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Solve the Space Problems in Your Home with Convertible Sofa

Convertible Sofa

Increasingly more people choose multifunctional furniture these days owing to the space problems. Many of them are very practical and looks great, like this convertible sofa that can be easily transformed into a small dining table with six padded stools for your extra guests. While the seat turns doubles as six padded stools, the backrest transforms into a countertop. (more…)

«Berendeevo Kingdom» Ancient Architectural Traditions in the Southern Part of Moscow


The Kingdom of Berendeevo is a unique and exclusive project. Is a set of cottage settlements on the river Oka, built in ancient architectural traditions of wooden architecture, located in the southern part of Moscow in a pure and untouched territory, with a unique natural ecosystem. Once in the village, you find yourself in a real fairytale kingdom – around wooden towers and manor houses, (more…)

Cat Nesting Box Keeps Your Pet Close and Comfy While You Work


This Desktop Cat Seat gives cats a comfortable place to rest on the desk that’s out of the way, yet still only an arm’s length from a scratch on the belly. Designed for cat owners who work in a home or small office, this indispensable item maintains that all-important distance between paws and keyboard, while giving your cat a cozy nesting box that’s still within easy reach of affection. (more…)

The Tiny Transforming Apartment That Packs Eight Rooms into 350 Square Feet [video]


Living in New York City isn’t all adventure and dynamism. Unless you are wealthy the way no real person is, you probably have to settle for a living space that is cramped and cluttered. It is the project of Graham Hill, entrepreneur and treehugger.com founder, to come up with an ideal New York apartment—one with a small footprint, both physically and environmentally, and one that offers just as much beauty and functionality as a pad multiple times its size. (more…)

Trunk House by Paul Morgan Architects

Lal Lal House Western Victoria Australia Architect: Paul Morgan

Take a look at interesting “Trunk House” developed by Australia-based Paul Morgan Architects. This small cabin is located in Aictoria’s central highlands. It includes a living area, small kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms. The concept originated from forms of bleached bones of kangaroos and sheep found lying around on farmland. (more…)

Nautilus II Coffee Table by Marc Fish


Marc Fish runs robinson house studio which provides furniture making courses and cabinet making courses, also including cabinet making, furniture design and woodwork courses. Now take a look at the second edition of Nautilus Table created by Marc Fish:  “Nautilus was born in an environment of artist freedom: an experimental piece that has embraced modern computer aided technology and combined it with innovative constructional techniques. (more…)

Gorgeous, Bright and Playful Apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden


Scandinavian design is so simple and neat, that doesn’t need any additional glow to shine. Characterised by minimalism and most of the times, shabby chic details, Scandinavian style definitely fits people with a little drain of nonconformism in their souls. This fine apartment in Linnéstaden, one of the central districts of Gothenburg, Sweden, is gorgeous, bright and playful. In case you are looking to buy something particularly beautiful, Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör  is responsible with the selling.


Port-a-Bach Container by Atelierworkshop Architects


Atelierworkshop Architects created the Port-a-Bach container home. The up-cycling containers can be an effective answer for large scale projects if portability, site access, robustness and security are required. They also developed prototypes that use the existing container connections to attached solar and wind equipment. (more…)

Miniature Homes Creatively Attached to Lighting Designs: House-Lamp


I found these lovely and original lamp designs envisioned by architect Lauren Daley from San Francisco. Lauren skillfully built three homes in different architecture styles (Eco, Modern, and Bungalow) and attached them to lighting units: “I started House-Lamp to combine a couple of my greatest joys: making things with my own two hands, and architectural design“.


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