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Asian Apartment by WCH Interior

Asian Apartment-1

Created by WCH Interior, this is beautiful home design, that demonstrates ways in which to make a neutral, understated palette convey a sophisticated and sleek image, with the original intent being to “reduce excessive decoration materials, and decorated in soft to render the user’s lifestyle” and the basic tones restricted to three colors of white, black, and natural. (more…)

Refined and Very Attractive Log Home


Wooden houses are known to be particularly attractive. Construction of wooden houses (timber, log) has a long history. Lovely wooden creations of ancient architects, preserved to this day, still can not stop admiring their splendor, majesty and durability. Today the tradition of wood construction reborn. Infinitely improved, architecture wooden cabin, returns to our everyday lives. (more…)

The 420 square-foot backyard cottage


I found a successful project of a beautiful cottage that was built by New Avenue Inc. This small structure it’s a backyard cottage that measures 420 square feet. Even though it’s small, it’s been very cleverly designed with a layout that allows it to house a living room, a kitchen, a dining area, a bathroom and a loft. (more…)

Artistic Use of Gardening Techniques: Bonsai Miniature Tree


Bonsai represents the artistic use of gardening techniques to develop a tree into a miniaturized version of its counterpart in nature. Bonsai is not a specific type of tree; rather many types of trees go through the gardening process of bonsai. I chose to show you an exemple of this miniature tree from Eve’s Bonsai Tree Starter Kit that includes (more…)

The Perfect Destination for Recharging Your Batteries: Song Saa Private Island


“If you want something intimate, harmonious and elegant, this is the place for you.”  Located in the exotic Cambodia, in the unspoilt Koh Rong Archipelago, the exciting and surreal  resort is the perfect destination for recharging your batteries. Due to the wonderful site, you can enjoy marvelous sunsets, (more…)

Innovative Bedroom Furnitures Created for Seamless Integration in the most Demanding Environments


These kids bedroom furnitures are produced by F. FRANCO E HIJOS SL, a 100% spanish family company currently run by the second generation of the Franco family. Founded in 1976, specialized in the manufacturing and marketing of furniture home design. These bedroom furnitures are part of the Krystal collection, a huge collections (more…)

Valentine’s Day DIY Idea: Make a Wall of Paper Hearts


I think we can all agree that a lot of us like 3D paper things, and multiples of things, and Valentine’s Day. These paper hearts are really easy and fun to make. You can stick them on your  wall or door or glue them to a board to make a 3D wall poster. They also look nice is attached to presents. These are made from regular heart shapes with a slice at the center. (more…)

Tree Toilet Paper Holder


With the PQtier, Presse Citron has designed a very original and decorative object! The PQtier is a metalic tree where you can hang your toilet paper rolls (up to 14 rolls). This metallic tree with multiple branches can also accommodate towels in the bathroom, towels in the kitchen or be used as peg in the hall.


Clock Coffee Table Collection


A simple idea becomes an engaging conversation piece when you have the Clock Coffee Table . The Clock Coffee Table brings a uniquely decorative accent to your living room decor. An old world map is fixed to the wooden frame with a resilient glaze and lacquer laminate. Underneath the spacious beveled glass top, a working quartz clock tells time on a cast resin face. (more…)

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