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DIY Project: Striped Paper Ornament


When holidays approach, people try and acquire the most interesting and eye-catching decorations. In order to impress a friend or a relative some put emphasis on the tree ornaments. Taking into account that this piece is central to the traditions and habbits of Christmas, they are on to something. That’s why you should consider a bit more what exactly you decorate the Christmas tree with. You can buy something from the store or you could make your own pieces of decoration. Take the object you see in the photo for example. Even though it looks pretty hard to make, the Striped Paper Ornament has the chance to become your favorite piece of DIY decoration (more…)

Rose With Cheese And Almonds


Would you like to try a new recipe that look awesome and tastes great? If yes, rose bud bread rolls are the right choice. The recipe is simple, as it doesn’t differ a lot from the traditional bread recipe, but the look of it will resemble a rose bud. So elegant and classy! To make the rose bud bread, prepare: a recipe for bread dough, sugar, ricotta cheese, almonds and orange zest. Make the bread dough according to a recipe you already have and let it rise. Once it doubles its size, roll it and cut small sections as shown in the pictures. Make small (more…)

Innovative Glass Roof Tiles Heat Your Home With Solar Energy


High-efficiency is slowly becoming a prerequisite for homes, not a fab anymore. People choosing to resort to more eco-friendly alternatives have pushed innovation to a more accessible standard. Solar heating for example can be both efficient and stylish with these Glass Roof Tiles. Made by SolTech System, this combination of technology with ecology brings all home owners a definite advantage and makes them choose environmental-friendly materials often. The important thing to know about this particular type of roof tile is that it doesn’t (more…)

Wire Spool Repurposed Into A Wine Table


Putting wooden pieces -that would otherwise go to the landfill- like pallets, to good use is not only a good deed to the environment but also one to other people. Transforming an ordinary piece into a work of art requires mainly creativity but also a careful eye to repurposing. The commitment invested into a Wine Table like the one visible in the pictures in definitely worth it because once you try it you won’t want to walk away. Fitted with a nice place for keeping your wine cold, similar to an ice bucket but with more (more…)

Tree House Built by Couple for $4000


Money doesn’t make you happy, a tiny house does. Dave Herrle from Westbrook, Connecticut build his wife an amazing tiny house located in the woods. What a romantic gesture! The couple is trying to have a sustainable way of life, so Dave used recycled materials to build the house, making sure not to leave a permanent and harmful mark on the environment. The cabin’s size is 11×14 feet, it comes with a sleeping loft and a porch and the totals costs were no more than $4000. The tiny house was ready in 6 weeks (more…)

How to Build a Train Bed


Every parent thinks his kid should have only the best in his or her life. The extent people go to provide the best food, clothing and schooling to their children is amazing and sometimes inspiring. An important part of a young one’s life and development is imagination and creativity. This can be found throughout their daily life, but it’s crucial you take action, as a parent, to further encourage and enhance this type of experiences. A simple out-of-the-ordinary bed could do this task. And making a fun train bed is not that intricate. You can take the example shown here. This DIY project will involve a sander, table saw as well as scroll and miter saw, a staple (more…)

Tiny Texas Houses: The Gingered Swan


It looks like Texas has a love for tiny houses and they are committed to take the design to a next level. Let’s take for example this next tiny house which has very artsy design that makes it stand out from the crowd. The shape of the house is the first detail to attract one’s attention and this is paired with an unusual rooftop. The upstairs porch creates (more…)

Pizza Monkey Bread


Do you need a creative and fun way to make a well-known dish? The pizza monkey bread could be just the thing to enhance your future dinners from this day onward. The total time needed on this is an hour and if you follow the recipe to the exact measurements, 6 persons could have a nice meal. So what’s so different about this bread? The stuffing of the bread is similar to the contents you can find on a pizza. There is no rocket science behind the process of making it. You just carefully pinch the biscuit dough (more…)

Giant Christmas Cupcake Recipe


Are you kind of bored about having the usual types of desserts over and over again? If you are searching for a creative new recipe to impress your friends as well as your taste buds, then you’re in luck! We present you the Giant Christmas Cupcake. It looks so awesome and -as a bonus- it has a Christmas theme, so you’ll be up to date on what everybody is baking nowadays. The chocolate peppermint buttercream filling will win hearts and stomachs from the first bite. Besides the fact it is easy to use the chocolate sponge with the (more…)

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