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Mason Jar Chandelier

Autumn is all about coziness and making your indoor spaces as comfy as possible. The Danish even have a word for it which is “hygge” and means warmth, coziness, and everything associated with it. They strive to achieve this atmosphere indoors, as winters are long in Denmark and there is not a lot to do outdoors. (more…)

Tiny House With An Inspiring Interior

Tiny houses are still very popular, and the trend is not looking to fade anytime soon. They are perfect for every budget, as you can adapt the design according to your needs and still enjoy the comfort of a large home but on a smaller scale.

This beautiful 750 square foot tiny home from Berkeley, California is an example of exquisite design. The entire house has a very bohemian feel with modern elements and the outdoors as just as charming as its indoors. (more…)

Artist Turns Bolts, and Scrap Metal Into Into Beautiful Sculptures

Anything can be turned into art if you’re creative enough. Even scrap metal, such as nuts, and bolts and Brian Mock is the living proof.
He is an Oregon-based artist who makes beautiful sculptures out of recycled materials, especially metal scraps. He starts his work by searching for pieces of scrap material and thinking of ways to reinterpret them into something new and intriguing. (more…)

Funny Casserole Dish with Skull and Crossbones

The perfect dish for the Newlywed or friend with less than wonderful cooking skills with a sense of humor

If there is a special graphic or logo you would like send me a convo and I will send you a proof of what it will look like before you make the purchase. (more…)


At almost 13” tall, the Alpine Succulent Tree is not only beautiful and but makes a wonderful holiday centerpiece or even as decor around the home!

The Alpine Succulent Tree is adorned with nearly 50 haworthias and a dozen colorful succulents including echeverias, graptoverias, sedums and more. Simply lightly spray the tree with water every (more…)

How to Fill a Raised Garden Bed: Build the Perfect Organic Soil

Learn tips on how to fill a new raised garden bed with the best organic soil possible, to grow the biggest and healthiest plants possible!

Looking for tips on how to build a raised bed? Check out this post to learn and see how we build our beds!


Tim Burton Fans Can Now Get ‘Beetlejuice’ Inspired Lamps For Halloween Decor

Tim Burton is the master of scary cartoons with heartwarming characters and his fans all around the world are going to love these lamp designs. The piece was inspired by Beetlejuice, the 1988 movie that has become a cult over the years and can be found in an Etsy store if you are quick enough.
Since the lamp is almost sold out, it seems like all the Tim Burton fans out there have already bought one for themselves for this Halloween. The lamp has black and white stripes all over it and is a combo between Beetlejuice and the sandworm. (more…)

Adorable Crochet Elf Slippers

Learn how to crochet the “Just Elfin’ Around Shoes” in 11 sizes with this crochet pattern! Family members from baby to adult can enjoy a pair of these festive little shoes! How adorable are these Crochet Elf Slippers?! (more…)

Center City restaurant Harper’s Garden grows outdoor dining setup with private greenhouses

The pandemic has forced a lot of businesses to close or to get more creative with their setups, so they can accommodate customers in a safe environment.
A restaurant in Philly thought about a creative way of decorating its outdoor space and built small outdoor private greenhouses for diners. Harper’s Garden is a cocktail bar and restaurant that (more…)

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