DIY Farm Girl Apron Tutorial from Recycled Jeans

farm girl apron from recycled jeans

People commonly think if a pair of jeans is ripped beyond repair, you can’t do anything with it anymore. The DIY community has proven, again and again, that you can recycle and reuse a lot of usual stuff and make some interesting new things for you and/or your home. And without any further delay, we will show you a quick tutorial on how to make a cute apron from an old pair of jeans. The final result can be used in any BBQ event, the farm girl theme included in the style. Besides the pair of jeans, you will need about half of yard of cute fabric for the margins, matching thread, pair of scissors, an iron and a sewing machine (to be fast). Read all steps in the link below. When you’re done, the fun part can begin: getting it dirty making a tasty barbeque for your friends. Tell the secret of this cool DIY project with your friends during the next party you throw and remember to share with the rest of the handmade community if you have any creative ideas like this. DIY Farm Girl Apron Tutorial from Recycled

Men’s Shirt Apron

apron tutorial HERE…


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