Unique Vegetable Platter with Veggie Christmas Tree

Do you want to have a unique vegetable platter for a holiday party or for Christmas Eve? Here we have another amazing culinary idea. After “Fruit Christmas Tree“, is time learn how to make a Veggie Christmas Tree. It is not difficult to do, because we show you all what you need ...

Goat Babies in Pajamas

We talked about baby goats wearing sweaters. We’ve seen dogs, cats, and even chickens in sweaters, but a Goat Babie in Pajamas ? I Never Would Have Thought!… So maybe we spoil our goat kids a little in the 8 weeks before they go to their new homes as pets and future milking ...

50+ OF THE BEST DIY Homemade Christmas Decorations

Christmas is approaching, so the stores will soon be full of thematic decorations. But in case you don’t want to spend a lot of money on new decorations every year, you can simply make your own at home. Don’t worry if you’re not a pro when it comes to DIY projects, this ...

Convertible Picnic Table and Bench

Convertible furniture is a great choice for those who want to save some space and have two-in-one pieces for the price of a single item. If you have an outdoor space and like to get together with your family for picnics, then this convertible picnic table and bench will be perfect ...

10 of the Coolest Custom VW Campervans Ever Built

Every adventurer dreams of having their own vehicle that can transport them in any corner of the world. But more specifically, quite a lot of them wish to have their own VW camper as it’s the symbol of freedom and comfortable traveling. In the following are features 10 of the ...

Freespirit Journey Basecamp Trailer

So, if you are here.. probably you have an adventurer spirit. Always imagined of having a trailer that is both lightweight and can accommodate a large family or group? The Freespirit Journey Trailer Basecamp can be the perfect choice. The versatility of this package allows you to ...

DIY No Sew Dress Shirt Pillow

Unique and individual handmade cushions which can be personalised to your preference. Grab that old dress shirt and re-purpose it! Now you can make this cute no sew shirt pillow with a few supplies. Great for Father’s Day, birthdays or any occasion. Learn more from the video ...

Horse Themed Gate Designs

They say the gate of your house is an introduction, something that you can first when you go visit someone. So here is an idea for some unique looking gates, horse themed gate designs. These gates come in many forms and designs, and they can be made out of wood, which requires high ...
VW_Camper _Van_Box_Cooler

VW Camper Van Cool Box Cooler

Do you love VW campers? Than this next piece is a must have for you. This is a tiny VW camper that is actually a cooler for both indoors and outdoors. The cooler is made out of stainless steel and has a retractable handle, so you can easily move it from one spot to the other.
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