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Pallet Wall with Floating Shelves

Having a great interior design doesn’t require a lot of money, but a bit of creativity. The next DIY project features a useful and good-looking floating shelves panel for the living or dining room. And it all cost under $150! The piece is actually composed of a barn wood or pallet wall and attached oak shelves. The building process is quite easy. You start with the frame (70by78 in this case) and then do (more…)

Tops ATAX Hand Axe

Wouldn’t you love a single tool to help you in all of your camping work? With the ATAX now you can! Designed to be easily used as an axe, a skinner, a knife, a hammer, or as a wire cutter and a range finder, the tool has a lot of surprises in store. It’s also a compass, inclinometer, clock, wrench or rescue tool. And that’s not all! Survival kit holder, fire bow bearing, (more…)

DIY Porta Potty!

Camping trips can be great if you have the right people there to keep you company, but these trips can also have some uncomfortable aspects. While camping, you have to forget about the luxury of a hot a shower or clean toilet, but luckily there’s a great solution for the second problem. You can make your own Porta Potty while camping, so you can have a decent (more…)

How To Grow Tomato Plants In Buckets

If you want to have delicious tomatoes all year round, you should grow them yourself. Store-bought tomatoes are not always tasty and fresh, plus they can be expensive if they are not locally grown. To avoid spending your money on things you can also produce at home, here’s a cool tutorial on how to grow your own tomatoes in buckets. If you’ve done a bit of research about growing your own food, you can see that there are some plants that grow beautifully if planted in a bucket. This is also the case for tomatoes, (more…)

Extend Your Gardens Growing Season With A Simple Straw Bale Greenhouse.

Having a garden opens a door to lots of opportunities, such as building an outdoor area for relaxation, setting up a cozy place for your pets and even creating your very own greenhouse. Let’s focus a bit on the latter. Your very own greenhouse can be the perfect way for you to start gardening and growing your own plants. Plus you can even spare a few bucks, as you no longer have to buy fruits and vegetables. But greenhouses can also be a bit expensive to build and maintain, right? Well this is not true for this next one, which is a straw bale (more…)

Camping Crochet Patterns

Mastering the art of crocheting can bring a lot of joy in your life. Not only you will be able to crochet yourself a lot of cool things from clothes, to accessories and decorations, but you can also surprise your dear one with a crocheted gift at any occasion. And since we’re talking about DIY projects, here you can find a selection of cool and unusual crochet projects. Have you ever thought about (more…)

DIY Chicken Feeder NO MESS Bulk Cheap & Easy to Do!

If don’t want your yard to be messy because of feeding your animals or birds, the DIY bucket feeder might be the perfect solution! Forget about your chicken scattering food everywhere around the coop or the yard. With this DIY project, the entire process will be totally mess-free. If you want to end up with something like the one shown here, use a medium size bucket and three 70mm PVC elbows. (more…)

Turn an Old Fridge Into a Smoker

Cooking in a refrigerator may sound crazy at first, but when you see this awesome DIY project, you’ll definitely change your mind! Transforming an old fridge into a smoker is not that hard. First, you’ll need an old fridge! Then, you might want to reuse parts of a kitchen range in order to make the baking element as well as the temperature control. Watch the video below for the step by step process. (more…)

A Fairytale Treehouse

With two bedrooms, a kitchen and bathroom, this treehouse is a perfect lofty retreat.  Built as family guesthouse in the Swiss chalet style, its ramp is supported by salvaged Madrona logs with a bench 1/2 way up. Has running water, sleeps four people, restored leaded glass windows, and many other unique features…What do you think? Be sure to PIN IT for later! (more…)

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