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Artist Sparks Joy With Psychedelic Stained Glass Art Inspired by Organic Shapes

Glass is such a versatile material, as it can be turned into a lot of items and even pieces of art. One creative artist from Denver, Colorado is making amazing art pieces out of stained glass and her work has won the Internet’s heart.
Even though stained glass might be more specific to church décor, it can be (more…)

15 Creative Spiral Garden Ideas

Herb gardens are a great addition to your home if you have some leftover space in your yard that you want to fill with something nice. This is a great way to ensure that you have fresh herbs all year and that you can always add some extra flavors to your home dishes.
The most important step in setting up your herb garden is to find the right spot, as herbs prefer sun all year round. (more…)

Spectacular Tiny Sculptures Made of Recycled Watches

If you’re familiar with the laws of thermodynamics, then you probably know the first rule which states that nothing is lost, everything is transformed. This seems to be the principle upon which Sue Beatrice, aka All Natural Arts, creates her artworks, using parts of old watches which are turned into steampunk sculptures. (more…)

This Village of 103 Tiny Homes it Is Officially California’s Largest Homeless Facility

Each unit is 64 square feet!

Homelessness is still a pressing issue in modern times, and one that can be solved only by finding a collective solution inside the community it affects.
The state of California has been trying to end homelessness for a long time without any substantial progress, but they seem to be a step closer to reducing the suffering of a handful of people. To handle the Los Angeles homelessness crisis, a village of tiny homes opened recently in North Hollywood. (more…)

Entire Michigan island hits market with cabin home accessible by man-made land bridge

A cabin has hit the market on a little island in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and the entire island itself is also part of the purchase.

The home is located at 574 Red Road in Michigamme and is surrounded by Lake Michigamme, which is about an hour west of Marquette. (more…)

Talented man makes chairs from broken bathtub

There are lots of peculiar hobbies out there, and this next one is no exception. Showcasing both talent and great craftsmanship, a chairmaker called @AbChigz on social media is transforming old bathtubs into unique pieces of furniture.
The talented designer found his true passion while building traditional furniture pieces, such as tables and chairs, but stumbled upon some old bathtubs that have been thrown out by their owners. It is no surprise that his creations went instantly viral on the Internet, as their quirkiness and designer-piece feel have gained him a big community of followers. (more…)

Creative Firewood Stove From Plastic Chairs

Have you ever wondered how would it be to have your very own handmade stove in your kitchen? If this is your dream, then you can be a step closer to it after watching this cool tutorial on how to make your firewood stove.
The best part about this is that you will be using recycled materials, such as a plastic chair, reducing your carbon footprint and repurposing old objects. To make the cement stove you will first start with an unexpected supply, such as polystyrene, which will help you insulate the stove and capture the heat inside. (more…)

Life-Sized Elephant Sculptures Take Over London in a Global Migration for Conservation

With global warming and climate change, a lot of species on Earth face the dangers of going extinct. Elephants are losing large parts of their habitat because of the changing weather and mass deforestation and NGOs are trying to raise awareness in London on matters regarding conservation. (more…)

Baby Fisherman Hat

This adorable infant fishing hat is made with acrylic yarn in olive green, oatmeal, blue, green, orange and yellow. It is perfect for a photography prop, baby shower gift or wonderful to use as a sun hat for baby! (more…)

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