Tiny House for Under $1,000


Looking for a tiny home of your dreams? You would like such a dwelling but are reluctant to spending much on it? We introduce you to the arched cabin! The standard 8 by 8 model can be yours for under $1,000 but if you want, there are larger sizes like 24 by 24. Not only you can save a lot of money by choosing this particular type of tiny home, but the company that sells them will also construct the entire thing after delivering it to your address. The design is modern and you are free to decorate it in any way you want. Browse through the pictures to get a better view of what life in one of these cabins would be like.

Arched Cabins prides ourselves on having designed an efficient, cost effective, durable, attractive, and easy-to-build structure with multiple uses. Arched Cabins can be used for workshops, animal shelters, vacation homes, RV shelters, retirement homes, hunting lodges, and many other uses!










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77 Responses to “Tiny House for Under $1,000”

  1. Pamela Ross says:

    Where can you live with these? A lot of places had outlawed them.

  2. Julie says:

    Where are you located?
    Interested in hearing more
    Thank you

  3. Charles Austin says:

    I am very interested in this product. Specifically, the 24*40. I have several questions. To Start off:
    Is it rated for the South. What wind rating does it have?
    25*40 is 960 sq feet. How much room have you seen can be built into a loft?
    For build up, do you have a fee for this? What plans do you have available? Can they be altered?
    Can it be built on a slab or does it have to be on a raised floor?
    What is covered by the build?

  4. Lanita says:

    Do the larger ones come with a kitchen and bathroom installed?
    Are they allowed on Rv sites?

  5. Gaye says:

    Very interested in these tiny homes. Would like more information and how can I get one.

  6. Samantha says:

    I was interested in these and was wondering where to purchase and is there assembly required or does it come put together?

  7. Carla Madden says:

    I’m very interested in building on of these on my Mothers property in Gulf Hills Ocean Springs, MS 39564 which is on a Gulf Couse and was My Granddaddy’s Summer Home since the 1940’s. It is now my Mother’s resident and has enough property to build at least two. One for myself and one for my Brother so we can be there for her.

  8. mehr kian says:

    i would like to know more about your other productions specialy flexibels type invite you to try in our country.
    all the best
    mehr kian

  9. Sean Mcneill says:

    Please email me more info on this tiny homes please

  10. Matt says:

    Please send me some blue prints that you have for the 24′ 3bed 2-3bath

  11. Jocelyn says:

    Could you send more details thank you jocelyn

  12. Vidhya Hemmady says:

    Can we have these homes in India? Am interested. Hiw much would it cost here in India? How much time would it take to install?

  13. Nancy Nathan says:

    Can the 8×12 be made to fit on a trailer to be mobile?
    And does this just include the shell?

  14. Lisa says:

    These are great

  15. Giles G.B. says:

    Keep seeing these articles for tiny homes that make claims for building one for $1000 or $5000.00 or whatever. Have never seen anybody break down the cost though. I used to build houses and know how to price out jobs. Assuming running water and electricity the house pictured above would cost at least 20k and probably 30k for the materials alone. Can not see if they put in insulation in the exterior walls but in 90% of the climates in the U.S you would want it and would add at least 2-3k to the price tag. If anybody Knows cheaper sources for materials please let me know.

  16. Jeanne Travis says:

    Can the 24 X 24 be built on a slab foundation? Can it also be a completely open floor plan? I want to build a handicap adapted home on a small budget.

  17. Stefanos limperis says:

    I would like to buy ohne of These homes

  18. cindy says:

    If only I had a miracle for one of these then my fear of my family being homeless could vanish. These are beautiful. Blessed people that have them. God bless all.

  19. nele says:

    in what country csn you get these houses

  20. Gaston Santos Mendoza says:

    Me interesa el concepto quiero mas informacion

  21. Caron says:

    Love it ,would you come to South Australia, kangaroo island

  22. Jake says:

    Transparent panels or skylights would be nice.

  23. Bruce Glass says:

    Turn key prices for 600-800 sq ft. Elko Nevada.
    Email contact for design dept.

  24. Emily says:

    Where are the sellers located for the tiny homes? What is their website?

  25. David Brownfield says:

    What comes in the kits ?

  26. Arian says:

    Not one of the cabins on this page is the $1,000 model. A bit misleading, I’d say. The place does offer very inexpensive cabins, but a livable unit is closer to $5k.

  27. Awesome says:

    Heya, could you give an idea on the price to deliver a kitset 20’x40 to Rotorua, New Zealand? Would be great if you could e-mail me.

