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Rustic Flower Support


Flowers are one of the most beautiful thing with which you could surround yourself with, and highlighting and taking care of them daily is essential.
Flower holders or planters are outdoor furniture pieces of which completes and harmonize your space in a traditional or rustic style, that bring color and life where they are located. Each piece in this category is one-of-a-kind and represents a vision. The conception and balancing allowed the craftsman (more…)

The Magic Additive Manufacturing Brings to Lighting up Your Home


Just Imagine that you are given the enviable power of being able to design and develop anything you set your mind to, what exactly would you build? While we might not know the average person’s answer to this question, one thing is sure, and that is, your average interior decorator will spend his or her days, bringing to life every weird design ideas they have ever had. And this is in part, what the technology of additive manufacturing and the use of 3D printers brings to you.
The popularity and widespread use of domestic 3D printers in manufacturing house hold items is now been documented (more…)

Make Your Own Nail Polish Rack


A girl can’t have too many nail polishes. The more colors of nail polish you have, the better as you can match them to any outfit, mood and season. But where do you put all those bottles of nail polish? They are indeed, small but lots of small bottles can take up a lot of precious space and your room can get a messy aspect. To avoid this, you can build yourself a simple nail polish rack and store the bottles there. The supplies you’ll need for the rack, are: wood, screws, wall anchor, wood glue, sand paper, nail filler and paint. First measure the available space you have for the rack, then start cutting the wood according to your measurements. (more…)

Sportz SUV/Minivan Tent


The tent that comfortably wraps around the back of the car, this handy device will make your trips in wildlife a lot safer. Fitted with 2 large entrances, 3 windows, a couple of skylights, and space for up to 5 people, this type of tent is built from high-quality strong polyester. The floor of these SUV tents usually has rip stop technology, provided by the double coated polyethylene material. Prices range from $200 to $949. Some manufacturers make tents that fit your car perfectly, like the Endeavor Sportz 82000 SUV/Minivan Tent or the Nissan SUV tent. They also come in different heights, according to how tall your friends (more…)

Cool Idea On How to Paint a Shed or Fence


In the following we present a video tutorial of how to paint a shed or fence found on plantcarytoday. Working to achieve a beautiful yard involves using many decorating methods as well as an open-minded approach to design techniques. Before you get worried about how you can still obtain the same result and not resort to any intricate landscaping projects. Luckily for you, we have the perfect solution. An easy and perhaps fun way to enhance your landscape is painting the fence with a mural. Although some artistic skill might be necessary in order to get the most out of this sort of project, a weekend painting the wood fence might prove relaxing. (more…)

Lazy Lee Shoe Rack – A Woman’s Dream, A Man’s Nightmare [VIDEO]


Lazy Lee Shoe Rack – A Woman’s Dream, A Man’s Nightmare! A spinning shoe rack holds up to 226 PAIRS of shoes..WOW.. A closet is one’s is an indispensable piece. Sometimes finding the right space to create a closet can be a real challenge, but many of architects tend to merge it with the bedroom. If you are not between the lucky ones who have a built in closet in your home, then don’t worry as there is a great storage solution for your problem. (more…)

Cabin and House Plans by David Wright


We have selected these 8 popular and award winning house and cabin plans designed by David Wright. These plans have been built and proven to be efficient, functional and comfortable. The designers have received words of thanks from owners who have had us design them and the contractors who have built them. Take a look at these plans.. (more…)

Space Saving Idea: A Desk That Transforms into a Bed


Working till late hours may cause some serious harm to your sleeping routine. In order to avoid getting insomnia in all the wrong hours of the day, make sure you have the proper arrangements for catching a good night sleep while still being able to work until the night. Mira Schroder came up with a bold design for a desk that doubles as a bed. The transformation is accessible via a simple flip that instantly replaces your day-long office desk with a comfortable medium-size bed. The office-bed-table is also suitable for those who prefer working from home. The bed is integrated into the overall design of the office unit so it won’t be too (more…)

Amazing Train Crib


Expecting a baby means lots of preparations. You will have to arrange the baby’s room, find the perfect and safest furniture, baby proof the whole house and make sure it will become a suitable environment for a newborn. While many of these things can be solved quickly, finding the best baby crib can take a lot of time. First of all the crib needs to be comfortable and safe, so your child would feel protected.
This next crib is simply amazing. It’s made out of the finest wood and it resembles a train. There is enough space for your baby to sleep or play inside and also there is extra space for you to store things, such as diapers or toys. So as you can see it a useful piece of furniture (more…)

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