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Tiny Texas Houses: The Gingered Swan


It looks like Texas has a love for tiny houses and they are committed to take the design to a next level. Let’s take for example this next tiny house which has very artsy design that makes it stand out from the crowd. The shape of the house is the first detail to attract one’s attention and this is paired with an unusual rooftop. The upstairs porch creates (more…)

Pizza Monkey Bread


Do you need a creative and fun way to make a well-known dish? The pizza monkey bread could be just the thing to enhance your future dinners from this day onward. The total time needed on this is an hour and if you follow the recipe to the exact measurements, 6 persons could have a nice meal. So what’s so different about this bread? The stuffing of the bread is similar to the contents you can find on a pizza. There is no rocket science behind the process of making it. You just carefully pinch the biscuit dough (more…)

Giant Christmas Cupcake Recipe


Are you kind of bored about having the usual types of desserts over and over again? If you are searching for a creative new recipe to impress your friends as well as your taste buds, then you’re in luck! We present you the Giant Christmas Cupcake. It looks so awesome and -as a bonus- it has a Christmas theme, so you’ll be up to date on what everybody is baking nowadays. The chocolate peppermint buttercream filling will win hearts and stomachs from the first bite. Besides the fact it is easy to use the chocolate sponge with the (more…)

15 Awesome PVC Projects


Many homemade projects involve the same old materials. After a year or so of making DIY stuff, repurposing wooden benches, beds or soda cans can begin to look a bit uncreative. Searching for ingenious materials may prove tricky. That’s why we suggest you give another chance to the plain PVC pipe.  Browse through the ideas provided and create away! (more…)

Raised Garden Beds


In any domain of activity you constantly need advice. Even if you have over 50 years of experience, some new tricks or tips might prove helpful. For a beginner, every piece of information is like gold! Especially the kind of information that will make your job easier and yield results faster. That’s why we call out to gardeners out there to come and review this blue grow beds. Available in 3 by 3 feet or 3 by 6 feet and 10 inches in depth, these particular beds are made out of UV-stable polypropylene. (more…)

Stone Cottage Design Inspired by ‘The Hobbit’


Are you a fan of The Hobbit series and of J. R. R. Tolkien? If the answer is yes, you are going to love this next design. The Hobbit House was created by a company located in Pennsylvania, called Archer and Buchanan and they managed to recreate the entire house from the popular firm series. As you can tell just by a look, the owner is a huge fan of The Hobbit and the talented architects managed to build him the house of his dreams. Each and every detail is carefully executed, but the most eye-catching one is the circular door. This particular piece took a lot more time to make, as it was first estimated as no craftsmen seemed to be suitable (more…)

DIY Sweater Mittens Out of an Old Sweater


Mittens are a must have accessory in winter, as cold won’t do any good to your soft hands. That’s why having a pair of gloves to keep your hand warm and protected should be a priority when going outside. If you like to update your wardrobe every season, you can try this next project and make your own handmade mittens. You will only need: an old sweater, chalk, a pair of scissors and a sewing machine. Place your hand on the sweater to create the shape of the mittens and to make sure they will fit. Mark with chalk and sew the outline before cutting, (more…)

How to Make: Chocolate Covered Strawberry Christmas Trees


Looking for a delicious dessert that will match the holiday theme? Stop the search and take a glance at this tasty bite-size snacks you could make which will get you that festive atmosphere right in your home. Incredibly cute and easy to make, the Chocolate Strawberry Miniature Christmas Trees are going to be on peoples lips long after New Year’s Eve. The sweet taste of the strawberries covered in green chocolate fondant is further more enhanced by the chocolate cookie on which you rest the tree-looking piece (more…)

How to Build a Milk Jug Igloo [video]


How do you combine an educational activity with one that involves responsibility about our environment, you ask? The igloo made out of recycled milk jugs is the right answer. This is a very entertaining crafts project and it will be highly appreciated by your children, as you can ask for their help when building the igloo. You can make this both a playful and learning opportunity, as you can teach your children math, while counting the milk jugs or tell them some useful facts about igloos and the Arctic. (more…)

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