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Gorgeous Log Home with Wrap Around Porch


Living in a log home embracing nature can bring many positive aspects than living in an ordinary downtown house. This particular type of dwelling is suited for especially if you enjoy spending time outside and glaze at the surrounding scenery. This stunning log home with wrap around porch will deliver exactly that! The Magleby State Homes offer the floor plans of the handcrafted log cabin showcased in the image. (more…)

3 in 1: How To Build a Smokehouse, Pizza Oven and a Grill in your backyard!


If you love outdoor cooking, then this project will be among your favorite ones! Having a small backyard can be unpleasant, but not if you know how to make use of your space in a clever way. So why install a smokehouse and a grill separately when you can have one structure that incorporates all? This is an all-in-one smokehouse, pizza oven and grill that will be the highlight of (more…)

How to build a Generator out of an Old Lawnmower


If you want to have a reliable power source in your home, you should build it yourself. This may sound like a complicated thing to do, but just wait until you find out more about this project. The idea is that you can create a great generator out of an old lawnmower. This generator will also save you in some unexpected situations, such as bad weather conditions when there is a high chance of power shortages. (more…)

Playhouse Turned Into A Cozy Tiny Home


There is a noticeable tendency towards turning unconventional spaces into tiny homes and we just can’t get enough of it! This tiny home, that was once a 14’x28′ sized Deluxe Playhouse, became the home of a small family. Smoky Mountain offers Deluxe Playhouse that can be then transformed by those interested in building their own tiny homes. The best part about this is that everyone can (more…)

Home Additions & Home Improvement: Extends out in Two Open Rooms


What happens when you extend an old house and add two modern modular structures to it? Pure magic! This modern home is the result of two spaces that were added to the back of a house which was built in the 1930s in Phoenix. From the outside, the 2 structures look like the perfect mirror image of each other and those responsible for this beautiful design are Chen + Suchart, (more…)

Homemade Solar Powered Air Cooler for $15


Using solar energy to generate heat is something common and widespread among those who live an off-the-grid lifestyle. But what about using solar power to cool your room? Is that even possible? It actually is and it costs less, than you can imagine, as you can make a solar air cooler form only $15. Once your cooler is ready, you can use it as an alternative to the air conditioner and it (more…)

Mini Mate Motorcycle Camper


This might just be the tiniest camper ever created, and it is simply too cute to be true. This mini mate motorcycle camper has enough space for your clothes, camping gear and more. And one of its best features is the removable tent that you can be set up when needed, as all you have to do is find the right camping spot, install the two incorporated poles and install the top of the camper. (more…)

Garden Swing Chairs Design Ideas


Do you have a large tree in your backyard? Then you could make great use of it by installing a hanging chair, one that hangs from the tree of course. Hanging chairs are great for lazy spring or summer evenings and they can be the perfect spot for relaxation. There are so many great hanging chair designs out there, as you will surely find one that suits your tastes. You can choose between hanging chairs, hanging benches and even hanging beds, depending on the size of your tree and your backyard. (more…)

Airstream Nest Camper Trailer


Got a mid-size SUV? This camper was made for you. Coming Summer 2017, the highly compact fiberglass travel trailer is a perfect fit within the Airstream line, continuing their reputation for legendary durability, fine attention to detail, timeless design, and innovative features. With modern accommodations like LED lighting, (more…)

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