Spectacular Underground Home


A piece of land offers infinite possibilities, it depends on the architect’s and owner’s vision what they will do with it. Take a look at this awesome idea, where a plain piece of land was transformed into a beautiful architectural masterpiece, a stunning and futuristic residence. The house was built in 18 months and 5000 tons of soil was removed in the process in order to create this semi-underground residence. The highlight of the house is the large front glass panel, which lets in plenty of light and illuminates the interior space. The large glass window in right in front of the kitchen, the dining and the living area and this makes the whole space bright and creates a cozy air. The sunken courtyard is also a great feature of the residence. Just take a look at the entire set of pictures to see for yourself this architectural beauty.






  • Dolphin Puncher-Baby Seal Beater on said:

    Ok, but the land on top of the house isn’t utilized as a garden or for solar panels?

    • Right? That’s what I thought. Like yes, it’s a very good looking home. But I figured all that removed soil might have been utilised. Earthen walls. And that the surface area of the ground that’s gained from this would be used for saving energy or something.

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