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Bird Feeder with 2-way Mirror

Designed to sit inside the house, this feeder is easy to install and offers an extra-large viewing area. Simply place the feeder on the windowsill and slide out our unique, dove-tailed wood side panels to fit the window. What do you think ? Learn more about this bird feeder in the link below… (more…)

Learn to Crochet This Adorable Puppy Dog

This cute dog crochet pattern is the perfect amigurumi project for dog lovers. Domino The Dog is crocheted in continuous spirals without joining the rounds. We suggest using a stitch marker or different color yarn to keep track of each round. Domino The Dog is approximately 7-inches tall. Be aware that size may vary depending on the yarn and hook size used. (more…)

Smartflower Solar Panel

Clean solar power, whenever you need it – until now it has just been a pipe dream. Now you are closer than ever to realising that dream, because smartflower POP+ can not only turn the sun’s energy into electricity very efficiently; it can store it in sufficient quantities too. (more…)

Campfire Pole Cooker

This heavy duty, all steel, campfire cooker is easy to use and simple to set up. The grill and arms rotate 360 degrees and move up and down at any position with ease. It consists of 6 pieces which includes the cook pole, two adjustable Dutch oven or pot holders, BBQ grilling grate, and the ground stake with spud, which secures the cook pole into the ground. The solid steel construction of this cooking unit will last a lifetime.   (more…)

DIY Puzzle Table

Having a nice interior design is also the merit of furniture. The impact of a few pieces can worth more than the value of the objects themselves. It’s the case of this creative puzzle coffee table. The DIY project was completed using treated eucalyptus plaque, and straight and curved saw. The entire table is as interesting to make as it is to have it in the living room. A main reason for that is that there are 6 or 9 puzzle pieces (more…)

This Little House Looks Like a Mushroom

Wishing to grow up in Wonderland does come with its benefits: when you do grow up you can actually make the Wonderland to live in. This little house is an example of that. Hidden in the hills of British Columbia, the mushroom-looking home has lots of surprise in store. The interior design has a minimalistic approach but also features lots of design elements which (more…)

The Wooden Playground Collection

Searching for a way to offer your kid and their friends more opportunities to have fun while you keep an eye on the activities? The bulldozer playground for your back yard can be the solution, especially if it looks as awesome as the one in the picture. Take into account that you will need a medium to big size yard for a structure like this. The bulldozer and the other accessories are handcrafted from (more…)

Best Pregnancy Pillows – Most comfortable pregnancy body pillows

Sleeping when you’re pregnant can be pretty tough. But do not lose your patience and your nights, because there’s a solution available for you out there. It is called a pregnancy pillow and it will definitely provide the comfort you need for napping or sleeping while you are pregnant. There are a lot of designs you can choose from but ultimately they all do their job just as good. (more…)

Flop armchair is a transformer that turns into a bed

How about saving some space in your home for your sleeping arrangements? The solution featured here is also good if you just want to have an extra bed for when someone comes to visit. Named Flop, and upholstered in 100% wool, the comfy armchair can actually become a bed with a few easy moves! Elena Sidorova, a designer from Russia, (more…)

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