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How To Grow Tomato Plants In Buckets

If you want to have delicious tomatoes all year round, you should grow them yourself. Store-bought tomatoes are not always tasty and fresh, plus they can be expensive if they are not locally grown. To avoid spending your money on things you can also produce at home.. (more…)

Bunny Rabbit wearing a Sweater

How cute is this? Dress your bunny with this adorable sweater! Hand crocheted and designed by us, we bring to you warm, cozy sweaters specially designed to fit bunnies comfortably. These patterns are available (more…)

Geodesic dome protects cob house and family of 6 in Arctic Circle

When you think about living in the Arctic Circle you often imagine a modern structure with modern facilities. Truth be told, architecture has a long history of keeping a good idea over the years. That is why this cob house under a geodesic dome is all you need in order to have a good life even in difficult circumstances. The house is hand-built by the Hjertefølgers family. The geodesic dome over it is glass-paned and provides a comfortable life as well as a good (more…)

Alaskan Couple’s Tiny House Is Full Of Surprises

Living in a remote part of Alaska may sound like a hard thing to do. But if you have a nice home, everything will seem a lot more easier. This works even better when you have a custom made house, fitted for your budget and your necessities. And especially if you don’t have a big department store near you to find everything you need for the home. The video material shows the creator of this doing what she does best: offer creative solutions to (more…)

Man rebuilds salvaged trailer into 200 sq. ft. tiny home

A salvaged trailer transformed into a beautiful tiny home can be an inspiration for all, designers and house seekers alike. The 200 sq. ft. structure in Oregon is one good example of why people should consider salvaging more stuff rather than buying new things over and over again. The tiny house features a nice kitchen, (more…)

Make Your Own Macrame Curtain

Here’s an easy and cute DIY project for your home. This new tutorial made by Steffido is about how to make your Macrame Curtain using T-shirt yarn. Check out how to easily make your own DIY Macrame Curtains. (more…)

Double-decker transformed into a mini traveling hotel

A bright green bus with 600,000 miles on the clock has been saved from the scrapyard – and turned into a holiday cottage. The 31-year-old double decker boasts two double bedrooms, carpets, sofas, a kitchen, idyllic country views and even a log-burning stove in a creation reminiscent of the 1963 (more…)

These cute ideas make a lovely decoration for Halloween

If you’re looking a home decoration idea for this Halloween , here are some of the best! A pumpkin rabbit or a Shocked Pumpkin is a lovely decoration for Halloween. Check out these ideas in the links below… (more…)

The Silo Cottage

It is a romantic-style tiny house, built inside an old grain silo and located in the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. The tiny house goes by the very hip name of “Silo Studio” and was made in order to be used as a studio by the sculptor Henry Hudson Kitson. And this is not even the most exciting part about it, (more…)

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