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Maplecreek Floor Plan by Expedition Log Homes


The Maplecreek is a lovely log home with a classic look. For those who are big fans of log homes this is one could be a great inspiration for a future home. With a total living surface 2,424 square feet dispersed on two floors the Maplecreek is the most suitable home for a family. The first floor hosts 2 bedrooms and a loving area with an incorporated dining room. The second floor is the place where the master bedroom is located. This log cabin is great for a family of 4 or to be used as a vacation home. (more…)

DIY Chicken Tunnel


Don’t underestimate the utility of your chickens! Your feathery friends are not just good at making eggs, but also they are wonderful garden keepers. It seems like a strange thing to say about chickens, but the fact is that they eat weeds and other pesky bugs that rome around in your garden. And with a DIY chicken tunnel, you can have them working for you whilst they feel more free. The tunnel allows you to design a specific area for the chickens to walk through the garden, (more…)

DIY spirits Stainless Steel Moonshine Still


Before the consumer age we are living in today, people used to make their own liquor at home. There are some who still practice this, but since you can buy any kind of liquor at a store homemade alcoholic beverages are not so widespread anymore. But if you would like to know how homemade liquor tastes, you can actually make your own with the help of a Tabletop Moonshine Still. This is a very well-build stainless steel system, that helps you create your own liquor at home and it’s (more…)

Chamfer Home: An original, eco friendly, modern home that people can actually afford


The meaning of independent has reached an awesome new level. Designed by S-Archetype, Chamfer Home provides you with the space and comfort you need, whilst offering a stylish and ecologically sustainable design. If you’ve been looking for a small self-sufficient house, be prepared to end the search: this one is simply amazing. The truly unique thing about this innovative approach of making homes is that it can be extended up to 27 square meters. The cleverly planned design of (more…)

Original Recycled Robot Sculptures


Have you ever heard of Doug’s Refried Robots? Doug is an antiques collector who creates stunning metal sculptures out of recycled materials. Each of the components he uses to create his art, come from used items that most of us have the tendency to throw outside. But Doug, saw something in them and made his visions come to life through creativity. His pieces are truly unique and each of them resembles robots, that’s also the explanation for the name of his sculpture line. Below you will find a selection of his greatest works (12 photos), so check them out and who knows, maybe they’ll inspire you to create something similar. (more…)

Pet Stairs Idea


Are you the proud owner of an adorable pet? If the answer is yes, then you probably want to make every aspect of their life easy and comfortable. This next item will help you do exactly this, as it is a small dog stair for your home. The aim of these stairs is to help your pet reach the couch or her favorite spot in your home. These dog stair have a safety feature included, so the stairs won’t slide while your doggy is climbing them and they are comprised of one piece, (more…)

DIY Terra Cotta Flower Pot Bird Bath


If you have some extra clay flower pots at home, don’t throw them away. There are a series of DIY projects you can use them for, one more useful than the other. This next idea, might just be our favorite one as you can help little birds with your creation. This tutorial will teach you how to make a cute bird bath for your garden, using clay flower pots. The great thing about this project is that it lets you use your imagination and arrange the pots in any way you like. To make the bird bath from the pictures, you will need: one 14-inch Terra Cotta saucer, one 12-inch Terra Cotta saucer, three 8-inch Terra Cotta pots, green spray paint, (more…)

Stunning Award-Winning Tahoe-style Residence


This stunning award-winning design was created by Sandbox studio and is a beautiful two level cabin. The lodge, located close to West Shore of Lake Tahoe, California is a classy, yet accessible construction for everyone who is in search of a new vacation or family home. The rustic exterior hides an equally traditional interior and was made out of the finest materials, such as Cedar and Redwood. The cabin has 1,800 square feet, but a glance at the interior will (more…)

Homemade Hawaiian Bread Rolls Recipe


Hawaiian bread rolls have no equal! They are soft, sweet and tender inside and can be the perfect companion for a good breakfast. Since there is no longer hot outside, you can start baking something good whenever you feel it without getting all sweaty in the kitchen. So if you would like to have fresh Hawaiian bread rolls at home, you should try this next recipe. The ingredients needed are: pineapple juice, warm milk, unsalted butter, eggs, granulated sugar, salt, yeast and good quality bread flour. You can make several portions, refrigerate them and only bake one at a time. This will guarantee you and your family a constant amount of fresh Hawaiian (more…)

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