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DIY: Beautiful Square Pillow Gift Box Tutorial


A personalized gift for a dear one should also be wrapped properly. So in order to make the packaging truly personal, you should make yourself. This will make the whole gift-giving idea more fun and special and you will also be saving some extra dollars, by wrapping the present yourself. This next tutorial, will teach you how to make a small square-shaped gift box in which you can store a little surprise. You will only need: an old CD, triangle, (more…)

6 Easy Satin Bow Tutorials


Christmas is the time of the year when everyone is in search for the perfect gift to surprise a person dear to them. But once you found the right present, another search starts: the one for the right wrapping or packaging idea. If you are a fan of wrapping your own gifts, you will find these next ideas highly useful. The following tips will help you create a stylish ribbon for your gift and make them even more glamorous. Who knew a ribbon can (more…)

Unique Wooden Tables by Michael Beitz


Michael Beitz is a very talented designer, who works with wood in order to create intricate sculptures. His pieces are also functional, as these next two sculptured tables, one which is called Tree Picnic and the other one Not Now. The first one is an amazing 50-foot-long picnic table which resembles a tree and its branching, as this was also the inspiration for this piece. Not Now is an 18-foot-long piece of wood that creates a loop and its a rethinking of a classical table from the perspective of anti-social design. (more…)

Fabulous Passive Home in Freezing Wisconsin Uses Less Energy Than a Hair Dryer to Stay Warm!


Wisconsin welcomes another impressively beautiful passive home. This type of house is not new to the world and the United States. But with its 970 square feet and the fact it consumes less energy than a hair dryer, it definitely stands out! Proud owner Sonya Newenhouse says she hardly felt the harsh winter. With an average of 68 – 86 degrees Fahrenheit inside during the freezing Wisconsin months, we would totally agree! And remember: (more…)

DIY Snow Globe Cupcakes with Gelatin Bubbles


This time of the year is well-known for the tremendous opportunity it gives to food lovers to experiment and come up with new and exciting dishes and foods. The tutorial featured here involves preparing a beautiful treat that look very similar to real-life snow globes. They are actually cupcakes, carefully arranged and ornate to offer this delightful visual impact. In the tutorial, both photo and video, you will find out how to make the globe part out of gelatin. (more…)

Amazing Dollar Store Decor Idea


Decorating your room in a modern way can be expensive, but not if you’re a fan of DIY projects. Just go to a store full of decoration items, choose your favorite ones and then search the Internet for similar DIY projects. You can be sure, that something great will pop out. This next idea is right from the cheap, but stylish category as you can purchase the supplies from the dollar store. The decor resembles an expensive paneled mirror from the Pottery Barn, (more…)

Tiny Hall House


This elegantly decorated tiny house is truly amazing. It is called the Tiny Hall House and can be found in Massachusetts. The house was built in order to accommodate 3 people and has a size of 160 square feet. Since it is a tiny house, it follows a classic model by being having been constructed on wheels which allow the owners to move easily. The interior is characterized by soft lines and warm colors, creating a welcoming living area. The main space was split into 2 parts, separating the living room from the upstairs bedroom. The kitchen and bathroom are cleverly incorporated into the main space, but the bathroom is separated in a small and intimate corner. (more…)

This Cool Sideboard Was Inspired by a Boxing Ring


Furniture design is reached its peak in the 21st century, but this does not mean that there isn’t room for more creative ideas. If you want to buy a cool designer piece for your home, this simple but still amazing sideboard would be an idea to consider. The sideboard was designed by the Chilean Emmanuel Gonzalez Guzman and it plays with the idea of intimacy and usefulness. This piece, inspired by boxing rings and the ropes on their side will be a nice addition to a minimalist-style room. (more…)

Solar-powered floating farms that can produce 20 tons of vegetables every day


This next design is an innovative and new approach to traditional farming. It is an amazing solar powered floating island which is covered with several farms and was created by Forward Thinking Architecture. The floating islands work in a very energy efficient way, harvesting sunlight and rainwater, this way creating a sustainable environment. These floating farms can produce even 20 tons of vegetables daily. The great advantage of this invention is that such farms can be built all around the world, even in places that are hardly accessible or not suitable for farming. This will encourage locals to grow their own food and reduce the amount of imported goods, (more…)

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