11 Things You’ve Been Cleaning Wrong Your Entire Life!

6. How To Clean a Cast Iron Skillet



7. How to Clean Dirty Blinds … Mix equal parts vinegar + water in a bowl….The result is beautiful!

clean-wrong-cookie-sheets-7 more details…

8. How to Clean a Toothbrush … Stick your toothbrush in the undiluted white vinegar. Let the toothbrush soak for a couple of hours. Vinegar kills most bacteria and germs on the toothbrush.

clean-wrong-cookie-sheets-8 more details…

10. How to Clean a Microwave Oven

11.  How to Clean a Showerhead

clean-wrong-cookie-sheets-11 more details…

7 Responses to “11 Things You’ve Been Cleaning Wrong Your Entire Life!”

  1. Liz says:

    You’re missing #9

  2. Eric says:

    “Cleaning wrong your entire life”
    How does this information materialize? Alien invasions? Someone whose been doing it WISELY has shared information. Using labels and preconceptions are in some circles known as judgements. This kind of thinking has been known to put up walls between people. To RECEIVE good information is the other half of sharing it.

  3. Ilse says:

    The “more details” for mattress cleaning directs you to an advert site for Mattress cleaning. So is this to say – you’ve been doing it wrong ’cause you didn’t get someone else to do it?

  4. RH says:

    1. Cleaning pans with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide sounds like a good idea I’m going to try it. 2. Like hell I’m going to put a dirty a** vacuum on my mattress! And baking soda will definitely make my skin break out. How about a mattress cover that also throw in the laundry every time you clean your sheets. No brainer:) 3. No need for scrubbing my counter!? BLEACH IT PEOPLE! Multi surface cleaner dilluted in a spray bottle for every day maintenance saves money and REALLY kills germs and bacteria. Even the drains. Poor bleach and hot water down all of them every few months. 4. The Coffee pot idea has been around for ages. But you really should disassemble the entire thing once a month and soak it in water, Dawn and bleach also. You’d be suprised how many people don’t EVER do this. And did you even bother to see how disgusting that grout in your pic is? 5. Not everyone owns a dishwasher but bathtubs work like a charm or provided that you keep toys in big toy buckets you can take the out side, bowl water and put a cap full of multi purpose cleaner like Mr. Clean or Pine Sol in it and do it like that. 6. I don’t use Cadt Iron because over time they can do damage to your wrist. I was brought up in a house with them and I developed carpal tunnel syndrome I’m just doing dishes. I’d like to bury them in my backyard. A good set of cooking pans and glassware for baking is easy maintenance with no pain. Seriously 7. Don’t use vinegar on your shades because your house will smell like vinegar. The rest is probably as REDICULOUS and I’m really no longer amused.
    Signed, an experience mother, housekeeper and janitor….

    • aj says:

      Are you sponsored by Bleach companies??? Or at the very least by all those lovely chemical cleaning agents… and you’ll break out if you use baking soda….?? *shakes head and ponders….*

  5. RC says:

    To Not-so-experienced after all….

    If you dilute white vinegar in distilled water and spray every fabric surface in your home, and let it air dry, you will NOT smell the vinegar. It is a great deodorizer! If you continue to use all of that bleach in your home you will definitely will kill your septic system. You might manage to damage your lungs. You will most definitely damage the environment! Doesn’t sound like you learned too much while you were being a mother, housekeeper, and janitor. Hope you learn a few things and start making better choices when you clean! Have a great day while you stink the bleach!


  6. Inga Mason says:

    Dear RH
    jesus, you use a lot of chemicals….thank goodness my children aren’t being brought up in your home…. You are obviously one of the reasons our world is in its current state with food allergies, contact dermatitis etc…!!! No bleach thankyou… Hope you never go to a ‘sterile’ hospital and contract one of those superbugs you clean freaks are responsible for as well…..

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