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Lucky Horseshoe Craft Ideas: Here’s a fun picture frame!

In rustic decor designs one might have stumbled over some horseshoes more than once, they`re vibrant, powerful in meaning and easy to acquire thus highly popular. Horseshoes are present in interior design too thank to a tradition that goes way back:

Caterpillar Crate Planter – This is SO cute!

DIRECTIONS: #1Start off by spaying your wood crates lime green #2. Spray your small wood discs bright orange and pink #3. Paint your small clay pots white and add black centers #4. Once everything is dry you can begin assembling #5. Using a strong adhesive, glue wood discs randomly to the crates

Absolutely Beautiful 3 Shipping Containers Home

The house surrounded by lush vegetation  ”was designed to produce more energy than it consumes through the use of upcycled shipping containers as a steel frame, a sustainable bamboo facade, a rainwater collection system, solar cell-clad green roof and permeable paving.”

5 Forgotten Ways To Keep Food Cold Without Electricity

The best example is to take a look at the alternatives they found for a refrigerator, an appliance that is present in our everyday lives. Solutions for keeping food cold in case of no electricity. Here’s five ways to do that:

How to Make a Beautiful Arch for Climbing Vegetables

Make your garden beautiful today! When you don’t have much growing space it makes sense to train your vegetables upwards. In this short video we’ll show you how to make a very simple vegetable arch that’s perfect for creating a beautiful, edible focal point to your garden.

Container Shelter: Quick DIY Installation

The container shelters are specially designed to be mounted between two containers. These container shelters protect materials and vehicles against weather influences. The economical and durable storage solution can also be used as a workplace. The space is fully closable with the optional front and back walls. (more…)

Bike-camper with Oversize Tent Cot

Innovative and unique, the Midget Bushtrekka trailer from Kamp-Rite is perfect for the bicycle or camping enthusiast. The one-of-a-kind pivoting wheelset and alloy wheels make for a comfortable ride over most terrain; safety reflectors and safety tape offer nighttime visibility. And when you’re finished trekking for the day, open up the included Oversized Tent Cot for a great night’s rest!

The Amish Log Cabin Kit Can Be Yours from $16,350

Are you looking for a duplex living arrangement? Today is your lucky day, especially if you fancy the more traditional log cabin design. The Cumberland Log Cabin Kit can be yours from $16,350. The people from the Amish Cabin Company provide you with a comfortable home. The feeling of nature will be all around you with this cabin. (more…)

Bicycle Tire Dome

This is a nice use of bike rims. I took a bunch of bike wheels and zip-tied them together into a dome. How does it look? … leave a comment.


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