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With this Wooden Egg Holder you will never lose track of your oldest and freshest eggs again

This cute wooden egg holder is labeled with the days of the week so you will never lose track of your oldest and freshest eggs again.  This is a good idea to know which eggs are freshest. Super simple to make, and hung with a french cleat. What do you think?  (more…)

Cardboard Fireplace DIY for Christmas

No place to hang your stockings or Christmas decor? DIY a faux firplace with cardboard! Start with four cardboard display boards. I think this is a great idea and the kids will enjoy it. What do you think? How-to here: (more…)

Troll Doll upcycled into a fun and unique planter

How cute are this? The original troll doll has been upcycled from a children’s toy into a fun and unique planter that can be used for a variety of plants. Kids will love this! What do you think? Check out these troll doll planters in the links below. (more…)

66 Shelters You Can Make From A Tarp

A number of ways are available to make shelters for survival or during an emergency.  If camping is among your hobbies, you probably know a lot of useful tips and tricks in this field. But what do you do when you go camping and you’re surprised by a sudden rainstorm? You can create a safe shelter from several materials, you just have to make a list before packing.  (more…)

Goats enjoy living in their own tower

Goats living happily in their home. This next thing might seem very peculiar, but it actually exists. There are some towers spread across the globe, which are inhabited by goats and they are called, goat towers. A Goat Tower is a decorative goat house, modeled on a European garden Folly, an early example of which was built in (more…)

Funny Tortoise Signs to make life a little more fun

Display this little beauty to give warning to all those that may trespass while your Tortoise is on guard duty. A perfectly versatile full color signs that is guaranteed to make a perfect gift or accessory for any garage, Man Cave, Wall Accent, child’s room, and anything else you can think of. Crafted from high quality aluminum, these full color signs are (more…)

Repurposed And Up-cycled Soda Cool Fridge Magnet

Display your Insta-worthy photos on your fridge with these awesome bottle cap magnets! Any Coca Cola lovers out there? The perfect gift for someone who loves the drink and the brand!
Up-cycled and re-purposed bottle cap magnets. (more…)

Couple convert a VAN into their flat of dreams

Being a young couple in a big city can be quite challenging when it comes to finding cheap rent without giving up on your hobbies. Since rent prices are becoming increasingly higher by day, young people tend to search for alternatives. The same applies for this next couple, who decided to give up their 9 to 5 jobs and up-cycle an old van that eventually became their home. Adam and Nikki got tired of living in the city, spending all their salaries on rent and bills (more…)

These stickers are so cute and great to use for so many different things

Vintage style Merry Christmas labels are GREAT for HOLIDAY GIFTS or jam jars! These stickers are so cute and great to use for so many different things. Use them for sealing all of your baked goodies…it’s an extra special way to personalize something special! Add retro Christmas stickers to holiday presents & baked goods for a nice Christmas gift. (more…)

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