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Hand Painted Stone Flowers

How about these beach stones with hand-painted designs on acrylics? These stones are unique with their design and can be found in the link below. ” I paint and draw all of my original designs by hand with the acrylic paints, (more…)

DIY Jeep Bed

Make a child’s off-road dreams come true with these Jeep bed plans. Includes 62 pages of detailed step-by-step instructions. I feel pictures help greatly to describe how to build something, so the plans are full of them. That is why there are so many pages :).  Photos in this listing are of Jeep beds I have built along with a sample page from the instructions. (more…)

Solar Powered Window Socket

The Window Socket offers a neat way to harness solar energy and use it as a plug socket. So far we have seen solutions that act as a solar battery backup, but none as a direct plug-in. Simple in design, the plug just attaches to any window and does its job intuitively. (more…)

The Ultimate Pallet Outdoor Furniture

Spending quality time outside in your backyard can depend on a few things. One of them is surely the right furniture. An outdoor sofa or bench made out of pallets will definitely give that desired look of creativity and closeness to nature you seek. The piece of furniture that you can easily make by yourself has two seats and may cost up to $140, like shown on the next webpage. (more…)

7 Ingenious DIY Camping Hacks That Make Roughing It Easy

With the warm season slowly taking over, people’s attention is turning to outdoor activities and especially to camping. Even though it may sound more relaxing to chill at the swimming pool, going on a camping trip will be quite rewarding. In order to make this effort more easy, we supply you with some 7 DIY camping hacks. Whether you will make your own sleeping pad or prepare with a cozy air mattress, (more…)

Gabion Outdoor Bath Construction

Making your garden look great can be hard work. But if you take the example and perhaps help of this company, it can transform the entire process into a creative endeavor. As its name entails, the company from the United Kingdom offers solutions of (more…)

Bathtub Divider Turns Your Family Tub Into Your Baby’s Tub

We all know how dirty and stinking kids’ feet can get, especially during summer!  Use your BabyDam to fill a small section of the tub for great foot bath. Moms, after a long day and the kids are in bed…you deserve a little time for yourself and relaxing foot bath! What do you think? Find this Bathtub Divider in the link below… (more…)

How To Grow Cocoa

This is a relatively easy plant to grow when you know its cultural requirements. Learn when to prune, what temperatures and light levels are needed. How to get your chocolate tree to fruit and flower and when is a chocolate pod ripe. Also, what kind of container to use when growing a chocolate tree and what kind of growing issues you may encounter whether grown in a sunroom (more…)

Busbecue BBQ grill

The Busbecue is a functional portable barbecue in the design of the classic split screen camper. They can also be used as a fire pit as the nights get colder, for keeping warm, toasting marshmallows, or just simply because fire is fun. What do you think? If you want to have one, check it out in the link below… (more…)

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