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100+ Delicious Milkshake Recipes


Milkshakes are great, right? If you’re a big fan of this drink and would like to try out as many variations of a milkshake as possible, this next article will be one of your favorites. Here you will find a selection of 100 great milkshake recipes that you can prepare at home with the help of a blender. After reading the article you can even open your own milkshake bar, as you are going to become an (more…)

DIY Braided Rug Tutorial: Recycling Old Towels


As you already know from all the projects we’ve been showing you on this website, any material can be recycled. Whether you want to transform an old object and give it a new look or you want to create something entirely new, recycling is a great way to play around with different materials and to train your creativity. So today, we will be showing you how to make a rug from recycled towels. (more…)

DIY Adirondack Chair in 8 Easy Steps


Adirondack chairs are perfect for outdoor, as they have a simple wooden design that blends in almost anywhere. If you want to make your own Adirondack chair, here’s a helpful tutorial that will teach you how to do it. The final product will be a cozy chair for outdoor chilling and you can build several pieces and create a lounge area in your backyard. To build the chair, you will need the following supplies: (more…)

How To Build Wine Barrrel Fire Pit


Having a good afternoon or evening with friends or loved ones can’t be fully enjoyed without a reason of showing off with your latest devices or skills. The wine barrel which doubles as a fire pit and table is a perfect example of how easily you can achieve that! Besides the fact that turning an unused item like a wine barrel into a working fire pit is ingenious, it will make your decor look great and stylish. Now, having a DIY wine barrel fire pit table is quite impressive – just look at how awesome it looks in the living room. (more…)

DIY Plastic Egg Glow Bugs


Fireflies are beautiful creatures and their natural light can bring a beautiful spectacle to your garden. But what do you do if you live in an area where these little bugs are quite rare? You make your own little fireflies to keep you entertained on hot summer nights. You can do this by following the instructions from this next project. You will only need some plastic Easter eggs (Kinder Surprise), pipe cleaners, duct tape, a black marker and a LED candle. (more…)

DIY Project: Adirondack Fire Bowl Table


Have you seen a beautiful fire pit that you would love to have in your yard? If the options available, both financially and in terms of space, are out of your reach, there is an option you could seriously consider: the DIY adirondack fire table bowl. The piece can be constructed out of reclaimed wood just as easily as new lumber. The work is specific to any project involving wood, so be prepared to use the saw and power drill. With the fire table (more…)

This Man Used a Cylindrical Sheet Metal Grain Bin as a Weekend Home


Here’s an out of the ordinary idea for a vacation home that will leave you speechless and will make you wonder if it would be a good option for you too. Take example from M. J. Gladstone, who used a cylindrical grain bin to create his dream house in Germantown, N.Y. He originally wanted an octagonal vacation home, but what resulted is a merge between differently shaped living spaces. (more…)

The Concept That Generates Electricity Every Time You Turn on the Tap


You don’t commonly get to think about your own home as a source of energy and certainly not something as basic as a faucet. Truth is that with a simple ingenious solution, you could have the amazing possibility to produce some electric energy by using water! Yes, it sounds tricky at first, but when you see the ES Pipe Waterwheel in detail, you’ll understand. Thanks to the Korean designer  Ryan Jongwoo Choi, (more…)

17 Creative Aluminum Foil Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier


Aluminum foil has so many useful features and it is a great supply for several DIY projects. Sure, you tend to use aluminum foil to wrap your food or different products, but there are some unknown uses of this material that will blow your mind. There is a cool list of 17 tricks that you need to know about, when it comes to aluminum foil and you will find the entire list here.  (more…)

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