solution will (more…)

DIY Hammock Stand


Installing a hammock in your garden can result in lots of relaxing moments and quality time spent with friends and family. When it comes to installing the hammock the hardest part is finding the right place for it. Since you need to suspend it above the ground, you will need trees to secure the hammock. But what if you don’t have trees in your garden? There’s no need to panic, as you can always build an ingenious hammock stand out a (more…)

Port a Passenger with this Wine Barrel Bike Trailer



If biking is one of your favorite activities but you feel like your bike is missing something, this next tutorial might have the essential piece for it. It’s a very cool bike trailer, in which you can transport your passengers and have been made out of a wine barrel. As a wine barrel can’t be found at every corner, you should plan a visit to the local free market or hardware store. Once you’ve found the perfect wine barrel, you (more…)

Beautiful Gardens of France: Prieuré Notre Dame D’Orsan


Serenity and beauty can be found in the places where nature and civilization have come together in harmony. Hidden in the Berry Province in the Loire Valley, there are some beautiful gardens which will surely make you fall in love in a heartbeat. The green areas of the Maisonnais and the Prieuré d’Orsan are inspiring from the first moment you lay your eyes on them. The gardens that you can find there are filled with topiary designs and heart shaped green sculptures all creating an appealing landscape. Made by Parisian architect, Patrice Taravella, the garden designs (more…)

Cody Lundin’s Sustainable Home


There is an increasing need for change when it comes to living conditions. A real-estate bubble always lurking by and fossil fuels prices as volatile as they are, can get you thinking about living off-the-grid. Meet the most fascinating passive solar earth home there is. The owner, Cody Lundin, is living a unique lifestyle for over 20 years, in which he embraced the natural world and wildness around him. He is an author of books on survival and even founded the Aboriginal Living Skills School in Arizona in 91. The home you see in the pictures is a truly off-the-grid structure. Heat insulated, the 700 (more…)

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