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Texan Farm Transitions From Farming Chickens To Growing Hemp

Many farms are looking to transition for more sustainable products and switch from growing animals to plants. It is also the case of this Texas-based farm that decided to stop growing chicken and get into the hemp growing business. (more…)

Sea Urchin Wear Shells Like Hats So Aquarists Made Tiny Hats for Them To Wear Instead

Tiny hats on animals are probably the cutest thing ever, and someone even made some for underwater creatures.
Sea urchins live on seabeds and there is a wide variety of them, more than 950 to be more specific.
They are also known as sea porcupines, because of their spikes that help to keep themselves protected from predators. These marine creatures use camouflage and shells or stones to hide them and ensure their survival. (more…)

Artist Turns Pencils Into Tiny Works of Art


For artists, pencils are an essential tool in doing their craft, doesn’t matter if they are painters, designers, or musicians.
Pencils are used by artists from every sphere, to draw, sketch or simply draft project ideas, but the Bosnian, Jasenko Dordevic uses pencils as a medium. (more…)

Easy And Beautiful Flower Crochet

One of the most common crochet patterns is flowers, and once you master the basics, you’ll want to explore this pattern more.
So, if you are looking to crochet a double-layered flower, this next tutorial will guide you through it one step at a time. The tutorial is well-explained and has lots of close-ups that will help you get a grip of the pattern more quickly. (more…)

Lifelike ‘Succulent Cakes’ Turn Prickly Plants into Delicious Desserts

Succulent plants are still very popular on social media and as home decor elements, but what about cakes that look like succulents?
This new trend has taken the Internet by storm and Jakarta-based Ivenoven seems to be leading the game. Her floral cakes have gathered a lot of attention, especially the succulent-shaped cakes she has been creating for special events. Ivenoven’s cakes have beautifully colored frosting and are molded to resemble real-life succulents, attention to detail is a key feature. (more…)

Librarian Transforms 110-Year-Old Tree Stump into Free Community Library

Turning a 110-year-old tree into a library? Sound like an amazing idea! Sharalee Armitage Howard is a librarian who works at the Coeur d’Alene Public Library in Idaho and had a very inspiring idea.
Her yard was home to an old cottonwood tree that started to slowly rot away and had to be cut down. So she decided to transform the remaining trunk into the most amazing tiny free library out there. (more…)

Easy Crochet Flower Embellishment

If you love crocheting but have run out of pattern ideas, then this video will be perfect. You will learn how to crochet a beautiful flower which can be then applied to a piece of clothing or an accessory. (more…)

Beautiful 50-Foot-Tall Sculpture Pays Tribute to Native American Women in South Dakota

South Dakota is home to one of the most iconic sculptures that stand tall in the wind as a tribute to the Native Nations of the Great Plains region.
The 50-foot-tall sculpture is named Dignity of Earth and Sky and it represents the figure of an Indigenous woman who wears a Plains-style dress. (more…)

400,000 LEGO Used to Create Full-Size Volkswagen Camper with Retro Interior

The Volkswagen camper is already considered a cult car, and it has been featured in movies, commercials, and even photoshoots. But for the true fans of the VW camper, two LEGO-certified master makers have built something really special that will capture their attention. The two made a life-sized replica of the VW Type 2 Kombi in 6 weeks, using 400,000 LEGO pieces. (more…)

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