DIY Solar Water Heater!


Don’t worry if the cold weather is here. There is no need for electricity to warm up water when you have this device ready to go. The DIY Solar Water Heater is a project you can easily do yourself. The homemade `flat panel` copper coil solar water heater can reach temperatures well over 150 degrees Fahrenheit (65 °C). As far as materials go, you will need a 50-foot roll of tubing (which is much cheaper than smaller rolls connected to each other), standard window glass, and flat black paint. You can even store it in the closet when you’re not using it, because the slick design allows for this easily. Watch the entire video provided to learn how to make your own DIY solar water heater right away.


You’ll need: Copper Tubing 50 FT (here)



9 Responses to “DIY Solar Water Heater!”

  1. DEBBIE says:

    Ok I got the glass gone in but how does the glass stay in place,is it glued or is the frame that tight?

  2. Winston says:

    Well, not knowing your expertise with woodworking, suggest maybe putting something small along the sides, such as ‘screen stay’, you nail in place or you can use silicone to lay a bead down over that glass, along that indented edge..Hope you understand where I’m coming from. Good luck.

  3. tom says:

    OK – what do you get? maybe a quart at a time? how long between HEATED tubes full of water?

  4. tom says:

    how effective at say 20 deg or below zero temps with full sun?

  5. Diana Linaker says:

    will this work in really cold climate? like the UK or Canada?

  6. Eric Howard says:

    these looks great how would it work in the winter in North Idaho when it gets below freezing

  7. Barbara Tello says:

    How can I adapt it to a water heater so it receives this hot water, instead of cold water, so I can save gas?

  8. bill rega says:

    how can I use this in my barn without the piping freezing?

  9. Barry says:

    The only water that’s hot is the water in the coil for a while, which is very little. Don’t expect any water flowing through it to even be warm. Waste of time and money.

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