Old Railroad Boxcar Converted Into a Tiny Home


This next tiny house can be found in the middle of beautiful Lake Washington, nestled amid four acres of wooded land. The house was built inside of and old railroad boxcar and has 260 square feet. From the outsides it looks like a regular well-restored boxcar, but its interior is very stylish and modern. The car is placed on actual rails and it is owned by the Davidson family who, when on vacation, rent the car for those who are visiting the surroundings. The house has a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom and it is both a perfect living space and a great place to spend a nice and quiet holiday. Don’t you agree?



old-railroad-home-3 old-railroad-home-4



5 Responses to “Old Railroad Boxcar Converted Into a Tiny Home”

  1. Matti Virtanen says:


    This is not a Box Car.
    Its a Baywiew Caboose.

    Stay on track. Matti

  2. Glyn says:

    Definitely not a box car. I keep seeing this sort of fundamental misuse/misunderstanding of terminology on the internet and its troubling.

  3. Patricia says:

    I would love to see the floor plan on how this was done.

  4. logjam says:

    Maybe I’m not seeing the cupola that’s generally atop caboosi. Could very well be an old, really old boxcar.

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