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How to Build a Barn


The next barn had such a big success and everyone liked it so much, that the owners dedicated an entire site to the construction. Since they were receiving so many questions about the barn, a website with all the information seemed a great idea. On the webpage you can find detailed instructions about how the barn was constructed, as well as the dimensions of it. The whole idea started from building a single barn, and then another one was constructed since the horses have outgrown it. With this step the original construction was rehabilitated too. (more…)

How To Grow Potatoes In Potato Planter Bags


People wrongly think gardening, especially vegetable gardening, can be done only if you have a garden or if you own a big yard for this. The truth is you only need imagination and commitment to work and care after your vegetables. We are about to show you just how easy it is to have homegrown potatoes all the time at your disposal. The trick is to use special designed containers for this. Looking like grocery bags, these potato sacks will fulfill the specifics of an outdoor garden. Using the fertilizer and water in the proper way suggested in the tutorial will give you (more…)

10 Creative Ideas to Decorate with Concrete Blocks


Do you know that concrete blocks can be used in other ways ? Here you will find 10 creative projects to decorate with concrete blocks.. Enjoy! (more…)

DIY Low Cost 55 Gallon Drum Planters


Having a superb and beautifully looking garden implies some efforts especially in the decorating area. There is an abundance of products out there which can give you a help in making the outdoor portion of your residence a true delight to spend time in. But not all of the times, a bunch of money can buy the aesthetic outcome you desire. That’s why DIY alternatives are always at your disposal to make things a lot easier. A plastic barrel turned into a lovely outdoor planter sounds lovely. Also, there isn’t anything complicated about this DIY project. (more…)

Underground Survival Shelter


A survival shelter is no longer the sad and almost prison-like structure we all have come to think about in the past decades. The advances of architecture and the care of designers have resulted in a superb example of a survival shelter. This structure isn’t just a shelter, but could be easily considered a home. Twenty feet underground resides a lovely dwelling, fitted with anything a regular house can provide and bigger than a New York apartment. You can have the luxury of a secure cozy bedroom, a (more…)

The World’s Largest, Mobile, Solar-Powered Generator


From time to time, Nature shows that people are not the masters of the planet and we experience something called a `disaster`. But human beings are determined to make a statement that we are resilient and have a great ability to adapt. When disasters hit, the first thing to become inaccessible is “power”. That’s why an invention like Ecos PowerCube will change how we relate to those situations. The purpose of this device is to provide off-grid areas with the necessary electricity, with the largest model being able to generate 15kw or power. (more…)

DIY Plastic Spoon Snowman


Are you ready for Christmas? Not in terms of holiday spirit or even gifts for your loved ones, but in terms of decorating. The ambiance you set within your home is important to the whole festive feeling. A regular wrath on your door might not be enough, but at the same time you don’t want to invest much in just a couple of weeks (a month at the most) of decorations. That’s why we suggest you this simple and cute tutorial. Making DIY plastic spoon snowmen is a fun project that you could do with your kids side by side. (more…)

Cool Upcycling Projects by U&D


If you want to own a unique piece of furniture, here are some ideas. U&D (Utopia Design and KZ desing) is a company from Poland. They design and make furniture, using elements of old worn out machinery and equipment and old wood. (more…)

A Modern Home Designed by Luxhaus


A welcoming home needs not only interesting design but also a soothing color concept to accommodate any future owner. The residence featured on this webpage is an architectural blend of elegance with functionality resulting in a splendid two story high example of what a modern house should look like. The Poing House, as it’s named by its designers has a functional floor-plan and flat roof, with all the space in between the walls reduced to its essence. The people from Luxhaus have set up a nice contemporary showcase of functionality with design in the 1,184 square feet  (110m²)residence in Munich, Germany.  (more…)

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