Boat Builder’s Incredible 20ft Shipping Container Home

Container homes are pretty awesome, especially if they are decorated in a cool and creative way. This 20ft shipping container is the home of a boat builder and the way he transformed these containers into a home is really amazing. Thinking outside the box is Evans’ specialty ...

DIY Pallet Sofa with Storage

Are you looking for a creative DIY furniture project which will also improve the look of the space it is in? The pallet sectional sofa with storage offers you the comfort and inviting area for conversations and lounging with your friends. The modern design of the sofa gives a professional ...

Awesome Grill made out of Tractor Discs

Tractor Disc BBQ Made with Recycled Tractor disc..What a great idea! What do you think ?  Looking for a creative way to make barbecues? With recycled tractor discs you definitely will. The extent to which people go to save some money or some impact on the environment is inspiring. 

What To Do With Your Old Trampoline

Who thought old trampolines are useless when the bouncing fun is over, think again! The following projects show that even the simplest of trampoline frames can be cleverly repurposed into something that all of us can use. From a cute garden arrangement with a sprinkler in the center ...

DIY Horseshoe Craft Project Ideas


Handcrafted Horseshoe Boot Rack

Custom made 3 Pair Horseshoe Boot Rack. This will hold three pairs of boots. Each boot rack will vary in size because we make them with used horseshoes. Great gift idea too! All our products are uniquely and individually handcrafted from recycled (used) horseshoes. Many of the shoes ...

For the Cost of an Iphone, A Wind Turbine Can Power An Entire House

Creating energy self-sufficiency has been an objective for people ever since electric power has become a necessity. But for a long time, doing that meant impacting the ecological balance of the environment around. Arun and Anoop George from Kerala, India have managed to achieve that, ...

10 DIY Fence Decoration Ideas

Now that summer is here, you are going to spend a lot of time outside, in your garden. So if you want to make your outdoor space more special and pleasant, you need to find some cute DIY projects. You can start by decorating your fence, as it’s a part of the home that is usually ...

8 Creative Ideas on How to Recycle Old Cars

With every passing year, your new bought car is losing value. If you too have one or a few old cars whose technical parts you sold and got left with the body work, there is a variety of creative ideas you could use. The re-uses DIY projects provided here are for many tastes. Take ...
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