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The Nomad Yurt


If you’re the kind of person who likes to go on adventures, this next prefabricated tent will definitely become your favorite. The simple yet elegant Nomad Yurt is flexible, lightweight and made out of eco-friendly materials. The ancient design of a yurt has undergone in this way a modern twist. The hard-lined structure has a soft-shell outline which looks good even though it may sound contradictory at first. (more…)

DIY Pallet Sofa with Storage


Are you looking for a creative DIY furniture project which will also improve the look of the space it is in? The pallet sectional sofa with storage offers you the comfort and inviting area for conversations and lounging with your friends. The modern design of the sofa gives a professional feel to the DIY project. The lack of arms allows for space to move more freely on and off the sofa. (more…)

This Man Built The World’s Smallest Campervan – with a 4ft living space.


There are campers, tiny campers and then there is the tiniest camper of them all, nicknamed the “cramper van”. Andy Saunders is a mechanic from Dorset who built the world tiniest camper that has only a 4ft living space and has enough space for 4 seats, a sink, a stove, one table and a small bed. Sounds pretty unbelievable, right? The “cramper van” is the successful (more…)

Quartz Tiny House: Free Tiny House Plans


Building your own home is a hard task, especially if you are not a specialized builder, constructor. But Ana White should be an example to follow for everyone who wants to build their own tiny home. She is offering the plans of her home for free to everyone who wants to start their own project and needs some help and advice. Ana White is a stay at home mom, a blogger and a carpenter, (more…)

Swedish Fire Torch Log Grill


Here’s a great idea for an exciting outdoor party. To make a Swedish Fire Torch Log Grill is a great way to entertain your guests and still provide with the appropriate food offer. Instructions 1. Find a flat ground surface, ideally soil, or gravel, or sand. 2. Create a “safety zone” around the cooking area by removing all flammable materials found on the ground within said area. (more…)

Daybed With Storage Drawers


Here’s a great decoration idea for those who have a rooms with slanted ceiling. Custom built in and daybed create a great place to hang out with the kids and a comfortable space for an overnight guest. Take a look at these details and tell us what do you think ? (more…)

VW Beetle Chassis With Sleeping and Camping for Four


The DIY plans for this mini VW Beetle camper were originally published in Popular Mechanix Illustrated Magazines. Mechanix Illustrated was an American magazine founded in the first half of the 20th century to compete against the older Popular Science and Popular Mechanics. Billed as “The How-To-Do Magazine,” Mechanix Illustrated (MI) (more…)

Wood fired Pizza Oven made with an exercise ball for $135


Would you imagine an exercise ball involved in the making of a pizza oven? With the next DIY project you can even see it in action! The good thing about this particular type of project is that it’s less messy than other similar projects. In fact, the exercise ball is used as mold for the oven dome. Does it look simple to build? If you decide to give it a try, there is a list of materials you should grab. (more…)

A Lovely Tiny House On Wheels


This is the story of a mom, whose children grew up and moved away from home and she decided to make a big change in her life. She built a tiny house for herself and the entire project took her 15 months to finish. The result is truly amazing and it was definitely worth all the work. Just take a look at all the details, the lovely rustic kitchen, the welcoming sitting area (more…)

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