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A Modern Backyard Playhouse

This modern playhouse is cool. Glass windows, two levels, and a slide make this space the ultimate luxury hideout.

Landscaping around a tree

Landscaping around tree trunks is something that you can make with low-budget. You don’t have to be a horticulturist or a landscape designer, looks great and is very easy to make. My front yard is looking much better now. What do you think?


Handcrafted Coin Rings

If you want a special handmade (engagement) you are in the right place. The Ring Tree is a bussiness developed by Nicholas who create coin rings without ruining the coin’s details. Take a look below to see how we make our rings:   (more…)

Outdoor Fire Pit Grill Grate

This is an ideal portable grill for cooking over a fire pit. The position locking levers work easily for height and swing adjustment. All the food I cooked on it was great. It is more fun using a campfire grill than a gas or charcoal grill. Great grill great price! Find it here… (more…)

DIY Fairy House Planter

Here’s how to make a sweetly whimsical DIY fairy house planter from a terra cotta pot & other inexpensive items. It’s really easy, so why not give it a try? To make this DIY project you’ll need a list of supplies: (more…)

Build a Backyard Pond and Waterfall

We know that a backyard pond with running water, floating plants and darting fish can make a bland space breathtaking. Keeping it attractive and trouble free takes work, but with a little extra care at the planning and building stages, you can create a pond that’s almost maintenance-free. If you want to have a cascade onto the rocks I recomand this Pond Waterfall Box (have good reviews). (more…)

Dog Paper Towel Holder

Beautiful and functional, this Dog Paper Towel Holder is whimsical and fun. This countertop paper towel holder will keep your paper towels handy with a sweet puppy sitting on your counter. Slightly distressed and a delightful expression, this decorative paper towel rack will be a fun addition on your countertop.  Also, you can find below a sheep or a pig paper towel holder. (more…)

Raw Pumpkin Seeds as a Dewormer for Chickens

Did you know that raw pumpkin seeds are a natural de-wormer for chickens? I had never heard this, but always looking for a good holistic remedy, I looked into this a bit and seems a lot of people put stock in this tasty treatment. According to Elaine from Sunny Simple Life, (more…)

Kid’s Ready Beds

The All-in-one Sleepover Solution for little ones. The original all-in-one sleeping bag and bed, ReadyBed’s got quick comfort covered.  These are great! Find a huge range of ready beds perfect for adventure of any kind. More details below… (more…)

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