20 Creative Ways to Repurpose Galvanized Buckets and Tubs

6. Galvanized Stock Tank Turned DIY Pool

galvanized-stock-tank-pool more details here…

7. How to Make a Light Fixture From a Galvanized Bucket

Overall-Buffet-Area more details here…

8. Galvanized metal tub with pillows as a dog or cat bed


9. Galvanized tub coffee table


10. Create a fire pit from an old metal tub

fire-pit-from-an-old-metal-tub photo source

2 Responses to “20 Creative Ways to Repurpose Galvanized Buckets and Tubs”

  1. Gail says:

    Can you give me more info about the washtub chairs? So want to make them for next summer

  2. Irina says:

    Galvanized metal buckets and tubs are indispensable equipment in any household. Our family uses them everywhere. When we need to water plants or collect fruits, vegetables, toys we look for a bucket. Even my cleaning kit I keep at the galvanized metal bucket. Our friends told that they grow tomatoes in galvanized tubs. I always know that Galvanized Buckets and Tubs can be multifunctional but some of your ideas are unexpected and creative. Thank you.

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