DIY Butterflies Made From Plastic Bottles


Turning an ordinary piece of litter and turning it into a work of art is more than just interesting, it’s an inspiring craft. Repurposing plastic bottles is no longer a work of innovators, but a common practice in the DIY domain. Transforming a PET into a beautiful butterfly is absolutely stunning. The amazing fact is that with a bit of patience, you can achieve the same result. Materials needed:

  • a plastic bottle (no convex patterns);
  • a picture with a butterfly;
  • a plastic sheet;
  • a pair of nail scissors;
  • a permanent marker of average thickness;
  • 3 to 5 shades of nail polish;
  • some nail glitter;
  • sequins;
  • super-glue;

Take the 1.5 or 2 liter plastic bottle and cut off the smooth middle part of the neck and bottom. We get a kind of a sheet of clear plastic. Find a picture butterfly shape which you would like to implement. For an easy process, take patterned pictures with clear lines and no small parts; print one from the Internet or buy one in the shop. Put the picture under a plastic web and gently draw out the contours of the figure. To do this, use a thin black permanent marker. The plastic should remain still at all times, until your butterfly has all the lines and streaks on the wings drawn. Now you can cut the plastic part with the rest of the butterfly paintings, as it hinders and twists. Then proceed to the coloring.

Select varnishes (3-4-5 different) that harmonize in color to the scheme in which you want to see your butterfly. Gently color the space between veins on the wings, not forgetting the symmetry. Impose on 2-3 layers depending on the consistency of lacquer, giving each coat time to dry thoroughly. When the painting has dried, take a look through the butterfly, holding it to light. If some details need more work, take again the permanent marker and draw on the same lines (they are visible when placed under a sheet of white paper butterfly or a little lift plastic). If a thin marker does not close all the borders between the color line, you can take a thicker marker. The result should be a stylized butterfly, like in the images.

The final part is cutting the butterfly contour, while still capturing the entire thickness of the black line. Be careful to not smear where the marker lines are, when doing the cutting. If there are such places, they need to be carefully toned black. And finally, you can decorate. Super-glue 1 or 3 sequins along calf butterfly in any way you like. Marvel at your stunning creation!




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