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DIY Felt Trees


This next project is so cute and colorful that you will be eager to start working on it as soon as possible. Let’s say you just moved into a new apartment and don’t have lots of decoration items. In this case, this would be the best time to start making some handmade arts and crafts to display in your room. Try this next idea of a DIY felt tree that will contribute to the creation of a playful atmosphere. Just cut print out the template from the link and cut it out. You will need brown felt to make the tree and several other colors of felt for the leaves. Cut out the pieces of felt with a pair of scissors and sew the together (more…)

Stylish 3 in 1 Modular Sofa


Modular designs are really great, as we live in a world where the lack of space is becoming an issue. So, space-saving solutions are always welcomed when it comes to smaller apartments. This 3 in 1 modular sofa called Sofista is the right answer for your attempts of space saving. The sofa is comprised of 3 parts, one being an armchair, the other one a lounge and the last part is a 2-person sofa. You can use it as a modular unit or place its parts separately along the room. There is another great aspect to this piece of furniture, namely its pale and neutral color which makes it suitable for any room.  (more…)

DIY Pony Tire Swing


Installing a swing in your backyard could bring back some beautiful childhood memories and remind you of a carefree time. To help your children create their own nice memories too, a handmade swing would be a great choice. A creative way to make your own swing is to recycle old tires, by giving them a new shape and making a awesome new toy for your children. Shape the tires anyway you like, but one cute idea would be to make the swing look like and animal. To make the horse swing from the (more…)

DIY Pallet Shed Project


Making a shed seems like hard work and no alternative purpose for building one. This changes with the Pallet Shed! Now, instead of throwing away wood pallets, you could repurpose them into something useful, like a shed. A storage space always handy in one’s yard, the shed you raise from a bunch of pallets will not only do good to the environment – with less trees cut down – but will also last for years to come. Not to mention starting with a DIY project like this could improve your building skills. (more…)

DIY Open Grill


Everyone with a yard wants in some way or another, a means in which they could host a decent outdoor party. And you almost can’t spell outdoor home party without a grill. Making your own grill seems like a lot of work. Not necessarily! This DIY Open Grill is an easy project that requires only minimum materials and hours of build. Its reduced size makes it perfect for a DIY project at home. Don’t be fooled though, its effectiveness is at 100% and will surely fulfill any requests for a tasty barbecue. (more…)

How to Build a 12×20 Wood Cabin on a Budget


A cabin somewhere in the woods or on the shores of the sea can be the perfect getaway if you want to relax and have some quiet time. There are lots of beautiful cabins out there which are for rent, but this means spending money whenever you want to have a peaceful weekend. How about investing a bit of money, to build your own cabin, where you can go whenever you want and have your own private space? You can make this dream come true, and no more than $2000 will help you build a 12×20 sized cabin. (more…)

How To Easily Remove Labels From Glass Bottles


If you are a fan of DIY ideas, then you probably see a new project in many objects in your home. Mason jars can be perfect for all sorts of creative ideas and you should save them in case you have a great idea. But one of the troubles in re-using a mason jar can be its label, and the fact that it peels of in an ugly manner, leaving a sticky glue residue. Luckily, there is an easy way of getting rid of the leftover glue and you will only need to some baking soda and vegetable oil. Just apply a layer on the jar, (more…)

DIY Camera Case


If you’re passionate about photography then you’ll definitely have to be careful about your photo hardware. With all the gear being so expensive, the last of your worries is the luggage in which you carry them around. But the truth is a lot of your camera accessories take damage when you travel. To save on some money and to only make a bag that suits your needs, we suggest you try making this DIY camera carrier. With some felt of your preferred color, a few foam rectangles and a disposition (more…)

Less Is More: The Tiny House Movement


There are lots of advantages of living in a smaller house, with less space to cool and heat, reduced electricity and fuel use as well as greater mobility, among the top 5. Almost 2 thirds (68% to be more precise) of people living in 100 to 400 square feet buildings (the typical size you would define a micro house or compact home by), have been shown to have no mortgages whatsoever. We don’t want to imply that living in a big residence is something to be blamed about or feel ashamed. Just that the Tiny House Movement is gaining momentum and you would be better off to know all the info on small homes. (more…)

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