New Grain Bin Homes are weather, termite, and fire proof.

Sukup Safe-T Homes are weather, termite, and fire proof. And cheap.

After the January 2010 earthquake devastated Haiti, Sukup company saw an opportunity to help. They designed the Safe T Home, measuring 18-feet in diameter and made entirely of metal, making it resistant to termites and moisture. They are also virtually earthquake proof. Each home can sleep 10 or more and features a double-roofed system that displaces heat, a full-size, lockable steel door, two windows that can be locked from within and a water collection system. The Safe T Home is built to withstand strong winds.




© Sukup

© Sukup

© Sukup


7 Responses to “New Grain Bin Homes are weather, termite, and fire proof.”

  1. Cherri says:

    What is the price of these units? Would there be any discount if mltiple units were purchased? Could they be sent to Haiti?
    Thank you!

  2. Elzie says:

    Could tge same design be used with fiberglass or other non-metal material to reduce heat gain?

  3. Rachel Neville says:

    Did any of these home get donated to Haiti?

  4. John Caglayan says:

    Interesting in pricing and delivery fees ??

  5. ken lockhart says:

    what’s the pricing? seems almost no vids or advertising ever include these details , that are more important than all the rest of the details

  6. Kim Wade says:

    I would like to get pricing on these and cost to deliver to Seligman, AZ? Any discounts for purchasing more than one? Thank you!

  7. Becky says:

    Am really interested in one of these homes

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