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Rainbow Leopard Cake Recipe


Leopard print just never goes out of fashion. Whether we are talking about clothes, furniture or daily objects, leopard print seems to be present is our lives at every level. If you are a fan of this unique print, you can even learn how to make a leopard print cake. This cake would be ideal for a special anniversary, as it will most definitely be the highlight of the party in the matters of food. The cake is as delicious as it looks, but you will need some baking skills and patience for the decoration. To make this beautifully colorful cake, you will need lots of food coloring, (more…)

The Pequod Tiny House on Wheels


Tiny houses on wheels are among our favorites. They are so cute and practical at the same time, as you can easily move them from once place to the other. This next tiny house on wheels has only 220 square feet, but the interior looks awesome and it’s more than enough for a family of four. The tiny house is located in Durango, Colorado and the materials used to build it are ones of the finest. From outside, the house looks like a magical home, taken from fantasy books and movies and the interior lives up to the expectations. It has a small kitchen combined (more…)

Fabulous Rustic Interior Design


The architects from Locati create beautiful and warm interiors paired with a luxurious interior design. They use the best materials on the market and promise to offer you the home of your dreams. The Ontario Residence is one of the amazing homes designed by Locati and as its name suggests is located in Ontario, Canada. The residence is an exquisite example of rustic architecture combined with sophisticated elements, (more…)

How to Easily Grow 17 Plants on One Square Foot of Land


You would think you need a lot of land if you’re going into gardening, but truth be told there are ways you can grow plants and not use a lot of space for this. The solution suggested here is one example. Read the tutorial and find out how to grow 17 plants on 1 square foot of land. For the DIY project you will require 8 pieces of 4-inch long PVC pipes, a 1-1/2 inch hole saw, some potting soil and seedlings or greens. (more…)

Easy Homemade Flour Tortillas


There’s nothing in this world that can compare with the smell of fresh bread. Homemade bread and pastries are the best and their fresh scent has no equal. If you want to prepare homemade bread, but would like a lighter version of it, you can make this delicious flour tortilla. You can of course argue, that there are plenty of store-bought tortillas to choose from, but nothing will compare to a homemade one. The best part of it is that you can refrigerate the dough and use it later, so you can have fresh tortillas at home whenever you want. (more…)

DIY Simple Chocolate Decoration Cake


It’s getting harder and harder to impress with desserts. The plenitude of ideas and recipes out there has really toughened the competition. That’s why you have to be extra creative and that’s also why we show you how to make a simple chocolate decoration cake. You won’t imagine what you can achieve with a bowl of pastry chocolate, bubble wrap and your microwave. The result is astounding: a unique decoration made out of chocolate, with a really nice pattern too! If you too want to upgrade your next dessert but aren’t sure with what, this option is definitely our first choice. Follow the video tutorial (more…)

4 Delicious Salads-In-A-Jar


Working in a stressful environment and being in a constant rush can easily result in skipping lunch hours. This usually happens once in a while at first, but can quickly become a habit and have harmful effects on our health. If you don’t have time to prepare a healthy lunch each day, these salad-in-a-jar recipes will save you a lot of time. The best part is that you can prepare them in advance, refrigerate for up to 3-4 days and they will still taste fresh and delicious. The next video contains 4 tasty recipes, one for every taste, from Asian salad to a delicious fruit salad. (more…)

Galvanized Stock Tank Turned DIY Pool


Every summer, we have this urge to be around water, cooling off or just relaxing near a water source. The reason is obvious: hot weather and dry ambiance. The solution is also clear: an outdoor swimming pool. What happens when you don’t actually have the space or money to build the pool you wish? An easy compromise is to make your own swimming pool using a livestock tank in the DIY project. The transformation attempt featured in these images is a successful one. The galvanized stock tank (more…)

DIY Cute Sock Kitten


Sock animals are cute and very fun to make. Most important, you don’t need to have special skills to create a sock toy, as it is a very easy project. To complete your sock animal collection, here’s a cool tutorial on how to make a little sock kitten. The materials you’ll need are: socks, yarn, scissor, filling material, needle and thread, googly eyes and the pattern from below. Cut out the pieces you are going to need to assemble the body of the kitten. Add filling material inside the socks and sew the body. Sew the head in place and create the face by applying the googly eyes. Don’t forget to add the whiskers, (more…)

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