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Mrs. Claus Deco Mesh Wreath

Isn’t this Mrs. Claus Deco Mesh Wreath with her sweet cheerful and smiley face a fun way to welcome your family and friends this Christmas Season. She would also be a great addition to your inside Christmas decor. This is available in the link below… Continue reading “Mrs. Claus Deco Mesh Wreath” »

Baseball snowman

This guy is made with 3 little league baseballs braced to a wooden slab. Hat and Scarf are handmade as well–
also this guy can come with the option of being made with baseballs or the LIME GREEN softball. color of hat and scarf can also be made to customers preference. Continue reading “Baseball snowman” »

Sea Glass Christmas Tree Necklaces

Here is a genuine beach glass Christmas tree pendant adorned with crystal beads and finished with a star on top. It comes with a 20-inch silver plated chain and is 2 inches in length. This would make a perfect holiday gift! It comes in a decorative box and is ready to gift. This is available in the link below…

Continue reading “Sea Glass Christmas Tree Necklaces” »

Denim Pocket Angel

These adorable angels were handmade using denim jean pockets. Every one of them are different. All colors of jeans were used and the sizes range from 3 to 6 inches. These are the absolute perfect gift for any occasion. Christmas, birthday, new baby, graduation, anniversary. These are available in the link below… Continue reading “Denim Pocket Angel” »

Crochet Gingerbread Ornaments

Crochet baby toy Gingerbread girl christmas tree toy, Christmas Decoration, stuffed christmas Gingerbread man , handmade soft amigurumi
I used for it only high-quality 100% cotton yarn.
This soft eco-friendly toy made with hypo-allergenic polyester toy stuffing. You can find these in the link below… Continue reading “Crochet Gingerbread Ornaments” »

A new wind turbine design promises better offshore energy

The future of offshore wind energy might just look different thanks to a new technology developed by SeaTwirl. The company makes vertical wind turbines, and they can be installed in places that were hard to reach by previous models of turbines. Continue reading “A new wind turbine design promises better offshore energy” »

Revolutionizing energy with perovskite solar cells

Photovoltaic cells are the most traditional ones used in generating energy from solar power, but they are also expensive to install. They also make use of rare resources, so might not be sustainable for a long period. Continue reading “Revolutionizing energy with perovskite solar cells” »

Rainwater Harvesting. What do you think about this idea?

It’s a strange new world of supermarket shortages, self-isolation and lockdown. Many of the things we took for granted have been thrown into disarray. But amid this bewildering loss of normality, seeds still germinate, leaves unfurl, flowers blossom, fruit grows. Continue reading “Rainwater Harvesting. What do you think about this idea?” »

He has his own garden…

He has his own garden…
I’ve never seen anything like this before!! I stopped two lanes of traffic to help this guy cross the road and of course to take this picture. From Jim Cahalan

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