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Homemade Cold Remedy


A sore throat is the sign of an infection in our organism and it can create a lot of unpleasant moments. Many times sore throats come with an additional cold or cough which makes the problem more severe. Everyone has its own remedy of curing sore throat, either with medicine or home remedies and in many cases the latest proved to be more efficient. If you are in search of a great homemade medicine for your (more…)

A Bunny In A Cute Hood – (Free Crochet Pattern)

Bunny-In A-Hood

A comfy toy for your kid to play with is too expensive for you to purchase this year? No need to worry as the DIY community has a solution for these kinds of things. The cute bunny you can see in the pictures is made entirely from yarn and stuffing. Crocheting a fuzzy thing like this will prove so easy that you will wonder why there aren’t any more crochet toys, or anthropomorphic creatures lying throughout (more…)

How to Make Giant Bubbles



Are you or your kids bored? Technology doesn’t seem to be as exciting as the first time you or they have experienced it, so you want to turn to some outdoor activities? Don’t waste your time with hide and go seek and definitely forget about the bubble guns. Take it to a whole new level with this impressive tutorial on how to make ginormous bubbles with ordinary things from your home. (more…)

16′ Tiny House On Wheels With Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs)


Canadian designers have come up with a perfect build of a tiny home which resists optimal in cold weather. The people from Leaf House Small Space Design & Build managed to blend an innovative approach to the structure of a 97 square feet house on wheels. Version.3 as it is called has overcame the challenge of withstanding -50 °C. A variety of wood and wooden panels both outside (you can see 2 different colors and design) and inside has contributed to the above mentioned (more…)

Boot Repurposed Into A Cute Birdhouse



Does your yard have an almost fairytale ambiance with flowers blooming and birds singing happily every morning? Well, if you have at least some birds wandering around, looking for food, why not make them a surprise and provide with the most awesome shelter for them. That’s right, you are about to learn how to take rubber boots and turn them into creative bird houses. All you have to do is gather a (more…)

Creative DIY Way To Hide A Litterbox


Keeping your cat’s litterbox where everyone can see it is not very aesthetic. If only there was an elegant way to hide this box and mask it somehow. This cool litterbox closet is a lovely project that every cat owner should know more about. To hide your kittens litterbox, simply transform an old piece of furniture into a stylish hiding place. A drawer with a lower shelf would be ideal, as you can open that part any time and let (more…)

How To Make Jell-O Strawberry Parfait


When confronted with a lack of ideas in the cooking department, a nice fresh project is welcomed. This is the mission of many websites, but the important ones, the ones which you revisit with pleasure, offer you something extra: creative and good-looking recipes. Take the Jell-O Strawberry Parfait for example. It literally can make your mouth water. And if you choose this recipe to replicate in your own home, you will get the same effect with people coming over for a visit or attending your event. (more…)

Braided Spaghetti Bread Recipe


There are some days when you simply need to leave your diet behind and indulge in lots of calories. What could be better for a day full of cravings, then this tasty baked spaghetti and garlic bread? It’s a very successful combo that will leave your mouth watering. It is also a nice recipe to keep in mind for a weekend when you have friends over and want to prepare a tasty dinner. The main idea behind this recipe is simple: (more…)

Vintage Mary Jane Baby Booties (free pattern)


Baby clothes are expensive items which many parents don’t account for or underestimate the most. Luckily, there are friends you can rely on who might help you with a few items of clothing for your little one. But if you really want to be independent and still go through the clothing crisis you are bound to confront with when your kid is still a baby, the DIY way is the best way. This vintage Mary Jane Baby Booties crochet project will prove useful. Nice and colorful, they provide comfort as well as safety for the little one in all of his or her adventures exploring the home.


Vintage Mary Jane Baby Booties – Tutorial by Hopeful Honey

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