DIY River Stone Doormat


A doormat is not just a decorative thing, but a useful object that will help you keep your home clean in those nasty rainy days. But if you have the desire and possibility of making a DIY doormat, why not create a unique one with some river stone rocks? This will help you wipe your feet before entering the clean home, but also bring a good impression on the décor. All you need for this idea to become reality are some river stone rocks, glue and flexible shelf liner. In a matter of hours you will be able to turn an ordinary item into a special one. Also, you won’t have to spend a lot on this, because the DIY materials required for this are not that expensive. Remember to wear gloves at all times to prevent your skin from getting damaged. Learn how you can achieve that from the following tutorial.



  • Billy Jones on said:

    Always the same thing from this website: “Learn how you can achieve that from the following tutorial.” And then there is NO following tutorial–just a bunch of arrows that take you to advertisements for completely different products OR to amazon to buy the items they’ve listed in their one paragraph “How To” teaser. Never again.

  • Jacki Clancy on said:

    I am all for re-purposing – can’t we use river rock from our yard? Spray paint em instead of added cost of buying them? Looks like this is cost prohibitive for me.

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