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Time Out Chair With Timer


Personalized Time out chair for your little one. Perfect for those toddler years! Each chair will have this special quote:
“Little girls are made of sugar and spice
But you are a little too spicy today! Not listening and tantrums aren’t being nice. Maybe next time you will think twice, because little girls that throw a fit are little girls that have to sit.” (more…)

Larry Thomas’ tiny house was stolen


This is a bad news. Larry Thomas’ tiny house was stolen. My custom built tiny house and all of my belongings was stolen on 12/31/2016 from a truck stop in Hermiston Oregon. I was in the process of moving to Nevada when I got stuck in a horrible snow storm and could not drive further until the storm passed. I was forced to leave my house under watch at a truck stop. (more…)

How To Build A Living Willow Playhouse


In these modern times, children tend to spend a lot of time in front of the TV or computer and they forget what it’s really like to be a child. If you want to create a clever toy for your kid that will help him/her learn something, then you should build this living playhouse. The living playhouse is perfect for a large outdoor space and your children can learn how to connect with nature and spend more time outdoor when the weather is nice. (more…)

Mason Jars Hangers: Mom’s Mason Jar Rack


Mom’s Mason Jar Rack is a fully customizable and scalable Mason Jar Storage solution. It allows anyone to organize, arrange, store, find and retrieve mason jar preserved goods in an incredibly easy way. This is such a fantastic idea! Love these… More details in the link below… (more…)

Build Your Own Backyard Smoker – DIY


Having a smokehouse in the backyard can be a real advantage, as you can have freshly smoked meat and even preserve food at any time. (more…)

How To Make a Rain Barrel With a Trash Can


If you have a garden and are looking for cheap and efficient ways of watering it, then here’s a cool idea: transform a garbage can into a rain barrel. The best part is that this rain barrel is very easy to build and the entire project won’t take you longer than 1 hour. The difference when it comes to this barrel and other ones is that you don’t have to connect this one to a gutter, (more…)

10 Incredible DIY Shelving Ideas


Having an empty wall in your home doesn’t look that good. That is why lots of people opt for installing some shelves. At this point, a bunch of decision-making processes rush into your life. Don’t panic, it’s just a matter of finding the right option for you. If you’re among those people, then you’ve reached the right place. Here are some ideas for DIY shelving. (more…)

How To Cut and Create Beautiful Paper Snowflakes


Decorating for Christmas shouldn’t be a reason for stress and disappear. Choose a simple yet appealing decoration for your home this year. Better yet make your own! In the following tutorial you will find out just how simple it is to make DIY cute paper snowflakes. The end-result looks intricate, but the method of getting to that result is quite easy. The pattern on the pieces of paper works just as in craft class. (more…)

20 Must Have Star Wars Kitchen Items


Star Wars will always be one of the most popular movies ever and there is an entire industry dedicated to thematic items and collectibles when it comes to it. So if you’re a huge Star Wars fan you will be delighted to learn that there are several kitchen items created for the fans of the movie. For instance, someone designed a very cool waffle machine that will help you make (more…)

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