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A Fairytale Treehouse

With two bedrooms, a kitchen and bathroom, this treehouse is a perfect lofty retreat.  Built as family guesthouse in the Swiss chalet style, its ramp is supported by salvaged Madrona logs with a bench 1/2 way up. Has running water, sleeps four people, restored leaded glass windows, and many other unique features…What do you think? Be sure to PIN IT for later! (more…)

The Kinetic Art Table

Sisyphus: The Kinetic Art Table. What is Sisyphus? In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was condemned to roll a boulder up a mountain for all eternity. In my art, Sisyphus is a kinetic sculpture that rolls a ball through sand, forever creating and erasing beautiful patterns. Watching Sisyphus evokes a meditative feeling. (more…)

DIY Wood Pallet TV Mount

Want to give your interior design a rustic touch? With the next DIY project, you can achieve that without spending too much money and effort. The DIY Wood Pallet TV Mount will require just some unused pallets, some hinges and a few tools. After a few hours of effort from your part, the result will make the TV set mounted on the wall a whole lot better. (more…)

Nomadic Roots Photo Book

Can you imagine building a house out of tires and beer bottles? The beautiful Earthship cabin you see in the pictures is exactly that kind of story. Located in the Santa Cruz Mountains, all it took to transform a dream into reality was under $10,000 and a whole lot of determination! The handmade cabin featured on this website is the result of the story of a couple who embarked on (more…)

Pillow Floor Lounger

Don’t spend a fortune on a portable bed. Sew 5 pillow cases together, insert the pillows and you have a bed for all purposes. This easy care cover comes in four fun colors: green, hot pink, light pink and purple, all with sassy, white polka-dots! Your kid’s will love this.


Backyard Water Station

The Water Station is a faucet and sink that mounts securely to exterior wall and attaches to standard garden hoses. Great for use when grilling, gardening, cleaning fish and other everyday clean-up tasks. Features a built-in 50 ft. storage hanger and a large work surface that opens to reveal fold-away-sink and faucet. Find this outdoor sink (more…)

Have a pet chicken you’d like to take for a walk? Now You Can With This Chicken Harness!

After you saw a CHICKEN SWING and CHICKEN SEWATER you thought you’ve seen everything? How about this?… the Chicken Harness! Have a pet chicken you’d like to take for a walk? Now you can!  Not everyone has a farm to let their chickens roam on, nor is everyone comfortable with free ranging their birds. This harness will finally allow you to safely walk your (more…)

Crochet Kitty Camper House

Here’s a great idea for your cat. The On the Road House cat bed is inspired in the cute vintage caravans from the 60’s. Isn’t it the cutest thing ever? Just imagine your cute furry friend peeking through the windows! The On the Road House has a comfy pillow inside and windows on all sides. (more…)

How To Make Your Own Self Watering Pot

Are you going to be away from home for awhile and no one to water your plants. Here is a quick tip on how to make your own self-watering pot.  Some gardeners compare plants with babies. That is why all dedicated gardeners don’t like to leave their plants alone at home. And it’s not like you are going to hire a plant-sitter! The inexpensive and homemade solution is all explained in the video featured on this webpage. All you require is a screw driver, a water bottle, and some pieces of string. The method of assembly is quite easy. (more…)

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