20 Clever Ways To Turn Old Jeans Into New Masterpieces


You definitely have heard about or seen those creative DIY projects that involve repurposing old jeans into useful new items. So, if you own a pair of jeans which you can’t wear anymore and are looking for some inspiration, we have just the right suggestions for you. There are lots of options available and the task is perfect for any sewing amateur. The DIY community has offered various ideas that go beyond the normal repurposing project, like a modern bag, a sleeve for your smart-phone or even a fancy decorative wreath, placemat with silverware sleeve, Christmas sock and many more! Make sure you take into consideration these next denim reinvented objects the next time you want to do something with your old pair of jeans.



1. DIY Denim Rag Quilt

Turn-Old-Jeans-Into-New-Masterpieces-1 more details here…

2. DIY Farm Girl Apron Tutorial from Recycled Jeans

Turn-Old-Jeans-Into-New-Masterpieces-2 more details here…

3. DIY Jeans Pillow

Turn-Old-Jeans-Into-New-Masterpieces-3 more details here…

4. DIY Funny Jeans Pillows

Turn-Old-Jeans-Into-New-Masterpieces-4 more details here…

5. DIY Jeans Christmas Stockings


more details here…


3 Responses to “20 Clever Ways To Turn Old Jeans Into New Masterpieces”

  1. Dennis Reynolds says:

    I like several of these ideas !

  2. keren humphrey says:

    where’s instructions for denim flip flops?

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