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Forgotten Technology: Man Lifts 20 Ton Block By Hand

There is still mystery around the construction of the Egyptian pyramids, as there was no technology back then that could help people transport such large pieces of rocks. But it looks like one man from Michigan has managed to solve the riddle and found a trick to lift a 20-ton block by hand. (more…)

Sitting Robot Lamp

It’s awesome! Can’t wait to take it to work to show off! It’ll be the perfect addition to my office. This Sitting Robot Lamp is available in the link below… (more…)

Whoville Christmas Tree

Are you thinking of creating a whoville styled Christmas tree? This alpine tree would be 10′ tall if it didn’t lean over for that whimsical style.
This artificial Alpine Tree has full, natural looking foliage, a solid wood trunk and a metal base. It comes unassembled and is easy to put together and take apart for storage. Factory suggested (more…)

Build Your Own Wood-Fired Hot Tub

How would you like to have your own hot tub without spending a fortune? If you are trying to have a sustainable lifestyle and live off-the-grid, then this make your own hot tub project will be right up your alley. Build your own wood fired hot tub and spend some relaxing moments without having to go to a spa. This won’t be an easy job, but with some craftsmanship and the help of a professional, you can get (more…)

This Gorgeous Home Has Been Perfectly Designed for Entertaining Large Groups

Log homes have such a special feel and come in so many shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking to build a new home for your family or just a vacation house, log homes can be a great choice either way.

This amazing log house built by Katahdin Cedar Log Homes is a 2354 square feet home on 2 levels and features 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It is the ideal home for a large family and can even be a permanent (more…)

600 Sq Ft Asian Inspired Houseboat

A house on a boat sounds like a dream home. Just imagine how great it would be to wake up in the morning, go out on your boat’s deck and enjoy a nice cup of coffee while watching the waterway.

This beautiful Asian inspired houseboat is all that and even more, (more…)

Mason Jar Chandelier

Autumn is all about coziness and making your indoor spaces as comfy as possible. The Danish even have a word for it which is “hygge” and means warmth, coziness, and everything associated with it. They strive to achieve this atmosphere indoors, as winters are long in Denmark and there is not a lot to do outdoors. (more…)

Tiny House With An Inspiring Interior

Tiny houses are still very popular, and the trend is not looking to fade anytime soon. They are perfect for every budget, as you can adapt the design according to your needs and still enjoy the comfort of a large home but on a smaller scale.

This beautiful 750 square foot tiny home from Berkeley, California is an example of exquisite design. The entire house has a very bohemian feel with modern elements and the outdoors as just as charming as its indoors. (more…)

Artist Turns Bolts, and Scrap Metal Into Into Beautiful Sculptures

Anything can be turned into art if you’re creative enough. Even scrap metal, such as nuts, and bolts and Brian Mock is the living proof.
He is an Oregon-based artist who makes beautiful sculptures out of recycled materials, especially metal scraps. He starts his work by searching for pieces of scrap material and thinking of ways to reinterpret them into something new and intriguing. (more…)

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