15 Insanely Clever Ways To Repurpose Baby Cribs

7. Magazine Rack

Repurpose+Baby+Cribs+home+design+7 source

8. An old bed or crib spring bottom is used to suspend glass jar candleholders.

Repurpose+Baby+Cribs+home+design+8 source

9. Crib to Chalkboard Easel

Repurpose+Baby+Cribs+home+design+9 source

10. Baby crib turned front porch daybed.

Repurpose+Baby+Cribs+home+design+10 source

11. Hanging Swing Bed

Repurpose+Baby+Cribs+home+design+11 source

12. Upcycled Crib to Quail Coop

Repurpose+Baby+Cribs+home+design+12 source

13. Baby to Potter

Repurpose+Baby+Cribs+home+design+13 source


14. Repurposed Crib Becomes Craft Center

Repurpose+Baby+Cribs+home+design+16 source

15. New Bar Cart

Repurpose+Baby+Cribs+home+design+15 source


Via Woodworking Enthusiasts

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    • Tiffany says:

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    • Julie says:

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