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DIY Cat Bed From a Computer Monitor


Do you have an old computer monitor and it’s no longer of use to you? Instead of throwing it out to the garbage, how would you feel about transforming it into something really cool? If you have a cat and want to surprise it with a new cozy sleeping place, you can transform your old monitor into a cat crib. Every cat owner knows how much kittens like to spend time on laptops and monitors, so why not make them a fun gift like this very high-tech monitor bed. This DIY project is an easy one and to make it you will need: an old computer monitor, newspapers, fabric, (more…)

Pedal-Powered Washer Needs No Electricity and Costs Only $40


We live in an era in which sustainable living is becoming harder. Since we have so many products accessible to us and we are so dependent on energy and power resources that a sustainable way of life tends to look scary and threatening. But choosing the eco-friendly way doesn’t mean you have to give up on your personal comfort or well-being. There are so many intelligent and creative products that can help you help our environment, you just need to make a bit or research and use them wisely. If you would like to do a favor for Earth, you can start by using this amazing pedal powered (more…)

Alpine Village Log Cabins


Alpine Village is the ideal place to get lost and spend a relaxing week. Thanks to its middle of the woods location and closeness to the Canadian Rockies, a stress-free time is guaranteed here. Alpine Village is comprised of 48 large cabins, all surrounded by an amazing pine forest and an incredible view. Each of the cabins was built using natural materials…Here are featured 3 cozy log (more…)

Amazing Balance Ball Chairs


Gaiam Balance Ball Chair is a nice option for those who work at an office desk and want to stay fit all the time. Working at a desk for 8 hours can give you serious back problems, especially if you don’t have a comfortable chair. The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair was developed to offer an alternative for the office chair, to keep your back healthy and help you maintain a right posture. This chair uses the same system as those of balance balls used in everyday workout routine, so you can easily continue your morning exercises at the office, while sitting and doing your work. The Balance Ball will (more…)

The Woodsman’s Cottage


Finding the right home for you and your family is not a task to be done in a hurry. Searching for that right spot, where you feel cozy and which feels familiar can take some time, but once you’ll find it everything will feel right. This stunning house is a perfect example for a family home as it has everything you can wish for. But what it’s truly remarkable of this house is the fact that it is an eco-friendly construction, in complete harmony with nature.  The house is called The Woodland House and was built in 2001 and appeared on-screen in Channel 4s Grand Designs. The house came to life (more…)

10 DIY Things To Do With A Cardboard Box


A child’s favorite activity is playing and no parent can deny this. Toys these days are more sophisticated than it used to be, as children are developing at a faster pace so toy designers need to keep them constantly interested. But have you ever tried making a toy for your child at home? If you have large pieces of cardboard at home you can create spectacular and fun toys for your child in the blink of an eye. We made (more…)

DIY Cell Phone Case Out Of A Balloon


Nowadays pretty much everyone owns a smartphone. But having such a phone can be really frustrating sometimes. Just think about the times you accidentally dropped the phone and thought, “this is it, my phone is ruined” as the display can crack and then you would have to replace the phone. To avoid these situations, we found an easy tutorial that will teach you how to make a cellphone case out of a balloon. (more…)

DIY Project: Goat Pallet Barn


Do you keep animals in your backyard and you need a simple, but resistant shelter for them? Here’s a very easy to make idea that will guide you step by step in the making of a goat (or any other animal) barn. You will be using pallets, which are some of the most accessible materials, stakes, lag bolts, tin roofing and concrete blocks. This pallet barn will costs you less, than a ready-made one and it will resist well in any (more…)

Hammock with Mosquito Netting


Do you like to go backpacking, but mosquitoes tend to suck out the fun of this experience? If you want to spend some quit time in the woods, without being disturbed, you should invest in a mosquito thwarting hammock. This is a truly lightweight hammock, that can be easily transported in your backpack. The hammock comes with a mesh canopy, that keeps you covered and protected from bugs, but also lets you breed freely. (more…)

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