Reasons You Should Never Bury Shipping Containers For Bunkers



You see it all around, shipping containers being used for creative architectural projects. The degree to which designers will use this useful block of material is really impressive. But before you dream about your own projects involving shipping containers, you should know one thing: they are limited and not recommended for any kind of use! For instance, due to the way they are conceived and designed, putting one underground will lead to disastrous results. The lateral pressure of the soil as well as the long-term wetness or acidic/caustic soil will lead to the destruction of the shipping container.

The following link offers a detailed version of reasons to why you should not use a shipping container to build an underground bunker in described by Graywolf Survival newsletter.. Read it if you don’t believe the lines written above. If you really want to know how to build a shelter, check out this book.


Why is it so dangerous for underground bunkers to be made from shipping containers?….

Reasons You Should Never Bury A Shipping Container Bunker Underground


7 Responses to “Reasons You Should Never Bury Shipping Containers For Bunkers”

  1. Ed. Bryant says:

    If I were to do this, I would not depend on the container to be a stand alone structure. I would seal the exterior of the container, then cocoon it with concrete that has been infused with latex. It would then outlast several generations of users.

  2. Wilbur says:

    You know really you don’t know what you are talking about ! Containers make wonderful underground bunkers , et al But common sense should tell you to pour a concrete slab and then set on elevated feet . Of course you will leave an air space on all sides of the container ! And form the earthen sides as well as an elevated roof support , never allowing the backfill to touch the metal roof or sides .

  3. Justin says:

    As is they may not be tip top on safety, but if done correctly with some tweaking, it’s perfectly safe. Keep in mind these things are stacked 6 high on ships and filled with things weighing up to tons. They are built to last, they are not something thats going to fall apart from having a little dirt thrown on it. Some extra welded in lateral supports, a rhino liner paint job, a concrete base to set it on and a nice plastic wrapping before you cover it up and you have yourself a nice bunker. If you can afford the project you can afford to do it right.

  4. Holly says:

    So on shipping docs, when you see full containers stacked five times high, is somehow different and lighter than a few feet of dirt?

  5. Derek says:

    Seeing as how shipping containers are designed for long exposure to moisture and salt water, it’s clear the assertions aren’t very sound to begin with. The side pressure…depends how you pack the soil around it I guess. Pack down not against.

  6. D'fer says:

    You guys are funny. You don’t fully understand concrete and how it works. Concrete, believe it or not, is porous, and will be forever. No matter which way you think of it if that thing is underground is going to be wet, no amount of concrete will stop it from rusting into a broken heap of junk. If you’re going through all the trouble why not save yourself a couple thousand bucks and skip the container and just pour yourself a concrete bunker?

  7. Jeff V says:

    Sounds more like a nice air tight coffin

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