A family of 4 built a private Tiny Village where the kids have their own homes

Adjacent to that is the pool house, where the family comes together to connect.

The pool house is one big room that measures 180 square feet. It has several seating areas so the family can hang out and play games.

Brodey’s house.

At just 16, Brodey lives next door to the pool in his own tiny house.

This 160-square-foot house is actually a wood cabin that features a small porch out front.


“When my parents were first deciding which houses to put down, me and my brother both got to pick which model we wanted,” Lennox said. “My brother picked one with a larger porch.”

Lennox’s house.

Lennox’s tiny house is actually a barn.

The children “were able to pick their own cabin design and decorate them how they wanted,” Keli said. “We simply asked the builders to not put in the barn-type door in the front but to put in a regular entry door instead.”

On the ground floor, Lennox has a couch, a dresser, and a TV. The loft houses her full-size bed.

The office.

There’s also a small 64-square-foot house that the family uses as an office.

The 21-acre property also has a barn, a chicken coop, and a goat, which all play an important role in the family’s sustainable lifestyle.


chicken coup and the family goat.

Keli said the tiny houses conserve energy because it’s easier to heat and cool smaller spaces. Additionally, the family produces only one bag of trash per week.

“The reason we have so little trash is that we try to live by the very important rule of RRRR: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle,” Keli said. “We almost always refuse plastic bags for groceries and use cloth bags. We compost almost all our food. We give our produce leftovers to the chickens. We recycle everything that is allowed to be recycled. We rarely use our clothes dryer.”

The Brinks family around the fire pit.

On TikTok, Lennox’s videos which explain her family’s village can receive up to 14 million views and thousands of comments from curious social media users.

Lennox Brinks, 20, has over 572,000 followers on the platform who can’t get enough of her family’s unusual living situation.

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  1. Albert Person says:

    Congrats! You guys are living my dream. Looking to do the same thing here in New Mexico over the next 10 years. Have 3 daughters. Well done!

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