How To Make A Teddy Bear From Old Jeans


All those animal toys from the store seem to be complex, with entire factories behind the manufacturing process. Truth is you could achieve the same (or even a better) result with some guidance from the DIY community. Making a teddy bear from old jeans will not take much of your spare time and won’t cost you a lot, because you can recycle some fabric or denim you have just lying around your home.Kids will definitely love the result and you will become a real hero when the discovery of who’s really behind the manufacturing process will be made. Opting for a DIY solution like this one will also give you the freedom to decorate the toy in every way you like, adding buttons, ribbons or any other embellishment to the teddy bear. Follow the sewing instructions, do the proper stuffing and the toy will look like it came off the store shelves!








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