Zombie Garden Gnomes Are The Perfect Halloween Decor To Scare Away Your Neighbors

This Halloween you can get as creative as you want, as there are plenty of great and spooky decoration ideas out there. If you love apocalypse movies, and especially those that feature zombies, then these terrifying garden gnomes should be in your garden. This year’s Halloween theme ...

Harry Potter Halloween Cups That Glow In The Dark

Halloween is about fun and games, but let’s face it that without the proper set-up is not as much fun. The pre-Halloween preparations are the most exciting part of this festivity and decorating the house, buying party supplies, and coming up with scary games is a delight. If you’re ...

Tim Burton Fans Can Now Get ‘Beetlejuice’ Inspired Lamps For Halloween Decor

Tim Burton is the master of scary cartoons with heartwarming characters and his fans all around the world are going to love these lamp designs. The piece was inspired by Beetlejuice, the 1988 movie that has become a cult over the years and can be found in an Etsy store if you are ...

Take a Creepy Halloween Boat Tour of Underground Caves in NY

There’s a unique and spooky Halloween attraction. The LOCKPORT HAUNTED CAVE TOUR has been a staple in the Halloween market for over 40 years and featured on GHOST HUNTERS EPISODE “TUNNELS OF TERROR”. The Lockport Cave & Underground Boat Ride in Lockport, NY, ...

This Ceramic Flying Bat Succulent Holder Is The Cutest Way To Decorate For Halloween

Succulents are great as home décor and they are very easy to look after. If you developed a newly found passion for succulents, you are going to love this Halloween-themed plant holder. It is a tiny bat-shaped plant holder that can be hanged

Walmart Is Selling Bright Orange Halloween Christmas Trees Perfect for Spooky Season

If you love Christmas and can’t wait for it to come sooner, you can get a taste of it at this year’s Halloween celebration as Walmart will be selling orange Christmas trees. These bright trees will be a nice piece for a haunted-house theme party, and you can decorate them with ...

Halloween Pumpkin Smoke Bombs Are So Cool, And Are Great For Amazing Photos

This amazing Halloween idea will be the star of your social media posts. If you want a fun Halloween project that looks amazing on camera, then pumpkin smoke bombs are this year’s best idea.

Home Depot Is Selling A 10.5-Foot Tall Oogie Boogie Inflatable For Halloween

Halloween decorations are so much fun, and Home Depot has prepared a great collection for this year. If you love the Nightmare Before Christmas series than these Halloween decorations are going to be your favorite ones.

You Can Get A Giant Dragon That Breathes Fog And Protects Your Yard This Halloween

The summer went by so quickly and Halloween is just around the corner. With all this craziness all around it would be fun to take your mind off serious things and start preparing your home for fall festivities. That’s why Home Depot started to sell this awesome giant dragon that
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