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Life Casting Starter Kit

Memories to last a lifetime, with the ones you love. UNIQUE molding process creates an exact replica with fingerprint detail. This TABLE TOP intertwined style casting is an incredible experience with beautiful results. Get your Life Casting Starter Kit from the link below… (more…)

Succulent Treasures Candy Box

Succulent Treasures Candy Box. The perfect unique living gift! Instead of giving a box of chocolate, give a box of succulents for Mother’s Day! What do you think? (more…)

How To Build A Pallet Playhouse

Here’s a great DIY project. To build it, you can use old pallets. You will also need to prepare your toolbox and in case you don’t have one just borrow some tools from friends, instead of buying a whole set. (more…)

World’s Tallest Tree House

The next piece of home design is truly mind-blowing. When you first mention a tree-house to someone, they expect you present a small structure not a four-level high jaw-dropping structure. The awesome tree-house featured here took almost 11 years to complete. Located in Tennessee, US, it is supported by 6 oak trees and a quarter of a million nails were supposedly used to build it. The owner, (more…)

Sandbox Picnic Table

In the following we show you how you can make a Sandbox Picnic Table for kids. In the video below you can learn how Dave’s Woodworks built a simple sandbox picnic table for kids, step by step. For those who don’t have time to build one, we featured you some offers. A great table to use for an outdoor picnic as well! your child will love playing outdoors. What do you think? (more…)

Luxurious Single Level Tiny House

A tiny home that costs $ 74,000 may sound exaggerated. But it’s not the case of this next 200 sq. ft. house. And the main reason is that all of it is made by a designer! Also, the house is not your usual dwelling, but a luxury designer home. Take the virtual tour and see for yourself that is worth all the money it is advertised for. Even though the space is restricted, it has a master bedroom, dining room, kitchen and bath. There is alligator skin wallpaper, a walk-in shower and –believe it or not– a surround sound theater system. The manufacturers (more…)

88 Years Old And She Still Lives Off The Grid Alone since 1960

Jeanie Lawson, KY ” I feel very blessed that a friend introduced me to a wonderful 88 yr old woman who has lived “off the grid” since 1960. She lives in an old log home her father built 83 years ago. There is not any electricity or running water. She has a cellar for her fridge. The front door was homemade and she re-did the chinking on the logs herself. Her bathroom is outside on the hill and family ran water from a spring to her tub which she proudly showed me. She cooks on a wood stove and served me sassafras tree she made from the mountains. (more…)

Bull-Riding experience on water

What a fun idea! Be brave and enjoy a fun bull-riding experience on water! Host competitions with family and friends and see how long you can stay mounted on the bull. What do you think? This is great. This pool toy is available in the link below…


Sweet As Honey Baby Blanket and Hat Set

Are you looking to make a cute gift for yours or anybody else’s baby? The Honeycomb Granny Square Pattern with Bees will be just the perfect thing. Besides the high level of cuteness, this is a DIY project so you are literally investing yourself in it. The Honeycomb is a simple crochet pattern which features a warm and relaxing color. This has a beneficial effect on the baby in times of need: nap time. A matching hat will all but make the entire outfit look adorable. The little bees crocheted onto the blanket will make it more interesting to the little one. (more…)

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