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MagicBath: A Innovative Baby Bath

MagicBath is a innovative baby bath, caresses your baby with thousands of air bubbles and color combination. The tub is made of acrylic and the air massage system conforms with the safety standards of products used for the care and bathing of infants. Magicbath is a ergonomically designed tub, that support the newborn in the correct position. Thanks to the legs that ensure (more…)

Dreamfarm Tapi Fountain Rubber Tap

Are you tired to put your mouth on tap or wash dirty glass when brushing your teeth? This small object can get rid you of this problem and it’s not expensive at all.Dreamfarm Tapi Fountain Rubber Tap is a simple rubber piece of ingenuity that attaches to almost any sink tap with a straight spout. The rubber will never affect or change the taste of your water and this is a good thing.  (more…)

Two in One: Amazing Design and Space-Saving with Dedon’s Obelisk

It’s a egg…It’s a bomb…no … It’s a space-saving furniture set … This absolutely unique, breaking down into an armchair, table, four lounge chairs and a coffee table, Dedon’s Obelisk offers superb space-saving opportunities with space age design. Anyway most important aspect of this type of furnishing style is its ability to fit in to the limited spaces. Therefore, when we looking for buy furniture, we need to


The Concerto Table: Flavor For Piano Lovers

This next piece of furniture is of course for classic lovers, especially for those who want to transform the experience of the modern dinner party by combining the use of a dining table with the elegant curvature of a grand piano. The Concerto Table allows you to enjoy the shape of an fantastic instrument while having dinner or working at your laptop. Creative minds (more…)

Massage Bathtub by Korra

If you are currently looking for a luxurious and stylish massage tub, Foshan Korra Bath have a good solution for you with this futuristic and comfortable bathtub. Anyway are also other factors to be considered when choosing a bathtub. One of them is the aspect. In this case, the bathtub designed by Korra is definitely an eye-catching piece. Ergonomically designed according to curve (more…)

The simple and efficient Blomus wine rack

When your shelf and cupboard space is limited, storing wine bottles can become an issue. Blomus solves the problem with this super stylish and space-efficient wall-mounted wine bottle holder. Handsomely and durably constructed of stainless steel in a contemporary brushed finish, the vertical rack features eight lined loops that hold bottles securely by the neck in a sideways fashion. You’ll keep corks moist as (more…)

Give Your Old Shoes a New Chance And Turn Into a Wonderful And Unique Decoration For Your Garden

Give your old shoes a new chance and turn into a wonderful and unique decoration for your garden. All people, when shoes are broken or we do not like, we tend to throw them, because of course we can not make nothing with them. But you never thought it could can be easily converted to the original beds for ornamental plants and give a new splash of color for your garden or …balcony if you stay at the apartment. I think it is a good idea, what do you say about that?


Simplicity Combined with Sophistication

Contemporary design refers to a bright, clean and uncluttered style of design and planning. In these pictures you can find a lot of beauty in a clean layout and modern accessorization.
The living room is essential in the development of an impression on the minds of visitors and guests to your home. (more…)

Amazing Family Tree Ideas

Looking for something special to spice up your home decor?
Genealogy or study of family lineage is a quite popular hobby around the world. Have you ever wondered what was a favorite color of your grandma or what was your great grandpa doing when he had some free time on his hands? (more…)

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