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20 Must Have Star Wars Kitchen Items


Star Wars will always be one of the most popular movies ever and there is an entire industry dedicated to thematic items and collectibles when it comes to it. So if you’re a huge Star Wars fan you will be delighted to learn that there are several kitchen items created for the fans of the movie. For instance, someone designed a very cool waffle machine that will help you make (more…)

DIY Adorable Fish Bowl Snowman


Winter craft projects are the best as you can involve the entire family and prepare together for the jolliest time of the year. So if you’re looking for a new winter decor this idea, then you should make this next one: a fish bowl snowman. The nicest part is that you can build a small Christmas scenery in each bowl and then stack one on top of the other, creating an entire story. (more…)

Unique salt lamp made from Natural Himalayan salt crystals


Did you know that salt lamps can help you cure lots of everyday problems such as stress and anxiety? Salt lamps can give you the same feeling as being outdoors in nature, as they emit negative ions which are good for your health and psychical well-being. The electronics and technology that surround us emit lots of positive ions that can have a negative impact on our health. (more…)

Portable machine turns salt water into drinking water using solar power


Fresh drinking water is a real problem in some parts of the world, as it is very hard to have access to it. This clever machine, designed by scientist at MIT will turn salty water into drinking water using solar energy. Oh, and it is also portable so it can be easily transported to areas in need of drinking water. The machine works through electro-dialysis (more…)

New Solar Power Tree can light 5 homes in just 4 sq ft of land

Solar-Tree -Solar-Energy

At first, it may seem strange, but when you get used to it, the structure looks like a tree, a technological tree but nonetheless a tree. People from the Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI) in India have resorted to this type of design because it can yield better results with less use of space. The pictures do some of the explaining, but to make sure we will describe the solar tree. (more…)

DIY Pine Cone Crafts To Decorate Your Home


With the winter holidays just around the corner, decorating the home in an appropriate way is a huge deal. That’s why we share with you an interesting collection of DIY pine cone projects. From a simple Christmas door wreath to an intricate painted table center pieces, you can find inspiration to making awesome decorations in the following link. You can experiment (more…)

Tiny House for Under $1,000


Looking for a tiny home of your dreams? You would like such a dwelling but are reluctant to spending much on it? We introduce you to the arched cabin! The standard 8 by 8 model can be yours for under $1,000 but if you want, there are larger sizes like 24 by 24. Not only you can save a lot of money by choosing this particular type of tiny home, but the (more…)

Cat Sweater Patterns


The cold weather isn’t just making people shiver, but pets as well! A responsible owner will provide with the appropriate clothing for their furry little friends. If you also like to smile a lot during these holidays, then a cute cat in a crocheted sweater will definitely do the task. In order to get this project from idea to reality, you will need any type (more…)

How To Grow Bell Peppers In Pots


Growing your own vegetables is the best idea if you want to have fresh food all year long and make sure that what you eat is organic. Did you know that you can grow fruits and vegetables in containers? This is a great solution for those who live in an apartment but still wish to have their own small garden at home. One of the vegetables that can be grown like this are bell peppers which need warm soil (more…)

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