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Inflatable Lounge Chair Pool

Here’s a comfortable backrest and four cushioned seats make this the perfect pool to relax in while watching your little ones play! This is awesome!! For more details check out this Inflatable lounge chair pool in the link below… (more…)

10+ Clever Home Improvement Ideas

Trying to redesign your home by yourself can be a hard task, but if you have the guidance of a professional interior designer things can get much simpler. So if you are looking to make some improvements in the look of your home, Home Design features 10+ great ideas. For instance, if you are a proud dog owner and want to make a cozy space for your little friend and also save some space, (more…)

Indoor Bed Tent

The Bed Tent for Better Sleep during naptime, bedtime, playtime and alone time. Specially designed to be used with your existing mattress and bed frame or can even be used by itself. Keep you Warm and Give you Privacy; NO more sleeping in drafty rooms Save on heating bills in winter; Learn more from the link below. What do you think? (more…)

Soft Wood Tiles

Soft Wood Tiles provide a foam floor mat that has the appearance for light oak or dark oak wood flooring. Each tile interlocks like a puzzle. Tiles are easy to install, low cost, light weight, and water resistant which means they can be installed in a variety of situations. These foam flooring tiles also help to reduce sound transmission and help to keep (more…)

How To Crochet A Ninja Turtle

Cute crochet patterns are all over the Internet, but some are harder to put into practice than other. This next idea is both cute and easy to make, so you should gather your crochet needles and yarn and (more…)

Baby Knitting Infant Girl Button Headbands

Here’s a really cute idea for your daughter. The most adorable head wrap and perfect for the price. Absolutely adorable! The material is very soft and comfy for baby. If you want to buy one they’re only $1. More details in the link below…


How To Make A Succulent Turtle

Scrolling through Pinterest, I happened to see a pin featuring a topiary – it was a super cute Succulent Turtle! It was a dead-end pin, but I found who did this cute Succulent Turtle and now I share with you. (more…)

10+ Creative DIY Key Holders For Your Home

Losing your keys can be disastrous! No way to get in your desk, your car, your home! No way besides causing damage to the integrity of that space, of course. There’s a way, a creative way in which you can minimize the chances of losing keys ever again. The creative DIY key holder will certainly do the trick. If you’re short on inspiration for some models, take a look over these ideas. (more…)

The Cocoon Tree Kit

Living in a cocoon must be awesome; all those winter days when you’re feeling cold would feel a lot better in a cocoon. What about that dream of living in a tree-house from when you were little? Well, now you can combine the two! With the Cocoon Tree you will be able to get in touch with nature while lounging in an entirely new fashion. The 3 meter (more…)

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