A 9-year-old girl is building shelters for the homeless because she thinks ‘everyone should have a place to live’

If only half of the people would be so thoughtful as 9-year-old Hailey Ford, the world would be a better place. Hailey, a resident of Bremerton, Washington started a big project through which she wishes to build 11 tiny homes for the homeless.
She has been working hard to make this project come true and made everything from scratch, starting with the bases, installation of windows, and insulation. Her motivation comes in one of the purest forms ever, as she states that “it just doesn’t feel right to be homeless”.
The thought first came to her mind when she met a homeless man, named Edward while shopping with her mother.
This encounter made her think about the ways in which she can contribute to making the lives of homeless people better. The financial support for these tiny homes comes from a grant provided by the city.
Hailey has done such wonderful work so far, progressing slowly but steadily, and never losing focus while working towards her goal.

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