Road Trip Roof Top Tent

In your camping trips are you searching for both beauty and functionality? With the Road Trip Roof Top Tent you can check that off your list! The innovative piece of camping gear can be attached, as its name suggests, on the top of your car and easily folded-out. By doing so you actually ...

Glow-In-The-Dark Ropes Now Exist And It Is Ideal For Late Night Camping Trips

These glow-in-the-dark ropes will help avoid camping accidents in the pitch dark where one could trip on a rope used to keep tents up. If you like to go camping, you probably know how uncomfortable it is to try and walk to your tent in the dark and trip on the ropes used to keeping ...

‘World’s Largest Chest of Drawers’ Is the Perfect Entrance to America’s Largest Furniture Store

A furniture store with a huge piece of furniture as an entrance? Sounds almost too surreal, but it exists and can be found at the Furnitureland South in High Point, North Carolina. The entrance to the shop is a massive chest of drawers, an 85 feet tall piece welcoming the eager visitors.

Here’s How This DIY Couple Converted a School Bus Into a Gorgeous Home

Mike and Tawny are an adventurous couple who decided to take their life on the road and move into a converted school bus. The couple become close while working together at a local gym, and after getting married they felt that they need to move on and start a new life.


Old school camper vans are very rare, as they are a relatively new trend, and this Ford model is truly mind-blowing. The model T van camper dates to 1922, and this camper listed online was reconditioned to look just like in its good days. The full refurbishing includes new pistons, ...

Crochet Tic Tac Toe Game

This is the perfect crochet pattern to make for a road trip or family gathering. Celebrate family time with the original hashtag-a tic-tac-toe game! The game board is designed for easy storage and travel.

Man Builds Off-Grid House Truck to Travel the World

If you’re tired of living a life in a big and crowded city, then going off the grid and living on the road might be the way to go. You can get inspired by this cool home on wheels, a 1982 Bedford MJ ex-army lorry turned into a house.

Inflatable Car Mattress for Back Seat

Perfect for road trip, you can take a comfortable naps with it , can even save you a lot of money on hotels during your trip; it can also be used as a sleep over bed when you have friends staying with you. The car inflation bed is divided into three parts, which can be blew up separately, ...

Nomadic Roots Photo Book

Can you imagine building a house out of tires and beer bottles? The beautiful Earthship cabin you see in the pictures is exactly that kind of story. Located in the Santa Cruz Mountains, all it took to transform a dream into reality was under $10,000 and a whole lot of determination! ...
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