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How To Build a Floating Duck House


If you have free space in your garden and a small pond, you should consider building a cute duck house. Duck houses are fun and easy to build, so why not change a bit the look of your garden by giving it an upgrade. The most important aspect is choosing your material for the duck house. Whoever has already worked with wood for the outside knows that it can get damaged quickly if one does not pay attention to the right choice of wood or take protective measures. In particular, wood in the water doesn’t sound like a long-lasting thing. (more…)

Dragon Gloves With Crochet Scales Will Protect You When Winter Comes


Winter is almost here and it’s time to look for warm clothes and cozy accessories. If you prefer handmade ones, then here is a really cool Etsy shop for you that sells Dragon Gloves. This sounds a bit peculiar at a first read, right? Well, Mareshop sells crocheted gloves that resemble the skin of a dragon; the gloves have scales on them. The best part is that you (more…)

Headboard With Open Shelves And A Hidden Pull-Out Storage Unit With Casters


If you do not have enough room for nightstands, here’s a great sollution. A headboard with open shelves and a hidden pull-out storage unit with casters. What do you think ? A headboard like this can be found in IKEA stores(more…)

How To Build A Vertical Storage Rack For Cans


Keeping canned food can be a headache sometimes. Especially if you don’t have a big enough pantry to work with. Don’t worry because we have just the solution for you! The DIY vertical storage rack will prove the system your pantry needs in order to better organize your cans. The rack suggested holds 17 cans in each of the vertical rows (the one at the end holds 16). (more…)

Stupid-Easy Portable Solar Panels for RV, Off Grid and Camping


Are you often going in adventures? Do you like to get in touch with nature but still keep contact with technology? If you are thinking about just charging the RV battery and a few electronics, these next portable solar panels will do a great job. It helps to watch the video, especially if you don’t know what solar potential you actually have and what your power needs are. (more…)

DIY Drum Set Chandelier


Have you ever considered adding a bold piece of decoration to your room? If this idea sounds appealing, then you should check out this next idea. It is a really cool chandelier made out of an old drum set. All you need as an old drum set that you already have or if not, a trip to the local flea market. Look for a cheap brand, as a high quality full drum kit can be expensive. (more…)

Cordwood fences

Cordwood_fences (more…)

Dragon Slippers Help To Keep Your Toes Warm Because Winter Is Coming

Crocodile-Stitch-Boots-1 (more…)

How to Make Side Gathered Shirt


Do you have a favorite t-shirt that looks kind of old and blank? Instead of throwing it away why not transform it into a new statement piece? You can easily transform your favorite shirt into a side gathered shirt that will match a lot of your clothes. You don’t need to be a professional designer for this project, as you can simply use some elastic thread and basic sewing skills. (more…)

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