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14 Aloe Vera Health Benefits


If you take a look at the label of the cosmetics you have at home, you will notice a lot of them contain Aloe Vera. This plant is known for its positive effects on health, especially skin care and skin troubles. It also has calming and soothing properties, that’s why lots of cosmetic firms use it in the composition of their products. You can find Aloe Vera in its original form and use it at home, when trying out homemade cosmetic ideas. Keep in mind that it is always better to buy cosmetics that contain natural ingredients or even try to make (more…)

The Best 40 Front Door Decors For This Year’s Halloween


Are you ready to scare every kid that walks past your home? With this collection of scary decorations for your door you are going to be the most awesome attraction during this year’s Halloween. Here’s the catch: in order to scare the costumed children that want to scare you, you have to be one step in front of them. That’s why transforming your front door into a funny-looking cartoonish monster is the right and fun trick to resort to. Use large sheets of construction paper, markers and pair of scissors to start off with. (more…)

DIY Crocheted Owls – Free Patterns


When taking the decision to make your own toys, you also take on the challenge to make a custom piece which will suit your taste and preferences. Crocheting can be the perfect technique for making some cute and fluffy toys. The internet is full of tutorials on this sort of DIY projects, the only complicated thing is finding the model you like or think the person you’re going to receive the gift from you likes. We found these incredibly cute crocheted owls that will make perfect toys. (more…)

Bacon Breakfast Cupcakes Recipe


How do you feel about a cupcake for breakfast? You may think that it’s not very nutritious or not at all a great idea, since cupcakes are rather for desert, than for breakfast. Just wait until you hear the ingredients of this cupcake! This one has bacon as a key ingredient, and the batter is more salty then sweet, so it stands as the perfect energizer to start your day with. To make (more…)

How to Add Solar Lights to a Fence


Here we have two metods of how to add solar lights to a fence. Solar powered garden lights are not only for the flowers or plants. They can be easily used to enhance the way the whole yard looks, especially on eye-level. The ground should be well light, no doubt about it, but you have other design or décor elements in your garden you would wish to highlight, right? (more…)

Hardwood Garden Bench with Storage Drawers


Have you thought about decorating your garden with a beautiful Hardwood 2 Seat Bench? The search for a perfect piece like that can come to an end. The style of the bench featured in the photos is simple and can easily fit with the rest of the garden design. Not only is it quite and the décor will definitely benefit from it, it proves a great addition to the storage capacity of your residence. Made from Vietnamese hardwood, the bench has a simple and highly useful storage space under the seat. The 3 drawers are quite big, (more…)

Amazing Carved Wood Doors


What other place showcase your personality to any guest than the front door? The custom carved wood doors can be the answer you’ve been waiting for and wanting ever since you decided to keep wood as the main canvas for your home’s personality. Floral accents, detailed wildlife, everything you imagined can be carved onto log or timber doors. The craftsmen of Summit Log & Timber Homes can bring elegance and uniqueness to your home design. Whether a mighty bear or a corner of the forest, the wood door can embody that precise image. (more…)

Open And Welcoming Design With A 360-degree View From The Crow’s Nest


How about a 360-degree view from your own home in the middle of nature? The design of this impressive residence will be the highlight of your dreams for the next months. With a surface of 4,500 square feet the architects from bhh Partners managed to use wood together with stone and concrete to deliver a unique and beautiful residence. Keeping slick lines of rustic architecture with a feel of modernity was not an easy task, but they managed to do it and the result is inspiring. The sublime use of wood, on the ceiling, walls, (more…)

Sustainable Off Grid Living In A Safari Tent


Do you love going into the middle of nature for longer than a short weekend? If you’re among those who enjoy going to the mountain or the forest for adventures, not just relaxation, then the Barebones Safari Tent (<- available here) is an item you would definitely take with you in your next trip into the wilderness. With 120 square feet of space, room for 8 people and walking upright height, the tent will make it perfect for planning adventures for the next day. The truly amazing thing about the tent is that it can be installed into almost any surface, dirt, wood, or concrete. This is thanks to the lightweight aluminum and nylon frame. (more…)

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