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20+ Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Easter is quickly approaching and today I’d like to share with you some of my favorite Easter egg decorating ideas! Egg decorating techniques are great fun for adults and kids alike – and most of them can be made in no time at all! Sooo.. Hurry Up! (more…)

Inflatable Car Mattress for Back Seat

Perfect for road trip, you can take a comfortable naps with it , can even save you a lot of money on hotels during your trip; it can also be used as a sleep over bed when you have friends staying with you. The car inflation bed is divided into three parts, which can be blew up separately, and the user can adjust the inflation volume as needed. Easy to carry, easy to deflation, the mattress can be inflated fully (more…)

DIY Metallic Geometric Planters in 5 Minutes

If you like plants and have a lot in your, but you still didn’t find the perfect planter for them, you can chill as the search is over. This next tutorial will teach you how to make your own handcrafted planter that is both very modern and minimalistic looking and simple to make. Your plants will no longer just lie around in your home, as they will become a part of the interior decoration. For this craft projects you will need:  (more…)

Turn Old Windows Into Stunning Home Additions

Who would have thought that old windows can be of any use once they were removed? So since it will soon be time for a big Spring cleaning, you should consider getting rid of your old windows and turning them into something you. Yes, you read it right: you won’t be throwing them away, but instead recycling them and making a new piece of furniture or even art! So let’s see what you can do with old windows. Among the best ones on the list is the cool idea of transforming an old window into a coffee table that also has storage units. (more…)

DIY Cinder Block Bench

Making a beautiful piece of decoration for your garden can be difficult. Luckily, you have a website like this to give you a helping hand in this matter. The cinder block bench with back is a great DIY project you could do from scratch to beautiful result in your home. Besides getting a great bench and saving some money, you can upcycle building materials that you would have thrown away otherwise. (more…)

A Cabin Built for Relaxation

This amazing log home can literally take your breath away. Its spectacular rustic interior design is something all mountain lovers will fall in love with. Located in Michigan, Three Rivers to be more precise, the cabin impresses right from the first sight. The large cedar logs used can take your breath away. In total, the 2,300 sq. ft. structure is comprised of a master suite, 2 guest bedrooms, 21⁄2 baths, (more…)

Wash your hands and reuse the water for your next flush

Wash your hands and reuse the water for your next flush! How sounds? Wash your hands with the clean water, leaving the soapy water to clean your toilet when flushed! Sink Twice is a major water saver, leak detector and a space saver. An installation video is available below.  If you want to buy one, use the link below. It’s here for only $99! (more…)

Pop-Up House: The Affordable Passive House

A French architecture firm Multipod Studio has taken the DIY concept of Ikea one step further by designing a recyclable prefabricated house that can be built with a simple screwdriver. While building an average home takes many months to build, the PopUp House can be built in a week. Sounds pretty amazing and too good to be true, right? This project became reality and the PopUp House is made from recyclable materials including treated wood, insulation blocks and wood screws. In addition, it has a highly modern design that can be customized (more…)

Outdoor Play Station

This play station is perfect for outdoor fun in the sun! This set has a Kitchen Grill with sink and swivel faucet allows kids to “Grill up” their favorites meals, sand and water play area features several accessories and lid for splish-splash fun! Spacious interior (more…)

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