Apparently, Dracula Parrots Are A Thing And They Might Be The Most Gothic Birds On Earth

Fans of Dracula are going to get excited about this species of parrot, which looks like the vampire count’s pet. These mysterious-looking birds are called Pesquet’s parrot and their ivory black feathers make them hard to forget.
The most stunning thing about them is their scarlet plumage, which creates an interesting contrast and they are not at all as scary as they look.
They are referred to as “Dracula parrots” in popular culture but don’t worry as they feed on figs and not on blood. If you want to meet the Pesquet’s parrot, you’ll have to travel to New Guinea as they can be found nowhere else. They are large birds that weigh around 26 oz and have a length of 20 inches.

The male parrot can be distinguished from females after the red patches that can be found behind there ears and they are most likely to be spotted in the mountains of New Guinea.
They move by jumping which makes them vulnerable to predators, and sadly the Pesquet’s parrot population is in decline due to poaching and loss of territory. To learn more about them, watch the video presentation where you can also hear them sing.


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