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5 Best Chicken Feeders That Will Prevent Waste

Finding the best way to feed your chickens is a something every chicken farmer must think about. If don’t want your yard to be messy because of feeding your animals or birds, a DIY feeder might be the perfect solution! Forget about your chicken scattering food everywhere around the coop or the yard. With these DIY projects, the entire process will be totally mess-free. (more…)

5 Gallon Bucket Washing Machine

In case you ever find yourself in an emergency situation, a natural disaster or simply want to reduce your carbon imprint on Earth, this hand-powered washing machine will come in very handy! The link below contains a great tutorial of how to make a 5 gallon bucket clothes washing machine at home that will last a long time. In order to build this hand-operated washing machine you are going to need the following supplies: two 5 gallon buckets, a lid, drill, plastic decking, an “L” bracket, screws, a 5 foot piece of 1&1/2 inch (more…)

Superhero Toy Shelves

How about these superhero toy shelves? These are ideal for children or fans of comic book characters. You can hang it on the wall for example. It also makes a beautiful gift. These are beautifully crafted. Find these in the link below… (more…)

Hardwood Floor using 2×4 slivers

Now here’s an interesting idea. More durable than traditional wood floor. We spotted this lovely floor at Cartolina, a Candian design house that creates and sells paper products and other sundries, featuring quirky vintage designs that are easy to love. (more…)

How to Grow Lettuce in a Pot

Lettuce doesn’t need an introduction. It is one of the most popular vegetables out there and used in a variety of foods. What we do want to introduce you to is the way of growing lettuce in containers and pots. This method is especially recommended when dealing with less space in your yard. One of the easiest plants to grow, which will produce results in only a couple of months, (more…)

A Swimming Pool Made From A Shipping Container

Like it or not, containers are a growing trend in design. And the next project will show you they are here to stay and even expand in many areas. Usually, you would have read something about houses, but this time, a cargo container was repurposed into a spectacular and fully-functional swimming pool. And not your dull model, but a modern swimming pool (more…)

2-in-1 Creative Cutting Board with Detachable Storage Box

Creative kitchenware is everyone’s favorite! If you’re looking for a cool gift idea, or just a nice and useful design piece for your home, here’s a great item. It is a creative 2-in-1 hard plastic cutting board, which also has a detachable storage box. So next time you want to cut something in the kitchen, you can use this cool piece and then just place the vegetables or fruit slices in the storage box. The best part about this kitchen gadget is that it has a non-slip back surface so it will stick nicely to your counter top and you can avoid cutting yourself while cooking. (more…)

Learn How To Become a Backyard Beekeeper

Have you ever thought about keeping bees in your backyard but didn’t know where to start? Then this next article is going to make the decision easy for you as it contains helpful info about keeping bees at home. Having your own honey is going to be awesome, as you’ll know it comes from a clean and safe environment and it does not contain any harmful components. Before starting this entire thing, you have to document yourself about bees and their behavior. The most important thing is that a beehive is usually a space shared by 80.000 honeybees. (more…)

Wicker Table Cat Bed

A hand-woven design gives this cat bed a breezy look while its end table top makes it a versatile addition to any ensemble. The deluxe model has beautiful MDF top and and bottom with wood grain design. This is available in the link below…


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