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A Coffee Cup That Has Native Seeds Embedded Within The Material To Be Used For Reforestation In Your Local Communities.


Taking care for the environment proves to be much easier than thought about decades ago. A biodegradable coffee cup embedded with seeds that grow into trees may have sounded like science-fiction a few years back, but now it’s a reality! The idea comes from California-based company called Reduce. Reuse. Grow and its main designer Alex Henige. How can a cup of this thinness keep the seeds unaffected whilst the process of drinking coffee is also uninterrupted? (more…)

Orwell Cabin Bed: Transform Your Sofa Into A Fortress Of Privacy


Remember that time during your childhood when you used to build tents or forts out of the bed or sofa? If you do, you definitely had a typical childhood! Also, this will probably trigger more memories for you.  The Orwell Sofa is the grown-up version of a home-made fortress. It was developed by Barcelona-based designers Alvaro Goula and Pablo Figuera, as a multifunctional piece of furniture. You can use it as a sofa, a daybed, a bed, or even a private cabin.
When in need for more privacy you can just let the curtains drop and your fortress of solitude will be ready! (more…)

60 Minutes On This Bicycle Can Power Your Home For Twenty-Four Hours


Wouldn’t it be great to power your home without having enormous costs to starting a journey on the alternative road? Now, you can achieve that and also take care of your figure! The founder of the Free Electric hybrid bike, Manoj Bhargava, says that his invention uses mechanical energy in the most basic way in order to transform an hour of exercise into supplying rural household with energy for 24 hours. The mechanism is simple: when you pedals, a (more…)

How to Build Your Own Wood-Fired Hot Tub


How would you like to have your own hot tub without spending a fortune? If you are trying to have a sustainable lifestyle and live off-the-grid, then this make your own hot tub project will be right up your alley. Build your own wood fired hot tub and spend some relaxing moments without having to go to a spa. This won’t be an easy job, but with some craftsmanship and the help of a professional, you can get much closer to your dream. (more…)

Growing Food Security In The North


Setting up a garden in a cold climate zone is not that easy. Plants need sunlight and warmth in order to grow, so living in a cold area means you need to make an effort to have a healthy garden. Or you can just follow in the footsteps of this Yukon inventor, who crated an off-the-grid greenhouse named Agridome. With the help of this invention you can grow fresh fruits and vegetables all year round, even if you live in a cold area with endless winter. The Agridome is the invention of Glenn Scott with Yukon College’s Cold Climate (more…)

10 Incredible Football Stadiums Made Of Snacks

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If you didn’t know it yet, the Snackadium is a popular thing! It’s that famous that every house party which hasn’t got one is not rated as fun as other events that have this impressive gastronomical feature. Well, truth be told, it is more about logistics than gastronomy, but it looks cool either way! The details involved are not to be dismissed, though. It depends on you how the final result will look and taste. The walls as well as the stadium itself can be made with whatever food you love to eat, making it perfectly customizable. (more…)

The Interior Of This Little 280 Sq.Ft Tiny House Is Gorgeous. It Will Blow Your Mind


This 280 sq. ft. home is designed to maximize a small place in a beautiful and modern manner. Inspired from Japanese design, the tiny home is not only modest on the outside but quite impressive on the inside. With oriental windows and door to mimic the ambience found in Japan, the Portland based home is very welcoming. The living shares the area with the kitchen and the stairs which lead to the bedroom. Also, there is a little surprise in store underneath the stairs: (more…)

Living Off Grid For 30 years: A Story Of Happiness Through Isolation


Jill Redwood lives in East Gippsland, Australia where she built her house almost 30 years ago. She prefers to be really self-sufficient, having an orchard, a garden with vegetables and an animal farm which provide almost everything she needs on a daily basis, without having to frequently drive one hour and a half to the nearest town. Moreover, with regard to energy and water supply, she uses solar panels and a waterwheel. (more…)

New Uses For Used Tea Bags


Did you know that teabags can be reused? You will be surprised to learn how many things you can do with a used teabag. So next time you’ll be having some tea, don’t throw away those used bags, recycle them instead and try these next tips and tricks. For instance, teabags can be a natural remedy for light skin irritations, as they will soothe your pain and calm the skin. You can also use the dried teabags to deodorize your trainers. Just place a used teabag in each of your (more…)

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