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Beep Beep!!! You bought his VERY FIRST JEEP!!! My friends, these are SHOW STOPPERS!!!
Whether you’re looking for a unique baby gift, or an awesome diaper centerpiece, I PROMISE, this diaper cake is sure to be a crowd pleaser!! This is available in the link below… Continue reading “DIAPER JEEP” »

Indigo Rose Tomato

Indigo Rose is classified as a “blue” tomato. Blue tomatoes are actually closer to black but they contain the same anthocyanins found in blueberries.
They are an intense black color when exposed to full sun. Whatever part of the tomato is facing the sun, will be jet black. This means that is oh have it growing in full sun, you find to have tomatoes that are almost entirely black. Continue reading “Indigo Rose Tomato” »

Pinecone flowers

Painted Pine cone flowers in pretty fall colors, ONE DOZEN, the ORIGINAL, not a copycat. High-quality, many two-toned colors, on 12-INCH, green, wood stems. A mix of cones. Most average about 2 to 2-1/2 inches. The long White Pine cones average about 3-5 inches. Autumn decor. Makes a pretty centerpiece, alone in a vase or in an elaborate display. Pine cones from the upper peninsula of Michigan. Check it out in the link below… Continue reading “Pinecone flowers” »

Newborn Candy Corn Cocoon Outfit

This listing is for a candy corn hat and cocoon set.
Would be great for a newborn photo prop, baby shower gift, or Halloween costume! Continue reading “Newborn Candy Corn Cocoon Outfit” »

For the first time, wind power eclipsed both coal and nuclear in the U.S.

In a historic premier, wind power managed to break a new record recently in the United States. On March 29, 2022, more electricity was produced in the country from wind power than from other sources, such as nuclear and coal.
The information was shared by the U.S. Energy Information Administration and it is a glimpse of hope in the grim situation of global warming. Continue reading “For the first time, wind power eclipsed both coal and nuclear in the U.S.” »

This Life-size Llama Body Pillow Is The Ultimate Snuggle Buddy

Snuggling with small pillows is not exactly the definition of a great nap, but how about snuggling with a llama? Of course, the llama is a llama-shaped pillow but it will quickly become your greatest napping partner.
The life-sized pillow is made of plush so it is as soft to your face as a summer breeze, and it even has a cute llama face drawn on it. It is perfect for both adults and children, and will instantly melt every cold heart and stress away. Continue reading “This Life-size Llama Body Pillow Is The Ultimate Snuggle Buddy” »

These Interlocking Tubes Connect Like Puzzle Pieces

Have you ever wanted to just float around in the pool, without floating away from your group of friends? Well, with these new interlocking floaties that won’t ever be an issue again, as you can keep both your friends and your enemies close. Sure, relaxing on floaties or tubes is fun, but it can’t compare with doing this together with your group of friends. Continue reading “These Interlocking Tubes Connect Like Puzzle Pieces” »



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Seashell Angel Christmas Ornaments

These pretty seashell angel ornaments measure approx. 8cm (3 inches) long by 8cm (3 inches) across. No two angels can be exactly the same, as no two seashells are ever the same. If you like a Rustic Look, these are the Angels for you! You can find these in the link below… Continue reading “Seashell Angel Christmas Ornaments” »

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