Cordwood Flooring by Sunny Pettis


Having a strong design in your home can be more than enough if you want to do some redecorating. An element that attracts attention and turns the whole look of your interior into something new and original can be hard to find. Luckily, we’ve found it for you and it is a beautiful rustic cordwood flooring, made by Sunny Pettis Lutz in her own home. She managed to create the flooring without the help of a designer and the outcome is simply gorgeous.The cordwood used for the flooring comes from dead trees, so the whole picking process was a legal one and didn’t involve illegal deforestation. She used 2 different types of Juniper wood and created an amazing decoration piece in her home that will surely stand the test of time and will inspire others to follow in her footsteps.








41 Responses to “Cordwood Flooring by Sunny Pettis”

  1. March says:

    Seems kind of difficult to clean.

  2. Ebele says:

    But how do you keep it clean?

  3. Beatrice Wilson says:

    I’m a little confused on how to keep that clean

    • JimV says:

      Keeping it clean would be very simple when the end product is a level and smooth polyurethane. A broom, a mop, a bucket, and mild soap and water.

  4. natebrown says:

    i seen it done with a router – plaining wood tops -table tops and it worked fine for me as i tried it

  5. Shannon says:

    I think it would be fine to keep clean. Everything is sanded flush and the cracks/spaces are filled with a grout/sawdust combo.

    • Giovanni Toscano says:

      One of a kind floor design and I agree with you. it should be fine with sawdust and grout combo.

  6. Cheryl says:

    Cleaning would be a mop and bucket. It’s sealed with poly.

  7. Bic says:

    Seems like you could have saved a lot of sawdust/grout mixture by using 3/8″ or 1/2″ cut cords instead.

  8. J says:

    Lovely. It would drive me crazy, though, since I would constantly be thinking “I should have put all the light pieces on the left side”, or “I should have lined up the smaller pieces”, etc. But for non-OCD people this should work pretty well. Very artistic.

  9. Laureen says:

    Something else to consider – let the wood season inside for a while (sorry can’t be more precise on the timing – it depends on how wet the wood, how dry the interior). Essentially to let the wood dry out and split before you install it. the wood should be below 19% moisture content minimum, and ideally around 10%. Otherwise, you could see rot or shrinkage after installation. Probably best to let it season after it’s been cut into 1″ sections (it will dry faster)

  10. Tammy says:

    This looks wonderful. I would definately love this gloor in my home. Great Job!

  11. Sunnyone says:

    How do you determine thickness for door clearance?

  12. J. Murphy says:

    Only have wood floors to put this floor over. Think it would work? What if one day a person decided to pkace carpet or tile over this? Any problems?

  13. Virginia says:

    I would love to do this through my house and bathrooms! Even my kitchen counter tops

  14. Charles says:

    Nice post, can we have a parquet flooring on top if we decide to later ? also how do you keep the wood fresh I mean any waxing or sealing or staining to give it a shiny look ?

  15. Mónica says:

    Necesito saber con qué se rellena y el material para hacerlo impermeable cual es. Gracias

  16. Zillur Rahman says:

    Fittings camical name & what’s time wood making

  17. Darwin concha says:

    Que tipo de poliuretano se aplica para que quede ese efecto

  18. Mike says:

    To install this I’d suggest to put down a quarter inch plywood and use a flooring glue. The glue will help stop it from splitting and it acts as a vapour barrier. You can put carpet over it no problem it just adds extra height which might make for awkward/uneven transisitions between rooms.

  19. Ax Kirsch says:

    Dear God people breathe !

  20. Joyce says:

    The article stated very clearly that only dead-fall, dead wood, was used, so I would think it’s likely the Lutz’s also knew enough to let the wood season properly.

    It’s an amazing and beautiful project–vastly more patience than I could muster 🙂 –and they’re to be congratulated on doing such a fine job. Looks as if, with the polyurethane coating it, it would clean much like any other floor.

  21. Gintaras says:

    Nuostabi idėja, įdomu kokiomis medžiagomis galima užpildyti tarpus?

  22. agricio lessa Ferreira says:

    Gostaria de ver em português

  23. Larry says:

    Looks fantastic. Glad to see new ideas that come from the heart of people who dream and do. BTW, ignor the rude numb sculls that never ever contribute or even do anything others have shown them to do. Self thinkers and pioneer’s always are the rare eagles that the pigeons squawk about. Mostly because their fears stop them before they even begin.

  24. Selina says:

    Wow so brilliant! Love your creativity and your genius in repurposing dead wood and making it come to life!

  25. Jane says:

    Beautiful. Love it. Want to try this. I think I’m going to try it in my kitchen. Love it is also another way to recycle. I wonder would you beable to do this on a counter top. Would you have to use a special finishor same as floor. Would Iit be safe for food.

  26. Susan says:

    Would love to know how it has held up over the years.

  27. Karma says:

    absolutely gorgeous done by talented artist in my opinion

  28. abhilashbharathan says:

    Which chemicals are used for fixing wood pieces to floors . Then how filling the gaps and top finish

  29. Maggiey says:

    What do you use to fill in the gaps between the wood pieces?

  30. Daisy Duke says:

    Can you post another picture of what it looks like today 3 years later?

  31. NAGY László says:

    Mivel van leragasztva?

  32. Jeanne says:

    After reading directions it is a very simple process that will be a very easy clean. I love it. I want to do our cottage floors like this. My question is this… after cutting the disks do they require a drying time or treatment with a wood stabilizer before using? I have a lot of fresh fallen oak and maple trees every summer do to over active beavers in our area.

  33. Kelli says:

    You guys can cease using the word retarded! My little boy has cerebral palsy and I have a lot of friends who have special needs kids who would find this very offensive.

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