Learn How To Become a Backyard Beekeeper

Have you ever thought about keeping bees in your backyard but didn’t know where to start? Then this next article is going to make the decision easy for you as it contains helpful info about keeping bees at home. Having your own honey is going to be awesome, as you’ll know ...

Brilliant Ways To Use Five Gallon Buckets

A five gallon bucket may seem like a simple and plain piece of plastic or metal. Truth be told, this item can be transformed in a lot of other creative stuff, useful stuff! Just take a look at what the DIY world has managed to come up with. From toilet stool to manual washing machine, ...

Homemade Air Conditioner DIY – The 5 Gallon Bucket Air Cooler

Here’s a five gallon cooling system made by DesertSun02. How to make a non-compressor based “5 gallon bucket” air conditioner. simple DIY. items needed: bucket, styrofoam liner, pvc pipe, small fan, and ice. (small solar panel is optional). one frozen gallon jug ...

DIY Projects Made from Matchsticks

Creating art is always subjective and most of the times simple. This is the case with DIY projects. As you can see from the beautiful pieces featured here. They are the work of artist Pei-San Ng and display words of inspiration or encouragement. But what exactly are they? Wall art ...

DIY AC Unit Cover

Today, I’m showing you how I built our DIY AC Unit Cover and show you how anyone can do it! SUPPLIES:

Chicken Coop Poop Hammock

Chicken coop poop hammock I NEED this! the floor under the roost is where it is the dirtiest. this would help with the cleaning process. What do you think?

DIY Backyard Makeover with Raised Garden Beds

If you’re in search of a makeover project for your garden, here is a great one and it comes with a helpful tutorial. You can transform your backyard by building some nice raised garden beds which will make your outdoor space look neater. Since no one was born an expert at landscaping ...

DIY Easy Craft: Cardboard and Burnt Matches

This DIY is easy, simple, and so affordable. Add a natural element to any space with this DIY burnt match wall art. You’ll need a cardboard, matches, and glue around the house… What do you think?

A Rope Bed

When you think to build a rope bed you have some questions…What size rope should I use?, How far apart should I place the holes?, How do I get the ropes tight enough so they don’t sag? .
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