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The L@p Chair by Martin Ballendat

Designed to be used in public spaces where people can sit down and place their laptop on the chair arm, the L@p Chair is a brilliant concept which belongs to Martin Ballendat. He describes the L@p Chair as such “This sculptural chair is characterised by an organic upholstered backrest offering a comfortable area to lean on and a horizontal surface for the use of laptops. Matching tables and par vents supplement these seats creating a completely new and futuristic office world with regeneration character.”


Bergwelt Chalets, Grindelwald, Switzerland

The Bergwelt Chalets is a magnificent project located in Grindelwald, Switzerland, consisting of five apartment buildings, a boutique hotel and seven exclusive chalets. Project completion date is December 2014, the pictures are just renderings..how will show the project. “The chalets will stand in an Alpine meadow of more than 15’000 square meters, lying directly beside the new ski slope with magnificent views of an unparalleled mountain panorama“…according to the official project description.


The Amadeo: An Impressive Wine Decanter By Riedel

This Riedel Amadeo decanter was specially designed and created to commemorate the Riedel Family’s 250th Anniversary, and is truly a gorgeous work of art. Brilliant and spirited, like a Mozart piece come to life, the Amadeo decanter named in the composer’s honor. Mouth-blown of leaded crystal by master European glassblowers, the decanter forms a U-shape unlike any other made by Riedel. (more…)

My Side Your Side Pillowcases

When it comes to double beds we have to set some limits. ‘My Side’ and ‘Your Sidepillowcases are a perfect fun addition to any bedroom. In this way it is very easy to establish boundaries. You will know which is your side when you see them. All you have to do is to respect your side to smooth out any midnight fisticuffs. This pillowcases are great for any bed, no matter what the sleeping arrangements are! Generously sized (75cm x 50cm), they are 100% cotton. However, the range is varied and includes a set of expressions such as “My Side”, “His Side”, “Reserved”, “Vacancy”.  Which one do you choose?


The Dutch Art: Bookworm by Atelier 010

The Dutch designers at Atelier 010 have created the Bookworm bookcase. They wanted to create an organic bookcase with curved shape. Here is the description from Atelier 010: “Bookworm is the sculptural answer to a commission to design and produce an organic bookcase. Due to the curved shape, the case also offers a place to sit and relax. The self-supporting shape consists of three parts, which are assembled on site and kept upright by a stainless steel foot in the sidewall. Bending thin layers of MDF and plywood across custom-made molds creates the curved shape. (more…)

Bayside Bungalow: A Tiny House Available for Rent in Olympia, WA

The Bayside Bungalow is a tiny house available for rent, located on the shore of the Puget Sound in Olympia, WA. “Slightly modifying a Tumbleweed Fencl plan, the house was built on an 18 foot flatbed trailer and boasts roughly 100 square feet on the main floor, as well as a 60 square foot loft with a full-sized bed.  A tiny 2’ x 2’ porch faces the Puget Sound, covering the entrance to a beautiful, cedar door. The great room maximizes headroom with vaulted ceilings, and the main sleeping loft is built over the kitchen, closet and bathroom, with a ceiling clearance of 6’2”. (more…)

Elliott Ripper House by Christopher Polly Architect

Every architect wants to come up with something innovative in his work. This project called Elliott Ripper House was completed by Christopher Polly architect for a young couple, who wanted more access to sunlight. The project comprises three bedrooms, two bathrooms and two separate living spaces connecting to the rear and side courtyards. In according with the architect “enabled a significantly expanded series of connected interior volumes that harnessed access to sunlight, ventilation and views of tree canopies and sky beyond, while enabling extension of key existing materials and finishes to retain some memory of its (more…)

Creative Idea for Your Kitchen: Christmas Fridge Magnets

After I posted on facebook this wonderful picture with these two “brothers”, many of our friends have sent us messages, because they want more information about these magnets that giving an winter and holyday atmosphere in our house. Thus, we sought magnets to give everyone the opportunity to be inspired and to buy  fridge magnets, which, help to turn your fridge and washing machine in the nice snowmen. Great magnet set to put on your icebox that creates the illusion of the real thing! Frosty can come alive in your home with this magnet set.


Creative Design: Fire Escape Display Shelf

An original idea or a creative item in your home will always be appreciated by your guests or friends. In this regard, we found an interesting decorative element called Fire Escape Dislpay Shelf, which offer a classic element of outdoor metropolitan landscape, in your home. How about this creative shelf, which takes a miniature fire escape and turns it into a functional storage area. Made of sturdy epoxy-coated steel, this shelf is easy to assemble and can be used for potted plants, artwork or other curios you wish to display.


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