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Hidden Household Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide


Threading your eyebrows might seem like an odd practice, but it isn’t in fact. There are professionals around the world who have mastered this art perfectly and made a carrier out of this technique. But with a few useful tips and tricks, you too can be a pro in eyebrow threading without having to spend a lot of money at a fancy salon. So what you’ll need to know about this method is that it’s a very old one and you only need a piece of thread with which you’ll remove (more…)

Great News: You Can Now Easily Install SolarPod Panels In Only Two Hours!


A new type of SolarPod panels has been developed and recently received UL certification and a Class A fire rating. The SolarPodTM  is the first in succeeding to harness the power of the sun and offer a product through solar panels for US retail and commercial markets, while providing no roof penetration and being adjustable to almost any roof type, such as: shingle, wood shake, metal, tile and corrugated metal. Since it doesn’t involve roof penetration the SolarPod (more…)

The Pointe: Mesmerizing Landscape and an Unforgettable Rustic Mountain Cabin


After some well-deserved time off during the holiday season we have to mentally prepare for getting back to work. But there are some of you who still find it hard to get into that mood, and seeing a mesmerizing vacation home among the breathtaking peaks and wild landscape of Big Sky, Montana can be a reminder of what you are missing during those long working hours. Known as The Pointe and designed by LOHSS Construction, this represents a harmonious combination between a classic mountain cabin and an impressive landscape with full access to some of the most amazing sky slopes in the world. LOHSS succeeded in transforming this mountain homes into magical ones by (more…)

Pineapple Upside-Down Pancakes Recipe


Everybody loves pancakes and the best part about them is that there are so many variations of this tasty dessert. You can make sweet, salty and even healthy fruity pancakes. So if you want a light, but still saturating dessert, you should prepare pineapple upside down pancakes. This recipe is great for breakfast, dinner and even as a snack to pack for a lunch-break and the pineapple will add a nice fruity flavor to it. The following link contains a video from the Bungalow Chef, who will teach you how to prepare (more…)

Easy To Build Underground Greenhouse


The underground greenhouse (or pit greenhouse) is mostly buried into the ground because the soil helps keep the temperature constant, somewhere around 16 degrees, when placed at one-meter-deep, even if outside the thermometer shows a temperature below freezing-point. (more…)

11 Beautiful Projects With A Few Pennies


Everyone has a small pocket in their wallet for the tiny coins we receive as a change when shopping. Sometimes you may even refuse to take them, right? But what if you could use all that metal for some cool DIY projects? You could build a cage for birds or make a stunning vase. Or just simply glue the coins to an old object and give it a new look. For instance, do you want to change the look of a picture frame? These coins are the best craft supply for that project. (more…)

DIY Chicken Sweaters


Winter isn’t hard only on people. Animals and birds suffer as well from the cold weather, some just migrate to other countries in order to find the climate comfort they need. When this isn’t possible, as responsible human beings there is something you could do: make clothes! The DIY sweaters for chickens are a great and useful idea you can implement right away. Especially because it has begun snowing in some parts of the world! The technique is very similar to making clothes for (more…)

Beauer 3x French Expanding Trailer


Is travelling or living in a teardrop trailer a thing you aspire to? If you’re searching for a modern design and a futuristic approach than the regular teardrop, the Bauer 3X is the answer! With a telescopic design which literally triples usable space when camping, this custom trailer is one vehicle you will adore. Looking and measuring almost like a classic model of teardrop, the 3X will definitely turn heads on the road due to its futuristic yet tin can aspect. All that changes at the push of a button! The electrically powered system expands and separates the three nesting body modules, growing the interior floor space from 43 to 129 sq. ft.; (more…)

DIY Car Upholstery Cleaner


Are you a fan of making your own cleaning products? This is a great hobby as you can save a lot of money by preparing these products at home and also add as many natural ingredients as you can. You can add this idea to your collection, as it is a very simple and efficient homemade car upholstery cleaner. So gather the following ingredients: grated soap, Borax, lavender essential oil and boiling water. The mix all these ingredients and add them to a plastic bowl, and just use a brush whenever you need to (more…)

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