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How to Build a Log Cabin

Building your own log cabin is not an easy task, especially if you’re new to these kind of projects. So a thorough research is more than welcome before starting your log cabin project and luckily, there is plenty of useful information in the online space. You can stumble upon lots of success stories as well as epic fails, but both will prove to be helpful for your future plans. Before starting to work on your own log cabin, you should set your priorities straight: you want an eco-friendly home (more…)

Star Wars Porch Light Covers

Stars Wars fan, what do you think about this Idea? Great for use as a hanging wall decoration.. These Star Wars Porch Light Covers make even the Dark Side of any given porch light up with Star Wars joy. Choose Darth Vader or Stormtrooper. Attach it to your porch light, or pair it with the (more…)

Dump Truck Lamp

How about this Dump Truck Lamp? Take a look at these dump truck lamp ideas. Here you see magnificent examples, created by professional designers. You can make an adorable DIY construction dump truck lamp that will look great in any room, find the truck HERE, or you can buy one. (more…)

Tiny Adventure Home: A couple wants to bring their passion for adventure with them wherever they travel

Tiny homes can be a cozy and budget-friendly alternative for those who like a bit of adventure in their life and are willing to give up on the idea of having a large house or apartment. But tiny homes can also be very chic, if you have a keen eye for design or a good imagination. Just take the example of this couple who own the Tiny Adventure Home by Tiny Heirloom a 28 feet long house and has an awesome climbing wall on its exterior. (more…)

Build a hobbit house in your backyard

Have you ever fantasized about the world of hobbits? With the tiny retreat showcased here, you can take a step further and actually live your fantasy! The DIY hobbit house in your backyard can be turned into a perfect reading nook or perhaps a tiny home theater. It really depends on your needs and -why not- imagination. A strong internal wood frame was uses, as well as iron and (more…)

Chickens the Pet that Poops Breakfast

Haha… how about THIS? A perfect gift for a friend who has a good sense of humor. This is a hand painted sign on a piece on pine wood attached pallet style. The wood is Red distressed style. White paint is used for the lettering and design. The back is left unfinished and it comes ready to hang with an attached saw tooth hanger. (more…)

Star Wars Cookies

Star Wars will always be one of the most popular movies ever and there is an entire industry dedicated to thematic items and collectibles when it comes to it. So if you’re a huge Star Wars fan you will be delighted to learn that there are several kitchen items created for the fans of the movie. (more…)

EcoDry Porcelain Urine-Diverting Toilet

EcoDry and EcoFlush Urine-Diverting Toilets. Attractive urine-diversion for do-it-yourself or under-floor composting toilet systems. The EcoDry Porcelain Urine-Diverting Toilet provides an attractive urine-diverting option for making your own composting toilet system (with an aerated barrel or other container) or to reduce the load on a below-floor composting toilet.  (more…)

Sea Turtle Blanket Pattern

With this easy crochet pattern, you can make an adorable sea turtle blanket. The pattern easy to make as a personalized baby blanket because it can be adjusted to make it any size and with as many or as few sea turtles as your heart desires. It is the perfect blanket for the ocean and nature lover in your life. It also makes a great addition to a nursery. Give as a gift or keep for yourself, this precious blanket. (more…)

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