50 Cool Ideas To Display Family Photos On Your Walls

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6 Responses to “50 Cool Ideas To Display Family Photos On Your Walls”

  1. jennifer says:

    13 & 48 are the same!

  2. Leticia says:

    I would like you to ask where I can find the trees that are in some of the walls with pictures? thanks so much! A lot of wonderful ideas for our pictures!

  3. Ricalda says:

    Great I especially love the staircase designs. Wonderful ideas to display your loved ones.

  4. Pam says:

    I found mine on Amazon

  5. k Dell says:

    Don’t put your OLD originals out unless the photo is in 100% museum quality framing. Meaning acid free and behind uv-blocking glass. I scanned mine to use in my display and have the originals carefully stored in a dark acid free environment. If you are using digital photos originals, just make absolutely sure you have them backed up to the cloud (like Carbonite) AND to a flash drive or CD-ROM/DVR. Actually, it is a nice gesture to spread the flash drives and/or CD-ROMs around to other relatives. It makes sure the images will be saved some where.

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