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An Earthbag Round House For Less Than $5,000


Looking for a very stable design which does not only come cheap from the start but also makes you save money in the long run. Due to its shape and materials used, the earthbag house has less area than your normal home, so it’s cheaper to keep it supplied with energy. Don’t be scared if you never built circular structures before, because the example shown here used a technique called the compass arm which you can easily learn. (more…)

How To Build A Cozy Log Cabin For Less Than $500



What if we tell you that you could build a cozy log cabin for less than $500? Even if it sounds like science-fiction or at least some sort of scam, the structure you see in the photo respects both of the above-mentioned conditions. A man with no experience in construction took on the adventure of building his own home. He got some help from a group of young people and just 8 months later this (more…)

Easy Project: Knitted Bunnies




As Easter is slowly coming to our dinner tables, home decor and presents, it’s better you have a solution ready – just in case you forget something. The knitted bunny is perfect as a gift or even as a small piece of decoration in your living room. The DIY project featured here is so fast and simple to make because all you need is a knitted square and some thread and needle. For the tail of this fluffy bunny, you can use a tiny pom-pom sewn in place or a little (more…)

Cute Towel Bunny Tutorial


Making a cute decoration to fit the Easter festivities is something all of your acquaintances and friends are doing right now? You too want to join the spirit but can’t find an appropriate piece of decor to fashion? Worry no more, because we have the simplest and most adorable of decorations a DIY project can yield. The main ingredient of the bunny you see featured here is a towel! Rolling and twisting a square white towel can result in a lovely piece of decoration. (more…)

How to Build Your Own Fire Pit


People that choose to invest in the facilities available for entertainment in their yard is growing with each day. A fire pit may seem like the perfect choice, regardless of the climate. Having a nice evening around the fire with your friends or loved ones will definitely worth the shoveling the base and moving the wall blocks of the pit. It’s not an intricate project, but if you’re determined you too could have a simple 4 foot diameter DIY outdoor fire pit of 12 to 16 inches tall, over the weekend. The materials required are as follows: 68 12″ L by 4″ H Limestone Basic Retaining Wall Block, a few bags of sand, (more…)

Amazing Horseshoes Clock


Are you in search for an original project you can do at home with things you already own? The object you see in picture is a very original DIY project. The owner of several horseshoes welded them together to form a rustic looking clock. The placement of the horseshoes is very interesting and it creates a lovely effect from which you can’t simply look away. If you’re experienced with metal work then a similar project can (more…)

16 Year Old Builds Tiny Home To Guarantee Mortgage-Free Future


If you want to live independently and not have to worry about paying the rent each month or the piles of money you have to put aside for the mortgage, the next project we’re about to showcase will surely inspire you. It’s not especially the DIY project itself, but the philosophy behind it, because the tiny home on wheels you can see in the pictures was completed by a 16 year-old boy. Austin Hay did not wish to be constrained by a mortgage or rent. So he did something not that many teens do: raised a house. He started out with a $2,000 trailer from a second-hand (more…)

DIY Spinning Plastic Bottle Dog Treat Game



Having a pet means lots of caring and attention from your side and playtime is an essential part of every pet’s life. If your dog is always curios and likes to experiment with new toys, this next one will keep him occupied and entertained for hours. It’s a very intelligent, but easy to build toy that you can make at home. The toy will be a spinning plastic bottle structure and the materials you’ll need are very (more…)

DIY: Draw On A Light Bulb



Who knew that wall art can be achieved without painting a single line on the structure itself? It sounds counter-intuitive, but the truth is you are able to have a great decor or pattern on a wall of your room without drawing a single line on it. And there’s no magic involved! The secret is the lightbulb. Yes, the lightbulb! This project is so simple that even your kids can do it almost from start to finish and all you need is a lightbulb (preferably a white one) (more…)

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