How To Repurpose An Old Chair Into A Dog Bed

Turning unused materials into something useful can prove very rewarding. You’re not only saving the planet from yet another resource it can recycle on its own, but you also have a creative impact on your household. So, transforming a piece of trash into a treasure is done quite ...

Creative Ways to Reuse and Recycle Old Chairs

If you have an old, broken or useless chair at home, do not rush to throw it. You can still use it as such or in pieces, by giving it another use than the “classical” one. A good solution for small chairs, like those of children, is to turn them into a rack shelving by hanging ...

How To Make A Corner Bench Using 4 Old Chairs

Having a perfect bench for those corners of the home or garden is rather hard. Searching for a beautiful and affordable one could take a lot of time. Why don’t you invest the effort into making one instead? It only takes 4 chairs that have matching sides, some white paint, and a ...

Give your old chair a second chance and turn it into a beautiful and original decoration for your garden

Old chairs can be used as decorations. You can make particularly interesting decorations for the garden. Let’s take a look at some creative ideas for using chairs in our gardens. Here are a few examples:

This 3-Person Folding Chair Is The Ultimate Camping Accessory!

When it comes to relaxation, the more the merrier! Foldable design with an added carrying case make this seat ideal for on-the-go convenience. Pull up a chair to share at any soccer game, beach outing, or camping trip. Whether huddled around the fire or basking under the sun, three ...

How To Make a Great Chair From Old Tires

Here’s another great DIY project which also involves recycling. We are going to show you step by step how to make yourself a great chair from old tires. What you’ll need are two used tires, fabric for covering them (it can have any pattern that you like), some wood palettes, ...

This DIY Adirondack Wine Chair Has a Drawer For Storing Wine Bottles

What can be better than a chair in which you can both relax and drink wine? This awesome DIY Adirondack chair can be a great gift for someone who loves wine, as it also has a wine storage drawer underneath it.

This Camping Chair Lets You Recline and Swing

Portable folding chair brings you convenience while you are outdoor. Stay away from the wet or dusty ground and keep your trousers dry and clean. Take our camping chair by your side and you will receive a relaxed outdoor experience.

Lap quilts for people in wheelchairs

I designed the “Lovie Lap Quilt” with Pockets after visiting my Grandmother in the nursing home. I noticed my Grandmother sitting on her hands a lot. She told me her hands were cold.
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