    Ta, Mike.

  28. Mike kelley says:

    Hi dose your 24×32 have a loft? What i need is 800sq feet so what ever design the loft will be part of the 800sq feet i hpoe that makes cents

  29. Sharon Atwood says:

    Hello my name is Sharon Atwood I ‘m dreaming about Arched Cabins but my own property land And my own place blank

  30. Mark says:

    Do y’all have bigger floor plans

  31. Natasha says:

    Hi i am looking for a price snd whars included for an 8 x 8
    Kit i am looking at it for a massage/ beauty room would this be suit a suitable size when finished ?

  32. Jerrie Leslie says:

    Would like more info on the 24′ × 40′

  33. Joyce says:

    Any insulation?

  34. Mindi says:

    How are these hooked up to water and for the toilet?

  35. Sherry Hendricks says:

    Do you offer payment plans

  36. Sherry Hendricks says:

    I’m on disability SSI ,ssda I am interested in arched cabin

  37. Sherry Hendricks says:

    I’m on disability SSI ,ssda I am interested in arched cabin ,do you deliver in Florida.
    Is there a payment plan

  38. mi pyare lal says:


  39. Sharon Alexander says:

    Would like more info

  40. Ken says:

    Can you send me a more info or a brochure and price list

  41. Mark santos says:

    Like to have a brosuer about them. Everything if possible I’m really interesting in one thanks 225spanish lake drive Nokomis fla34275

  42. Melissa says:

    How do I get in touch with them

  43. Janet says:

    Do you have finance?

  44. Crystal Harrington says:

    Can you please send me more information on these homes/builinds?
    I would like contact info to be included.

    1888 Six Mile Rd
    Traverse City, MI 49696

    Thank you!!!

  45. Galyn Ned says:

    I am very interested in one of the homes.

  46. Capespear@msn.com says:

    Like to know more bc canada

  47. Stephen Worthington says:

    Do you build them Illinois

  48. Brian says:

    Are these kits only or do you guys actually assemble them?

  49. J. T. Kelly says:

    Looks very intresting.

  50. Lynda says:

    Do you export to Australia?

  51. Julie Reyna says:

    Hi. I’m interested in your 14×14 cabin. Does that price include delivery and set up? Thanks!

  52. Lti says:

    dude brought about a dude brought about about Shaka brother brother it

  53. Lti says:

    ut Shaka brother brother it

  54. Angela says:

    I there I was just wondering where are yall located??and do you ship to Canada? ??

  55. Charlene Adams says:

    Hi would you deliver arched cabin to northland bz

  56. Ruxandra says:

    I would like more information and where is their localization

  57. Marcia Motsoene says:

    Where can I buy this?

  58. ronnie tata says:

    So interested in one

  59. ronnie tata says:

    So would love to see planz

  60. Mary Smith says:

    I’m interested in the home designs and hope one day I will own one.

  61. gina crawford says:

    I would like more information about this offer

  62. Lynn Walker says:

    Can you construct one of the smaller cabins $1000 on wheels so you can have travel?? How much does this run if you constructed it on wheels. You did the work inside and out

  63. Sharon Abbott says:

    On our lake.

  64. Rick bratka says:

    Would like catolog mail to me please

    7931 n jaguarundi lane
    Tucson, Arizona 85743

  65. Marion Hunt says:

    Put in price list, but no company contact info at all, not even the name. Someone who makes ads really sucks at it…

  66. Kenny Gilder says:

    It would be helpful to have placed the name of this company into the article so those of us that are interested have a contact!!!

  67. Antionette says:

    That’s the prices to own one? How much a studio or one bedroom

  68. Raelyn says:

    What is the snow load rating?

  69. William mister says:

    Im very interested my address is 6750 church hill rd chestertown Maryland zip is 21620 cell# is 4434047318 could u send floor plans on you’re many options along with the prices thank

  70. Tanya says:

    Are these available in australia??

  71. Dale Wairau says:

    Can you send more information please. We live in New Zealand, us there a distributor based here.

  72. Matthew says:

    I need this

  73. Beverly castagna says:

    Can you send brochure to e-mail or home

  74. Myfanwy meilen says:

    I want to buy one how is it I can’t find out how to order

  75. JanMarie Schneider says:

    I am interestef in receiving more information.

  76. Annette says:

    Love your tina houses

  77. Llanace says:

    Id like more info on your home’s do u do payment plans please reply to me thanks

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