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How to make a DIY man-eating monster plant for Halloween

Man-eating monster plants sound quite scary, right? But not if they are fake ones and installed in your garden right after Halloween. Since you are most probably going to decorate your home for Halloween’s Eve, (more…)

Amazing Wood Furniture for every Part of Your Home

If your house also respects wood, then you will definitely love the following pieces of art that double as furniture. The artist who created of all this is named Piotr Wojtanowski. He designed bookshelves, tables, beds and even entire terraces out of wood and gave them this particular magic. Look at the amazing looking (more…)

Wood Porch Swing With Cup Holders

Are you searching for an easy way to relax at home, in your backyard? What other device to help you achieve this than the ordinary swing? Well, how about a swing with cup holders? Adults need them to relax after a day of work and kids love to play (more…)

Chicken Jungle Gym

It may sound like a crazy thing but if you think about it, chickens like every other animal needs exercising to keep their health at an acceptable level. Lack of physical activity will influence, in a bad way, the way the chickens will develop. Most of the times, less space will lead to little exercise. That is why, regardless of the (more…)

Dream Tiny House With Greenhouse

Here’s an attractive modern home built by Olive Nest Tiny Homes, nicknamed The Elsa, in some ways the tiny house that’s unlike any other tiny house you’ve ever seen. When at it’s destination, the tiny house has a separate trailer that connects with it and has a greenhouse mounted to it. (more…)

Beautiful Custom-made Mailbox

This handmade item can be a great Christmas or Weeding Gift. Custom-made mailbox with wood roof. Handcrafted and stained in brown stain which protects the wood from the elements. A rubbed brass handle in the front for opening the mailbox. (more…)

Medusae Pendant Lamps

Californian designer Roxy Russell expects her Medusae collection of lamps to literally illuminate the problem of plastic pollution in oceans and seas. “I wanted to bring to the surface, and illuminate the growing problem of plastic polluting our oceans in a way that makes people inspired to help. (more…)

Doug Lawrence Woodworking

Doug is a native of Berryville, VA, where he grew up on a small farm surrounded by the natural world. After studying environmental sciences and architectural design at the University of Virginia, he moved to Paraguay in 2012 to serve with the Peace Corps. It was during his volunteer service that Doug began woodworking as a serious hobby, (more…)

The Night Oak Tree Door

What other place showcase your personality to any guest than the front door? The custom carved wood doors can be the answer you’ve been waiting for and wanting ever since you decided to keep wood as (more…)

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