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Let’s go camping! A tour of teardrop trailers

The global DIY community is really impressive sometimes and they have created a lot of things which the world will benefit creatively from. Among those creations, the teardrop trailers stand proud! The original design was signed by Louis Rogers. Located in Pasadena, California, this handmade trailer house, intended only for the honeymoon became (more…)

Lifelong Best Friends Built These Tiny Houses So They Could Live Right Next to Each Other

When you’re young, you usually want to spend all the time with your friends. As people grow up, this idea slowly fades away. For the people featured in this next story, it’s not the case. They have built their tiny houses next to each other so they can live in a friendly neighborhood (literally) and have fun together. (more…)

Fun way to identify your Chickens, Duck, Geese, and other poultry!

Fun way to identify your Chickens, Ducks, Geese, and other poultry! Charm Leg Bands are enjoyable to see on your feathered friends. Each Charm in the set is as unique as your bird. What do you think? These are available in the link below… (more…)

15 PVC Projects for Your Homestead

PVC pipes aren’t just useful for plumbing, they are a good material for a lot of DIY projects. Besides the fact they are quite cheap, these particular type of pipes are easy to work with, light to move around and durable! So without any further a due, we like to present you a number of projects that will require PVC (more…)

Dutch Family Living in Experimental Urban Greenhouse Home

Living in a greenhouse can sound strange. At first! But when you see what this Dutch family achieved you will be convinced that living sustainably is an achievable reality. What started like an experiment is now an actual home. The design is made by students from Rotterdam University and has a total surface of 1,291 square feet. Comprised (more…)

How to build unheated greenhouses for winter harvests & year-round gardening (Video)

Having a self-sufficient food supply during winter can be difficult, especially if you are living in a climate that isn’t friendly to that. Luckily, people are ingenious and found ways of dealing with this issue. That is why the DIY community can offer you a great piece of information about unheated greenhouses and gardening the entire year. (more…)

10 Steps to Building Your Own Raised Garden Beds

If you’re a beginner and still wondering what type of gardening to get into, then raised bed gardening is something you should consider. This form of gardening offers an array of benefits. Here are the top advantages you can enjoy according to…


Adorable Paper Roll Christmas Crafts

There are many easy, inexpensive and creative Christmas crafts that you kids can make. These simple cute toilet paper roll crafts are perfect examples. What do you think about that? (more…)

How to Make a Beverage Dispenser

You’ve probably seen in bars table with beverages dispensers. They look pretty cool and give a unique feeling to those bars. How would you like to make your own beverages dispenser at home for your in-house bar? It is not that hard to make and you can present it to your friends at the next party. To make this cool dispenser, you are going to need: 2 wooden planks for the base, pipes, brass straight tee and brass reducer, steel flange, brass connectors, threaded pipes, (more…)

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