88 Years Old And She Still Lives Off The Grid Alone since 1960

Jeanie Lawson, KY ” I feel very blessed that a friend introduced me to a wonderful 88 yr old woman who has lived “off the grid” since 1960. She lives in an old log home her father built 83 years ago. There is not any electricity or running water. She has a cellar for her fridge. The front door was homemade and she re-did the chinking on the logs herself. Her bathroom is outside on the hill and family ran water from a spring to her tub which she proudly showed me. She cooks on a wood stove and served me sassafras tree she made from the mountains. (Very good) she gave me a bar of her lye soap she made and showed me how she makes dish soap from wood ash and water, also good for cleaning dogs. She washes clothes in an old tin tub. She made. Church in her barn and she goes there often to lie down. The pews were homemade. Her 60+ yr old brother died this week and she showed me pictures of him. The coroner came and pronounced him and family made the casket and washed and clothed him, no funeral home ow embalming. This is a woman who is happy and feels so blessed. She does not live off the system whatsoever and draws no food stamps or social security.”



In the first photo – Sitting on her front porch with her Bible. She was raised in this house from the age of 3. She is 88

Front of the old log home

Living room as it looks today in the old log home

Clock that she made that shows all the family (17 kids) in her family.

“Giving me a bar of her homemade lye soap.”

Where she makes soap for her kitchen and to clean the dogs with…made from wood ash and water.


27 Responses to “88 Years Old And She Still Lives Off The Grid Alone since 1960”

  1. T says:

    You might want to consider proof-reading your articles before publishing them.

  2. sheetal says:

    Reminds me of my Granny who used to do similar things she would’ve been in her 80’s would she have been still alive TODAY…I miss HER ….admire people’s courage to live in Simplicity!! God Bless Her

  3. Cindy says:

    “She does not live off the system whatsoever and draws no food stamps or social security.” What an ugly thing to say, as though those who draw social security – which is OUR money and NOT living off the system, thank you – or food stamps are freeloaders. How ugly. What if this woman should get ill and need medical care with no social security or other benefits offered by the government? Deos she not deserve them after living a long life bothering no one?

    It was wonderful to see a bit of her life, but how nasty of the writer to say that.

    • JImmy says:

      If she would get sick and needs medical care she would automatically get it duet her age. Also due to her age she should be able to get SS and possibly food stamps, but maybe she has never applied or desires to do so. The article written is trying to make a point. I think the point is, she is not freeloading off the system as MANY do and THINK they deserve it. If you’re overly sensitive I have to wonder what your story is. But in reality don’t really care. It was a good article about a woman trying to be self sufficient.

    • meg says:

      Get a life Cindy!

    • susan says:

      this was an informative article of an interesting woman. Your response makes no sense whatsoever, but it seems that it hit a nerve with you, that you have been offended by this article. I do not think the writer is ugly or nasty, but your comment is.

    • Lynn says:

      I agree. She couldn’t get any Social Security money anyway since she never paid into the system, so why bring it up?

    • Scott says:

      Utterly disagree with you.

      It is to this woman’s credit that she has committed her life to being independent, and not dependent on money involuntarily taken from people’s paychecks and given to her by a socialist state system.

    • Debby says:

      I was thinking the same thing, what a horrible thing to say. Sounds like the writer is a trumklan.

    • Mary says:

      This show how strong and self sufficient some people are while others are so soft and spoiled with the things money buys.

  4. Sally says:

    I think the writer was only making a statement and not trying to be ugly. Maybe this lady never paid into the system and has always lived off the grid. It’s an admirable lifestyle she’s leading. Get your panties out of a wad, jeez.

  5. Jan Vickers says:

    I’m assuming you do. That was not nasty it was an important fact.

  6. Molly says:

    This is awesome! I’d love to live off the land and be self sufficient! I love things of yesteryear, we could learn a lot from her. What peace she must have! Thanks for sharing! I was not at all insulted by the writer saying she didn’t collect social security or food stamps, she was just stating a fact.

  7. Erin says:

    WOW!!! What an amazing story about a woman who is so self sufficient and does not rely on the any kind of modern day technology. It very inspiring article. It’s unfortunate others have to post negative comments.

  8. Mark says:

    She probably never paid into anything or wanted to and I think she should be proud to say she has not lived off the system

  9. Srephanie says:

    Well hitler thought the same way about the needy the poor the disabled oh and thr jew.

  10. Heidi says:

    That’s what you got from this article? Really?
    Editing recommendations or offences to social system status?
    May she continue her blessed life free from any connections to govt control. Hope she also lost or gave up her last name which is only another form of same control. May any ignorant readers be guided to their bliss and know soon enough we will all be speaking text and emoji symbols soon enough. H

  11. Gordo Humphrey says:

    You say she didn’t “like on the system ” which btw is super judgemental, but where did her food come from. Did she raise her own meat, fruits, veggies and grains? None of this information is in this article. If she doesn’t grow all her own food without any assistance then she has to get hep from somewhere. And are you saying this 80+ year old gets no help from her family? That seems very unlikely. This seems more like a poorly written story than an article. I will be unsubscribe for.

  12. Nancy says:

    I have (in the past) had assistance from “the system”. However, I found no offense to your article or this extraordinary woman you wrote about. I choose to be inspired rather than offended. I will always strive to honor and acknowledge another’s achievements regardless of where I am in this journey of life. Thank you for this beautiful and inspirational article. People, please consider exercising love and not be so critical…

  13. Andrea says:

    I’m a black woman and I don’t think what Ms. Keefe said was ugly at all and I don’t think she was being ugly or nasty or disrespectful to anyone. I get what she is saying. She’s just stating that this woman has lived her life the way she has for all these years and survived and that she’s content. Eventhough she mentioned social security and the system. It’s plenty of people who live just like her. She just doesn’t need probably nor want any help from anyone. People read things the wrong way. That’s whats wrong with this world now. You can’t say anything without someone inturping it wrong. I agree 100% with what Susan said and with what Sheetal states. She understands exactly what Susan has said. I might have misspell some words also. But who cares because you know what she was saying so I’m not proof reading either.

  14. Sunny says:

    The author was just stating facts that she is living without government subsidies. The author did not make any statement of judgement. You can tell by the clock the lady made that she has a big family that likely help her out when she needs it. This is how it used to work before government programs. It looks like the lady living off grid doesn’t need to spend much money the way she has chosen to live. Be careful about placing your own value system onto others as it will likely frustrate you when it doesn’t match.

  15. Nick says:

    Awesome story! I love watching shows where people are living off the grid and being self sustainable. It’s nice to be reading about these amazing people. They are a dying breed now days. Ignore the whiny people above. Love the story!

  16. nancy oliveria says:

    thank you very much for writing such a lovely article about that woman this is not about us or how we live our lives I have been on food stamps and I am off food stamps I have asked for help and I have gotten help it’s not about me it’s about the wonderful way this woman live her life and her spiritual belief thanks again God bless you and God bless that lady

  17. Faith says:

    If she does not have electricity, how does the clock operate. Batteries? How does she purchase batteries with no income. Also, I do not see the relevance of her not getting social security. I know I have paid money for SS all my working life. I intend on getting every dime back!

  18. Leilani Mayhone says:

    How is that nasty? I think his point was that she is completely independent. She took care of herself. No where did I ever here Jim put down on anyone who did use assistance. He stated facts. She is completely off grid, she doesn’t use or need our corrupt government or political system.

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