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Farm Stand Ideas

Local farmers have to undergo a great deal of effort if they want to have success while competing with big companies that handle tons and tons of produce each day. Any family agro-business knows that every little counts so a portable farm stand will definitely make a difference!  (more…)

Forest Chainsaw Carving

Located in the beautiful Adirondacks, From the Forest Chainsaw Carving is a family-owned business operating in Barneveld, NY.  These amazing wood sculptures of various wildlife are made by local artists and craftsmen. Currently, their inventory includes chainsaw carvings, rustic furniture, flint knapped knives, jewelry, pyrography, rare insect taxidermy, (more…)

Grow Your Own Tiny Garden Using Plantable Pencils

Don’t you just hate it when all that it’s left of your favorite pencils are some tiny stubs? You really can’t do anything useful with them, right? Wrong! Instead of throwing out those seemingly useless pencil stubs, some inventive MIT students created the perfect pencils that can produce food. They created the Sprout Pencil out of biodegradable materials and with an eraser that is actually a cup of seeds. (more…)

This Micro Apartment Has Movable Furniture

Guided by the principal that interior space, particularly in high-density urban innovation centers around the world, has become too expensive to be static and unresponsive, Ori’s breakthrough innovation, technology and design create dynamic environments that act and feel as though they are substantially larger.  Through architectural robotics, (more…)

Stylish Attic Apartment

The city of Sopot, in Poland is a well-known spa resort and tourist destination in Europe. But once you’ll see the loft from this article, you will also remember Sopot as the home to one of the most beautiful attic apartments ever. The small apartment, named Okrezna Attic came to life in 2016 when it was redesigned by Raca Architekci. The 36sqm apartment is a modern and stylish space full of natural elements and soft colors. The dark furniture is in a stunning contrast with the wooden walls and floors, creating a dark but still welcoming indoor space. (more…)

Family of 7 Living Completely Off-Grid in Northern Canada!


If you thought it’s impossible to live completely off-grid, take a look at this video. It features a family of 7 that has achieved complete off the grid status in Northern Canada. With less than $25,000, the couple with 5 girls managed to build their own off-grid cedar post house together with all of the amenities a home of this type requires. That includes a couple of solar power systems, (more…)

Build Amazing Things with EverBlock Systems

Create contemporary modular furniture and unique architectural pieces. Use EverBlock to create modular benches, chairs, side boards, tables and bases for all types of objects.  Utilize the  extensive color pallet to meet design objectives and alternate colors for dramatic effect. From modular plastic kids room furniture to mod architectural furniture, (more…)

These Furniture Fold Down Completely Flat

This innovative flat-pack furniture designed by Robert van Embricqs is proof that you don’t have to sacrifice style for portability. The teak seat arrives as a flat, rectangular panel, but bend it at the hinges and it’ll transubstantiate like a page from a pop-up book. No hex wrench required. (more…)

The Ultimate Paw Washing Device for Your Dog


The Paw Wash is the 1st patented brushless, gentle, and effective dog paw washer of its kind. The Paw Wash uses superior, elegant, and advanced science to get your dog’s paws cleaner than any other paw cleaning product on the market today. Learn more about Paw Wash in the link below… (more…)

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