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How to make a Rubber Tire Flower Pot



  • Becky Shaffer on said:

    This is beautiful. I really like the cup planters. What tool do you use to remove the outter rim and what paint was used? Really would like to try this.

    • Donna and everyone else requesting directions. I am sorry…I didn’t see your requests here. I am also wanting directions and what the handles are made of to the teacups as well. I am not that artistic as to how to attach, what to use, etc….they really do need to supply directions on these magical creations and not just pictures for those of us that are not mechanically oriented. Hopefully one of us will get an answer…well all of us as we have different emails and they are not shown.

      • brdget on said:

        there are DIY’s on pinterest everyone..basically you use a saw (like a sawsall..reciprocating saw..cut the sidewall close to the tred..for the handles on the cup/ can use pool noodled and drill holes to connect the pool noodle to the tire..fold pool noodle under to hide the bolt you use..a decent paint for ‘rubber/plastic and a easy design/motiff and done..not recommended to grow food plants in these but flowers do awesome and in drought areas the sidewalls do retain some sure to drill drain holes so we don’t give ‘skeeters’ a nesting area..:P

  • Dottie on said:

    These are great ideas. My roommate does tire work for semi-trucks, he says he can get me all the tires i want. so if you could send me directions or tell me where to find them that would be awesome.

    • It looks like the cup handles are made from the piece cut off the tire to make the cup open at the top. The base looks like it’s the side cut off a tractor tire. The cup with the curled up base seems to be a piece of tire as well. It’s just turned differently than the others. Most were inside of tire facing down while this is inside facing up. 🙂 good luck everyone!

  • Cathy on said:

    Use your favorite search engine “How to make planters from tires” and you will find directions for making these.

  • I have looked all over this site for the directions on making the teacup tire display for plants or whatever one wants to use it for. Would you please tell us how to make the handle on the cup? I love these but don’t see any directions as to what to use for the handle or how to attach it. Remember not all of us are as handy as some others are and I just love these ideas…so cool and we can make them all our own by making what we like out of the tires or following your suggestions which are just awesome!!! Please reply….Thank you.

  • Steel belted radials do not work well for furniture. Most of the furniture that is depicted here is made in Asia. Not so much steel in them.
    Steel is sharp and snags things when it is cut.

  • L.r. Smith on said:

    Why is this blocked on pinterest??
    I’d love to know.. I think these pictures and ideas are awesome!!
    Someone make a new pin or something and let me know when it’s fixed!!! 🙂 <3

  • Brenda Johnson on said:

    We made the tea cup this morning. Used rustoleum spray paint with primer in it. The larger tire that you cut the top off of makes the saucer and we used a small dirt bike tire for the handle. It’s absolutely adorable!

  • leanne Coleman on said:

    I need instructions on how to assemble and secure the frog structure with the two smaller tires on top please. I hv looked everywhere

  • Michelle on said:

    I am surprised that no shoe soles made of this.Of course in the day when bias ply tires way more readily available but still..Best desert sandal ever.

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