DIY House Plant Cupcakes


Plants play a big part in our lives as they provide us the oxygen we need for living. Besides this, almost everyone has at least one plant in their home, and the well-being of it is a big concern for the owners. If you care for plants and nature and feel inspired by them, you will surely like this next cupcake decoration. Or if you don’t like having real plants around you, why not make cupcakes that look exactly like plants? With the right amount of cupcake icing and food coloring, you can make the nicest cupcake that will mimic the aspect of a plant. Luckily you can choose between lots of options, as there are lots of beautiful plants that can inspire you. Add the colored frosting to a pastry bag and let your imagination run wild. You can also add some colorful touches by creating small flowers, such as the ones from a cactus. Arrange the cupcakes on a nice plate and create a cute cupcake garden in your home.




House Plant Cupcakes – Alana Jonesmann

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