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10 Creative DIY Garden Marker Crafts

When you have dedicated lots of time to making a beautiful garden, the good reviews are welcomed. But it can be tiresome to keep on describing what each plant is to your visiting friends. Perhaps you yourself have forgotten the whereabouts of some of your small green friends. That is the reason why you need to make a few DIY garden markers. Regardless of what you use in this project, (more…)

A Perfectly Proportioned Prefab Cabin Has a Unique Rustic Style

When you think about a luxury modern retreat in the middle of nature you don’t think about a prefabricated cabin. Musk is a perfectly finished and proportioned building kit. With it, you can literally take your home and live a bunch of splendid sceneries for a while. The home is designed in such a way that it offers 360-degrees view of spectacular natural sights that surround it. Modscape builds (more…)

Creative Bird Feeder Ideas

Spring is the perfect season for outdoor fun and relaxation. It’s the season of blooming trees, smell of flowers in the air and animals that come out from their winter hybernation. It’s is also the time for birds to fly back from warmer places and visit our yards. So if you know that your outdoor space is frequented by little birds, these DIY project will come in handy. They will all serve as inspiration for (more…)

This unique clock is sure to bring a smile to your face!

This unique clock is sure to bring a smile to your face! It has been carefully crafted out of cedar by Lonny Hopp. “All my life I have always liked to work with wood, whether it was in remodeling homes, to making keepsake furniture, for our children and grandchildren, and making furniture for our home. Now I have gotten into making toys ( large & small), pictures, vases, bowls,etc.” (more…)

Learn how to grow cucumbers vertically to get the most productive plant

Gardening isn’t just an activity reserved for persons with large backyards. Even though this is well-known throughout, a lot of people are discouraged for trying new projects in this field. The suggestion of growing cucumbers vertically might be just the right change in people’s mindset. It is good even if you only own a small amount of land, like a narrow side yard. The cucumber plant can spread in a large area when it is grown on rows or hills. A raised bed or a tall trellis will help you with the matter of space. It is preferred you use 12 inch deep and 12 inch wide containers in this DIY project. (more…)

Louis Vuitton realises unbuilt Charlotte Perriand beach house in Miami

This stunning house with a geometric design is a truly inspiring architectural work. The designer, Charlotte Perriand lay down on paper the concept of this house in 1934, but unfortunately never saw the house completed as he only lay down the ideas on paper and never saw the finished work. Louis Vuitton, the French fashion house, built the house as an installation for the Miami Design (more…)

Upcycled Pallet Outdoor Grill

Pallets are great for DIY projects, as they are a cheap and accessible supply. Not to mention, that pallets are very easy to work with. So if you’re feeling a little craftsy and wish to build something new for your yard, this outdoor grill made out of pallets and corrugated tin is the project you are looking. This grill is not that hard to make, and it will be a cool addition to your backyard. (more…)

Adorable Sock Sheep – Free Sew Pattern

Giving someone a gift can be highly considerable when it comes from the heart. And especially when it comes from your own two hands! A cute and simple gift that checks the above-mentioned characteristics is a sewn Sock Sheep. The design is quite adorable and the final result will definitely be appreciated. The example showcased here is executed so good you wouldn’t have noticed it’s a (more…)

Easter Bunny Bread Bowl

Preparing some food specifically for Easter can prove difficult. So why not resort to a simple dish or recipe? The following idea made by Amy (a mother to five children) is as simple as it can get in the kitchen. The Bunny Bread Bowl is exactly what its name says: a bowl made from bread in the shape of a bunny. Perfect for soup or dip at the Easter table. (more…)

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