Attic Renovation Ideas: Amazing Results

Living in a house usually means having an attic with a lot of available storage space. Of course, you can also view your attic a dust-collector and a place that brings you more pain than pleasure. In case you are not using this space, it’s time to make something really cool with it. Just take ...

Tiny House Camper

Here’s an example of how to build a tiny house on wheels. This project was built using as much recycled material as possible. 

Quick Recipe: 3 Minute Microwave Meringues

Have you ever tried a meringue? They come in different combinations, the most common and wide-spread are lemon meringues, used as topping for deserts. But in fact, meringues are baked sweets that have a hard crust and are soft and fluffy on the inside. So if you want a light desert, meringues are the ...

DIY Project: Striped Paper Ornament

When holidays approach, people try and acquire the most interesting and eye-catching decorations. In order to impress a friend or a relative some put emphasis on the tree ornaments. Taking into account that this piece is central to the traditions and habbits of Christmas, they are on to something. That’s ...

Rose With Cheese And Almonds

Would you like to try a new recipe that look awesome and tastes great? If yes, rose bud bread rolls are the right choice. The recipe is simple, as it doesn’t differ a lot from the traditional bread recipe, but the look of it will resemble a rose bud. So elegant and classy! To make the rose bud ...

Innovative Glass Roof Tiles Heat Your Home With Solar Energy

High-efficiency is slowly becoming a prerequisite for homes, not a fab anymore. People choosing to resort to more eco-friendly alternatives have pushed innovation to a more accessible standard. Solar heating for example can be both efficient and stylish with these Glass Roof Tiles. Made by SolTech System, ...

Wire Spool Repurposed Into A Wine Table

Putting wooden pieces -that would otherwise go to the landfill- like pallets, to good use is not only a good deed to the environment but also one to other people. Transforming an ordinary piece into a work of art requires mainly creativity but also a careful eye to repurposing. The commitment invested ...

Pizza Monkey Bread

Do you need a creative and fun way to make a well-known dish? The pizza monkey bread could be just the thing to enhance your future dinners from this day onward. The total time needed on this is an hour and if you follow the recipe to the exact measurements, 6 persons could have a nice meal. So what’s ...

Giant Christmas Cupcake Recipe

Are you kind of bored about having the usual types of desserts over and over again? If you are searching for a creative new recipe to impress your friends as well as your taste buds, then you’re in luck! We present you the Giant Christmas Cupcake. It looks so awesome and -as a bonus- it has a Christmas ...
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