10 Pretty Christmas Door Decorations


At Christmas you need to think about decorating not only the inside of the house, but also the outside. The most traditional way to do this is with lights and door wreaths. But since door wreaths are highly common nowadays, there is always plenty of space left for your creativity. Coming up with new and interesting ideas on how to decorate your door, should be an important step this year. You will find here a selection of great winter door decorations, some of them will look best on simple doors, but some are more appropriate for doors with screens. Our favorite is the snowman wreath, that should take some extra time to make, but your door will look festive and beautiful. Which one of these decorations do you like best? Choose the preferred one and have a lovely Christmas time!

1. Christmas Craft Ideas: Snowman Wreath

door-decorations-for-christmas-1 SOURCE

2. Pine cones lend an earthy feel to your front entry!


3. Christmas Door Wreaths

door-decorations-for-christmas-3 SOURCE

4. Snowman Door Decoration



5. Front Door Winter Sparkle

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