10 Unusual But Interesting Tree Houses

With proper design and construction, the structure will survive high winds. If you live in an area where winds might pose a danger, experts recommend building your tree house in the lower third of the tree, keeping it small to minimize potential damage.


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  4. […] for their own cats in 2008. The premise was twofold: to create an aesthetically pleasing feline tree house and a tree that the cats would actually use and would be a realistic outdoor experience for them […]

  5. […] eco-PERCH concept is based on Blue Forest’s famous tree houses. It’s natural, organic geometry maximises the relationship between the inside space and the […]

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  7. […] we have here a great example to show you. The German architect Andreas Wenning has designed this modern treehouse which is situated in Limburg Belgium. The center features two large wooden eco-cabins which are […]

  8. […] 7. 10 Unusual But Interesting Tree Houses […]

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