Take Your Pick! The Top 100 Miniature Fairy Garden Design Ideas

Looks like fairy gardens are a real trend nowadays, as they are adorable little worlds that you can place or create in your garden. If you’re a fan of fairies and enchanted creatures, you have to see this collection of The 100 Most Beautiful Mini-Fairy Garden Ideas that you can ...

DIY Suitcase Fairy Garden

Vintage elements are still very popular, whether it comes to fashion, images or home design. When it comes to decorations, less is more in terms of vintage decor and it can do magic to your home or outdoor space. This next project is perfect for those who would like to bring a bit ...

Miniature Fairy and Gnome Garden

This could be an idea that keeps the kids busy in school holidays.

Awesome Teacup Mini Gardens

Teacup gardens might be your next hobby, and this next collection of ideas will inspire you to create one as soon as possible. Tiny teacup gardens are the cutest new trend and can make great decorations if you want to create a small green corner in your home.

Turn A Broken Flower Pot Into A Cute Fairy Planter

A new trend in gardening has plant aficionados creating all sorts of creative flower arrangements and broken pot fairy gardens, proving that even a shattered flower pot can be useful and beautiful. The next DIY video tutorial demonstrates just how simple and fun it can be to transform ...

Miniature VILLAGE in your GARDEN

This could be an idea that keeps the kids busy in school holidays. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); All you need are some mini houses figurines or some ornaments kits that can be applied in any miniature garden. These can bring you pleasant visual effect, ...

Fairy Seashell Fountain

This seashell fountain is so cute! A perfect accent to any miniature fairy garden or terrarium. This is available in the link below. What do you think?

Glowing Watering Can with Fairy Lights

Turning an apparently dull and forgotten item from your household into a creative piece of decoration requires inspiration. Luckily, the DIY community can offer you exactly that, at no cost whatsoever! In the next project, you will see how the transformation of an ordinary watering ...

DIY Fairy House Planter

Here’s how to make a sweetly whimsical DIY fairy house planter from a terra cotta pot & other inexpensive items. It’s really easy, so why not give it a try? To make this DIY project you’ll need a list of supplies:
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