10 Free Dog House Plans

5. Crooked Doghouse Plan

??????????????????????????????? free plan

6. Dog House Project Plan

dog-house-free-plan-6 free plan

7. Build an insulated A-Frame doghouse for under $75 

dog-house-free-plan-7 free plan

8. How to Build a Dog House

dog-house-free-plan-8 free plan

9. Dog House with Roof Top Deck

Dog-House-with-Roof-Top-Deck free plan

10. DIY Dog House with Roof Top Deck

Dog-House-with-Roof-Top-Deck-1 free plan

11.  Dog kennel plan

Dog-kennel-plan details… Dog-kennel-plan-1 free plan


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14 Responses to “10 Free Dog House Plans”

  1. alisha says:

    it only shows 5

  2. Jean says:

    Yeah, they neglected to include the “previous” button for the first four. If you go up to the address and replace the “2” with a “1” you can see the first page (of course, the address doesn’t match the title of the article! In the address it says EIGHT dog house plans!): https://www.goodshomedesign.com/8-free-dog-house-plans/1/

  3. Brian says:

    This is page 2, the other five are on page 1:

  4. merrychicago says:


    5 on page 1
    +5 on page 2
    =10 total dog houses

    Helloooooo, “turn” the page.

  5. David442 says:

    Where are the plans for the doghouse above #1? Is it a combination of one of the other doghouses?
    Any help would be great.



  6. Josh says:

    From some mobile devices the “turn page” link isn’t there…

    Hellooooo, thanks for the helpful post…

  7. Andre Klem says:

    Please send me copues off this dog houses, too the e mail Adress

  8. Sandra Green says:

    I am the chief of a k9 team theses would be great. Thanks

  9. Lynn says:

    Wish I could pin to Pinterest – but it keeps telling me that this page is full of spam. Wish y’all would fix that so I could share with my many followers.

  10. Rosemarie Podwoski says:

    I have 9 dogs, 3 indoor and 6 outdoor. Dogs that are in one way or another rescue dogs. I feed them, love them and take care of them.
    And even nursed them back from snake bites coyote fight and battles from other wild animals.
    This has surprised me since I am a country girl.
    Getting the plans would be something I would like for them, they are good dogs.

  11. Nancy says:

    Where are the free plans for the first doghouse with covered “patio” area?

  12. Norma Perez says:

    Maybe you could copy and paste it into a Word document. That way you can keep it.

  13. Chery says:

    I was wondering if you had plans for #11?

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